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Holy Necromancer: Rebirth of the Strongest Mage – Chapter 115: Pity Bahasa Indonesia

He let them do as they pleased, even letting them check his pocket, but not when it came to gloves. That’s where he drew the line and made it clear to everyone.

It wasn’t as if Battle Arena. He didn’t feel any need to listen to them. So what if Aira was a Fourth Year student?

Even Fourth Year students weren’t allowed to use their magic to attack their juniors, especially not in the academy. If one wanted to fight, they could only do so by entering the Battle Arena and placing their Credits on the line.

Gabriel knew that even Aira couldn’t do more than just glare at him.

“If you lost some letters, I would suggest you be more careful next time,” he further stated. “And if you didn’t lose anything and just wanted to use this as an excuse to rob me, then you should select a richer target next time.”

Giving some advice, he turned around and started leaving.

“This kid… He…” Almost every single mage who saw Gabriel’s actions was stunned. The kid really didn’t know the distance between earth and heaven. Even before a fourth-year student, he talked as if he was talking to a Junior.

They believed that just because using magic wasn’t allowed on campus, Gabriel was really leaving no stone unturned, believing he wasn’t going to be in trouble.

“I must say, the kid definitely is brave.” A third-year student smiled, watching the scene. “Even I would’ve minced my words before a fourth-year mage, but he…”

“Heh, he is an idiot. He doesn’t know that it’s always a bad idea to mess with Seniors. Then again, he is new, so I don’t blame him.” Another man laughed.

Aira watched Gabriel leaving after issuing her a suggestion. As if she had been less angry before, Gabriel’s actions angered her even more. Moreover, his hesitation in taking off the gloves also made her feel that she was right! Gabriel was hiding the letter in his gloves.

Gabriel had only managed to walk a few meters when he stopped, noticing a formation circle appearing on the ground before him. On top of the Formation Circle, a massive Snow White Wolf appeared, accompanied by a freezing aura.

The Snow Wolf had a peculiar mark on his forehead which signified the name of the Summoner who had established a contract with him. It was a really unique language that only Summoners and scholars could understand.

Seeing the Snow Wolf, who was even taller than him, Gabriel understood who summoned this guy. He turned around, glancing at Aira.

He was sure she couldn’t use this wolf to attack him. She was only trying to intimidate him. Even Fourth Year Students weren’t allowed to attack anyone with magic inside the academy. At least, that’s what he was informed by Riya.

Seeing things escalate, the scene caught the attention of even more people. Everyone who was coming out of the Missions Hall came in this direction, wondering what this whole commotion was about. Amongst the newcomers, quite a lot of them were Fourth Year Students. Unfortunately, none of them were Fourth Year Mage of Light.

“Return my Mission Letter, and I’ll let you leave! Don’t anger me more!” Aira warned Gabriel again.

Too bad for her, threats didn’t work on Gabriel. And even if they did, he wasn’t going to come out to accept that she was right and that he had the letter.

Moreover, why was she even going that far? She could’ve taken another Mission Letter without anyone knowing. Instead, she was making it a spectacle, informing everyone that she had lost her letter.

“Are you really going to break the rules of the Academy to attack another student using magic?” Gabriel asked.

“Breaking the rules? Huh, it looks like no one informed you, kid!” Yoan, who had informed Aira about Gabriel possessing the letter, burst into hearty laughter. “No wonder you were acting so brave! You really thought she couldn’t do anything?!”

Seeing the reaction, a frown appeared on Gabriel’s face. He observed the others, and all of them had similar expressions, as if they were taking pity on his lack of knowledge. Was there really something important that Riya refused to inform him about the conditions under which magic could be used to attack a mage inside the academy?

After a burst of hearty laughter, the Yoan stopped and explained as if taking pity on Gabriel.

“You were right. Magic can’t be used to attack another person inside the Academy unless it’s the Battle Arena, but there’s an exception to that rule! If someone is caught committing a crime on Academy Grounds, the Senior Students have the authority to punish that person!”

“I am a witness that you committed a Crime! And Senior Aira can punish you for that now. As long as we retrieve that letter later on and prove that you had actually committed a Crime, we won’t be punished. Instead, you’ll be expelled for committing the crime!” he further stated with a mocking gaze. “Still feeling as confident as before?”

The young man had the ugliest smirk that Gabriel had ever seen, but then again, he was right. There was definitely a rule like that that Gabriel wasn’t informed about.

If he knew, he would’ve been more careful regarding that letter. He knew that there was a possibility that he had committed a mistake by taking that letter, but now that it had happened, he wasn’t going to be scared of what was coming.

“And if after attacking me, it turns out that I don’t have the letter? If it turns out that I’m innocent, can I get you two expelled?” Gabriel asked in return. “You know it would be a real pity if a third and a Fourth Year Mage were to be expelled after coming this close to graduation.”

Yoan’s laughter stopped abruptly as he gulped down. Even Aira considered that possibility, no matter how distant it was.

They weren’t just going against a First Year student; they were also going against a Mage of Light! If it turned out that she attacked an innocent, this could become very complicated since the House of Light was going to get involved.

Still, she couldn’t step back! She was sure Gabriel was trying to scare her! He wanted her to be scared and leave, possibly because he didn’t want him to get caught. He was bluffing! Why else would he not take off his gloves? There could only be one explanation for her! He was hiding the letter there!

She didn’t fall for Gabriel’s words. If he wasn’t going to return the letter like a good boy, she was going to force him to return the letter!


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