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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 77.3: Inside The Supreme Pavilion Lord (2) Part 3 Bahasa Indonesia

The silence dragged on like drying blood. Sama Gwi’s head remained bowed, like the Earth Demon hadn’t thrown the letter in his face.

“What? Are you angry?”

The Supreme Pavilion Lord stared silently at the table, but that was a mistake.

The Earth Demon frowned at him. “Were you thinking you pretend you’re crazy? But your martial arts aren’t even that strong, so that wouldn’t work, would it.”

He didn’t answer, but the silence was an affirmation in itself.

“It’s fine. Just be honest.” The Earth Demon grinned. “With your position and skills, I think I’d win if we fight. Why do you look like that when you’d be down in one hit? To be honest, aren’t you thinking this is a chance?”

The Earth Demon was the weakest of the Heavenly Demon’s disciples, in terms of combat power. His martial arts were also nothing special, besides being the Heavenly Killing Star. In terms of strength or charisma, the Earth Demon was inferior to all of his fellow disciples.

He’s definitely worthless… The Supreme Pavilion Lord could feel that the Earth Demon was weak enough that he could win—so where did he get the guts to try something like this?

His eyes landed on the parchment again.

“…How could I dare offend the Fourth Disciple? This old man is just doing his job.”

“Are you serious?”

“I am serious.” He bowed his head and clasped his hands together. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss the views of this old man here. In the first place, I am the earth to the Heavenly Demon’s sky—and you are the people recognized by him. How could I dare mock such people?” He bowed again and stepped back. “I will be sure to pass the Earth Demon’s answer to the End Demon.”

The Supreme Pavilion Lord carefully backed his way over to the door.

“Oh, right. Did you find the thing you lost?”

Sama Gwi flinched.

“Isn’t that why you were here? I wonder how much that bastard really knows.”

“…I don’t know what you mean.”

“You’d better not. ‘Cause the moment you do, you’ll be the first on the chopping block.”

The Supreme Pavilion Lord visibly tensed.

“Supreme Pavilion Lord,” the Earth Demon drawled. “Do you know why I didn’t take the evidence to the sect leader?” He eyed Sama Gwi leisurely. “A sword is more powerful within its sheath than without, you see.”

“Earth Demon, I—”

“How thick is your skull, moron?”

Sama Gwi was taken aback. Disciple of the Heavenly Demon or not, he was not going to take such nonsense. He wasn’t just a Pavilion Lord, he was the Pavilion Lord of one of the most powerful pavilions. He wasn’t someone who could be treated like this.

But here the Earth Demon was.

“Watch what you do, unless you’ve got a death wish.”

The Supreme Pavilion Lord bowed and backed away, frightened. The door closed and the man’s footsteps quickly retreated from the Earth Demon’s residence.

When he was a safe distance away, he sighed.

“Ah…” His murderous nature slipped out. Unlike his submissive expression a moment ago, the Supreme Pavilion Lord’s face was deeply bitter.


The Earth Demon and Supreme Pavilion Lord vanished in a flash of white light. When Seol-Hwi could see again, he was in a small room.

Strange ceiling. Unfamiliar wall. Alien bed.

Where am I? He thought he’d be moved back to his residence.

He wasn’t worried though. He could hear bubbles and smell the strong scent of an herbal bath, and the bedding was strewn with dark bandages. He was in a treatment room. An herbal paste had been applied to his wounds and then bandaged.

“Uh, captain. You’re up?”

A pair of familiar faces appeared: Yorim and Seo Ryeong, his subordinates.

“What happened?”

“Ah. You suddenly collapsed, so we moved you here. Your injuries seemed serious, but the doctor said you’d be fine after the treatment—so don’t worry.”

I fainted? Me? Seol-Hwi thought back and realized that he must have passed out when he saw the Earth Demon speaking to the Supreme Pavilion Lord. Fortunately, he had people nearby to help him.

Is that why…?

[Yorim’s favorability has risen to “Trusting.”] Yorim: 100(↑20)/100 [Trusting] [Seo Ryeong’s favorability has risen to “Friendly.”] Seo Ryeong: 60(↑29)/100 [Friendly]

Yorim’s favorability has risen to maximum, but Seo Ryeong was still lagging. That was no surprise, given the mistakes he’d made.

“…You two are fine?” Seol-Hwi cast a probing gaze over them.

“We’re fine. Fortunately, none of our wounds were fatal…”

“Well, if the captain was a little later, we would be lying right next to you.”

Seol-Hwi smiled. If they were making jokes, then they were fine.

“Ah, and,” Yorim pointed at him. “The mask wasn’t removed. I promise on my life.”

“Oh…” Seol-Hwi reached up and touched the mask. He’d been wearing it so often lately that he sometimes forgot it was there. “Well, there’s no particular reason for it. You’ll find out soon.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes—and Yorim?”

“Yes, captain.”

“Would you mind stepping out for a moment?”

Yorim looked curious, but bowed politely and left.

“Do you have something to say to me?” Seo Ryeong asked.

“Yes.” Seol-Hwi slowly removed the mask, luxuriating in the feel of the air on his bare skin.

“Y-You—!” For a moment, Seo Ryeong couldn’t speak. Her eyes fluttered, and horrible emotions flickered over her face.

It was exactly as Seol-Hwi had expected.

“Right. You’ve guessed right—I was doing chores in the library basement.”

“How… How are you here…?”

“I was lucky. I discovered the Supreme Pavilion Lord’s dirty secret; the Earth Demon took me in, and I was able to learn martial arts thanks to that. That’s why I’m here.”

Seo Ryeong still looked shocked, but that was not a surprise. A person who didn’t even qualify as a low-ranking warrior had surpassed her and become the captain of her unit! It was easy to say, but tough to understand.

“…What are you planning?” Seo Ryeong’s eyes were wary. Her confused emotions probably weren’t helping. No doubt the whole affair seemed too contrived to be sheer coincidence.

“Enough. I wouldn’t be here if I were planning something.”

Seol-Hwi knew—the situation the Earth Demon was in? That they were in? There was more to it than an accident of fate.

“If I had a plan, I wouldn’t go to the weakest of the four disciples, much less come to this training facility to join forces with the weak.”

“But if there was another motive, it would be a different story.”

“Then tell me, what reason could that be?”

Seo Ryeong didn’t answer. Of course she couldn’t; Seol-Hwi was already strong.

“You’re right, actually.”

Seo Ryeong blinked at him, confused.

“As you surmised, I came here for a reason.” Seol-Hwi gave her a level look. He didn’t want to tell anyone about this—but it felt like he had to say it. She, too, felt the same as him.

“What is that?”

“To be strong. Someone told me, ‘Be strong. Let’s become strong and escape this hell, together.’”

“What…” Seo Ryeong was tongue-tied. That was what she had told him.

Seol-Hwi met her gaze steadily. His emotions right now were different from when he’d met her in the library; right now, he was very serious.

“Hold onto something, so that you and the others can survive this hell together. All of us.”

Seo Ryeong didn’t answer, her face unreadable. Still, Seol-Hwi thought it was a success.

[Seo Ryeong’s favorability has increased to “Friendly.”] Seo Ryeong: 80(↑20)/100 [Friendly]

“Whew… To be honest, it’s hard to believe. Makes me wonder if there’s something deeper going on.”

“Well, true enough.” Seol-Hwi nodded.

Ah, shit. Haven’t I done enough? He’d even taken off his mask and opened up his heart. But even after her favorability rose, Seo Ryeong’s response wasn’t positive. What else can I do? What more do I have to deal with?

Seol-Hwi was starting to give up. If trust wasn’t so easy to build, he’d just have to work on it as they went.

“…Captain, why come here? With your skills, surely you could go somewhere better and safer?”

“Hm?” The question surprised him. Hadn’t he already said that? Why was she asking him again?


▶ Maybe I like you. Isn’t that enough? ▷ Ahh, enough! Buy me a drink! ▷ (´▽`)ノ (Available)

What is this? The choices were so weird.

No! This time, there has to be an answer! He’d never been successful when it came to Seo Ryeong before, but this time he really wanted to believe. There had to be a way to raise her favorability to 100.


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