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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 60.1: Vice-Captain of the Corps (5) Part 1 Bahasa Indonesia

Seol-Hwi struggled with the decision. It wasn’t a difficult situation, but it did involve her. His choice would change his relationship with Seo Ryeong.

Favor… Should I wait a little longer? It seemed like intervening right this instant wouldn’t help him much. His favorability wouldn’t go up if he pretended not to see it, but he’d get a display of Seo Ryeong’s martial arts skills. It’d be helpful if they got a chance to team up for a mission in the future.

<You have selected “Keep watching.”>

The rest happened quickly.

The man named Kyu suddenly accelerated, rapidly closing the distance between himself and Seo Ryeong. She seemed to have expected this, but it looked like she was too late—she didn’t have time to draw her sword.

But then her hand waved, sending a throwing blade at the man. Kyu wasn’t shabby enough to die from that, nor did it really slow him down.

However, Seol-Hwi wasn’t worried.

That wasn’t a simple throwing blade. It was a rope blade—the attached cord would allow Seo Ryeong to retrieve the blade, thus covering the disadvantages of a throwing weapon.

As expected, Seo Ryeong yanked the rope back, catching Kyu by surprise. He managed to spin around and slice the rope, but that bought Seo Ryeong the time she needed to draw her sword and moved to attack.

▶ Intervene

▷ Keep watching

▷ Pretend to not see

[How would you like to increase favorability?]

Seol-Hwi considered the sudden pop-up.

Well, I need to watch for a little longer. From what he’d seen so far, Seol-Hwi couldn’t judge Kyu’s skills. And, since he couldn’t see their level, it wasn’t really a fight.

So he picked the same option as before.

<You have selected “Keep watching.”>

Swords clashed—once, twice. Surprisingly, Kyu was on the back foot, and Seo Ryeong was not about to stop. A faint green qi coated her sword, suggesting that she was about to use the Unified Light Demonic Martial Arts.

The Unified Light Demonic Martial Arts drew no distinction between high and low. It followed the opponent’s every move and gave no second chances. Any opening would be punished without allowing the opponent a chance to counter.

Looks good. Seol-Hwi was enjoying himself. Seo Ryeong’s skills were a lot better than expected, especially because her swordsmanship style was different from what he expected.

It took a swordsman to understand swordsmanship.

Seol-Hwi couldn’t help but wonder how strong he was now.

He wasn’t quite sure how strong Seo Ryeong was, but she was fighting Kyu. Even as the least skilled of his four subordinates, Seol-Hwi was surprised to see that she had the upper hand. It didn’t even look like she was giving it her all.

“Agh!” Kyu’s thighs were cut by Seo Ryeong’s sharp blade and his form collapsed. Seo Ryeong kicked him over and scowled.

“What are you trying to do? Shouldn’t you people be a little stronger?”

“Ugh…” The man clutched his thigh and groaned but didn’t reply.

No, that wasn’t it.

▶ Intervene

▷ Keep watching

▷ Pretend to not see

[How would you like to increase favorability?]

This time, the question made Seol-Hwi antsy. It was a strange situation.

What should I do? What’s happening?

He didn’t know if Kyu was faking it or not. The leg wound would definitely maim him—did he have another plan, then? The man he called Kang was nowhere to be found.

4… 3…

Seol-Hwi thought about it a little more and decided.

Well, if there’s a problem, it’ll ask me again.

<You have selected “Keep watching.”>


“Ha!” Kyu leaped at Seo Ryeong, somehow overcoming his crippled legs. She was battered on her neck, chest, and stomach by a flurry of blows and collapsed onto the ground.

And, just then, Seol-Hwi saw his skills.

Kyu Yeon [Private Guards 4th Member]

Health: 3.32 million

Internal Energy: 3.35 million

Combat Power: 2.24 million (+4% in melee)

Kang Seok [Private Guards 3rd Member]

Health: 2.1 million

Internal Energy: 2.3 million

Combat Power: 2.4 million

This is insane!

Seo Ryeong [Command Unit 4th Member]

Health: 360k

Internal Energy: 1.22 million

Combat Power: 1.12 million (+Speculation)

Her stats weren’t even half of theirs.

Seo Ryeong reeled back from the one-sided assault, but her opponent had a long reach. His strong form and clean movements made it clear that his skills were amazing—and he obviously wasn’t pulling his punches.

Why? Why isn’t it showing up?! He couldn’t afford to keep watching—he couldn’t watch the woman who smiled at him be ruined.

Unfortunately, the system did not oblige.

“Ugh!” In the end, Seo Ryeong was knocked over without a fight.

“I’m going to make it hurt. Of course your body is weak at your level.” This time, Kyu used internal energy.

“Agggh!” Seo Ryeong could no longer resist. All she could do was clutch her chest. “Ugh, how…?”

“How can I move?” Kyu sneered. “There’s something called the ‘Great Shift Method’. It changed the location of your blood points. We’re nothing like your unit.”

“Ah. Ugh…” Seo Ryeong managed to tamp down the pain and control her breathing. “You… You think the captain is going to ignore this?”

“You’re the one who hurt our men to begin with. Even the Hidden Truth captain won’t intervene in these matters—unless I kill you.”

Indeed, captains were not interested in inter-unit conflicts, short of a murder. That was why they could get away with this.

“…The command unit captain won’t leave you alone.”

Seol-Hwi’s heart shook. This was the first time anyone had relied on his help.

“What? Huh… What was that?”

“Hahaha. Hehehehe.”

All of them laughed uproariously.

“You must be talking about the one the Earth Demon brought.” Kang Seok walked up to her. “But did you know? He used to do chores in the library.”

Seo Ryeong’s eyes widened. Her expression held shock, but also wonder and confusion.

“Look here. Your captain is an asshole. He was, and he still is. There’s nothing he can do.” Kang Seok gently stroked her hair. “You should come work for us. Then we—”

A glob of sticky saliva splashed onto his fingers.

“Even if you lock me in a room where I can’t see the sky, I’ll never work for you.”

“Y-You bitch—”

Seo Ryeong didn’t even blink.

“You spoke well. Did you say the captain won’t intervene unless I die?”


“You’re done.” Seo Ryeong smirked.

Kang Seok grabbed her jaw, knowing she was trying to commit suicide.

Huh…? Seo Ryeong was perplexed. She has a small poison capsule attached to her molars—but nothing happened when she bit down.

“As expected,” Kyu Yeon said. “Just in case, I hit the blood points in your face.”

That was why he’d hit her neck.

“What a shame.” A smile danced on Kyu Yeon’s lips. “I’ve been holding back for too long.”

“Let’s start by cutting off one of your hands” Kang Seok grabbed Seo Ryeong by her hair.

Seo Ryeong screamed in pain.

▶ Intervene

<You have selected “Intervene.”>


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