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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 151: Fateful Day (2) Bahasa Indonesia

It wants me to remove a combat method?

His mind felt messed up. The Combat Method that helped him during the life and death situations.

When he thought that not one but two would vanish, his mind went completely blank.

<Which would you like to delete?>

First, he thought of this.

If Turn Based was discarded, he would no longer know the abilities of his opponents. This means he would not be able to plan appropriate countermeasures.

Furthermore, he would not be able to use the Toolbox when fighting.

Fortunately, now that I have the special item, the Golden Belt, the need for Turn Based has been reduced a bit…

Depending on the situation it could turn into a huge waste. The pills in the belt are of best quality.

Even when fighting opponents who were weaker than him, he might not know which one he was using and accidentally use the best ones.

That would make it less useful.

Also, as Turn Based had leveled up to Lv2, he was now able to save his subordinates who were in a crisis. It was possible for him to even prevent the attack of multiple enemies at the same time.


Deleting simulation or AI is more frustrating.

Unless it is a situation where he was dealing with a lot of people, it is used less in fights compared to the other two.

It is also true that Turn Based and martial arts were not as desperately used as before.


If there was nothing he could do about it, then he could only delete this.

He could think about it more.

<Are you sure you want to remove Combat Method ‘Turn Based Lv2’?> *Warning – Due to the disappearance of Turn Based, the information floating above the head (e.g. number of lives) will no longer be displayed.

No, that too?!

He just realized that this would increase the difficulty.

If information about his number of lives was lost, how could he know about the future? He would then have to fight without knowing how many lives he had remaining.

Ha, then between Ai and Simulation…

First of all, he put Turn Based’s delete on hold, and this time he shifted to the other options.

Simulation Lv2.

Although it wasn’t omnipotent, he treated it as if it were. In particular he had been able to find the optimal question and optimal answer for the current or future situations many times.

The problem was that most of the time it wasn’t able to predict things due to the various variables.

Then, including his own sudden actions, it was impossible to imagine the number of different possibilities. If he changed things just a little, that one choice could change a whole host of other things.

At the end of the day, will I choose between past and present? Or will I choose the future?

If the simulation is the past and present, then the AI is the future.

That guy, who seemed to have experienced the real future, seemed to know what path had to be taken.

It would be better to get information from him

<Are you sure you want to remove Combat Method ‘Simulation Lv2’?> *Warning – Due to the disappearance of Simulation, it is impossible to find out necessary information in advance depending on any situation.


This too was not an easy matter.

If the Simulation system vanishes, then he would have to constantly take risks.

The AI said last time that it cannot be of much help if one does not get to the top. This meant that virtually all abilities would be lost except the Toolbox with the Simulation gone.

Will he take such a risk for the AI of the future?

Or will he have the Turn Based system where he can get information about things currently alive and prepare for the future?

Or will he leave the Simulation to find the optimal choice of past and present and take the best course of actions?

If I can climb higher…

Seol-Hwi thought.

<Removing Turn Based Lv2> <Removing Simulation Lv2>

In the end, he decided to eliminate Turn Based and the Simulation. At that moment, the Earth Demon opened his mouth.

“You will belong to the Heavenly Events Order. You will be the captain and the vice captain will be whoever you chose. The other members will be the same. The position you have is equivalent to that of the Seven Messengers. And the vice captain is someone equivalent to a first rate warrior.”

After assigning him the position, the Earth Demon even spoke about the various ranks.

“The secret warriors aren’t just people with high level martial arts. They require cool judgment, sometimes needing to make bold sacrifices, and more. Most of the time only one or two are selected from a group, but given your achievements so far, I allowed the entire group of yours to be promoted. Of course, your subordinates will have to undergo training too.”

“…Thank you.”

This wasn’t bad for Seol-Hwi either. It was another step to nurture his subordinates who were not yet firmly equipped with power.

And the person who would teach them would likely be an elder.

“Seol-Hwi. From now on, you will be the highest rank you have ever been, you will be taught every form of martial arts that I know of, and also be provided with all the information I have.”

Heavenly Events Order.

It was his first time hearing about such a thing, but he could guess what this meant.

This would be a group who receives the orders of the Earth Demon and kills without hesitation.

It meant that the quality of missions would be different from before.


The Earth Demon said, slowly raising his head.

“Why not take Ma Taryong as a subordinate?”

“Uh? Why will I…”

“Right. Usually, there are two secret warriors in a team, and they must reach at least the level of Peak Demon. In this order, only Seol-Hwi is at such a level. We will need another person.”

Actually, Seol-Hwi wasn’t on the level of Peak Demon.

But the Earth Demon and the others seemed to think he was. It had to have been because of what they saw Seol-Hwi achieve.

“I agree.”

“Right. However, this is not something I can decide on my own, so I will meet with Ma Taryong and make the final decision.”

“Thank you.”

“Then, I will give you a place to stay. My men will guide you, so rest there.”

And the words of the Earth Demon ended there.

The servant guided him to a much more spacious and bigger place.

The northernmost part was somewhere that Seol-Hwi never went. He looked around to see the landscape of trees soaring high.

In front of the building, with an exceptionally well maintained vacant lot, there was a place where the natural scenery looked good.

“Oh… we will live here from now on?”

Imugi mumbled in excitement at what he saw. It was a large two floor building with separate rooms.

“Wow… look here.”

Meanwhile, Yong Jin who opened the warehouse called for the others.

It was a place full of weapons and medicine.

There was a separate counter for medicine, and the place looked like a dorm for the elder’s men.

“How could such a facility exist in such a remote…”

At Jeok Song’s question, Seo Ryeong answered,

“Even if one or two die, no one will figure it out.”

“Ah, that is rather ominous.”

Imugi shook his head and looked around with Yong Jin.

Seeing them all go around the building, Yorim made his way to Seol-Hwi, who was sitting at the vacant lot, and asked,

“Captain, are you sure we have all become secret warriors?”

Actually, it was a question he had already asked once before coming here.

“Can’t believe it?”

“To be honest… yes. We are still carrying out the missions of the Fourth Disciple… and we aren’t strong.”

“Do not worry. People will come to train you very soon. And secret warriors aren’t only those made of just strong martial arts.”

Seol-Hwi looked to the side, at the little boy next to him.

“Maybe it is because of Songhwa.”


Yorim sighed.

Then he could understand. The Fourth Disciple never had a Fangshi under him, but now he had a young and talented one.

There was a little lack of motion, but since they were all loyal people who always did the missions given, the Earth Demon might have thought they could all work together.

Because of the achievements we managed to accumulate until this point.

Were they doing normal things all this while?

Of the achievements, 70% of it all could be attributed to Seol-Hwi’s actions, but it wasn’t normal for the members to follow him either.

“Even if I die now, this will be a colorful picture,” Yorim said playfully as he turned.

Although he was a little patient, he too wanted to look around so he went off.

And one by one, the others left their places, leaving Seol-Hwi and Songhwa.


“Yes, Captain.”

This child was already always showing politeness.

Looking at his small hands, Seol-Hwi always thought he had to save this kid.

“How is my fate?”


“I was just curious, for some reason I just wanted to know. What kind of situations lie ahead and when will it happen? Today or tomorrow…”

“Strictly speaking, this power is more like a superstition. A likely coincidence,” Songhwa said, making Seol-Hwi a bit shocked.

“It all depends on the mind. The captain will do well.”


It felt awkward.

Seol-Hwi noticed that the child was teasing him.

Songhwa was a Fangshi, and his last reading had failed him, but he still could feel things.

So he must have noticed that this person, who was confident, was acting jittery because of the combat style disappearing.

“When I use spells, I need to understand the reason why everything in the universe is changing, including my own spells. So fate is only the highest probability out of many, it is not definite.”


“If you think it is luck, it is luck, and if you consider it as bad luck, then it is bad luck. If everything is already decided in the heavens, what can people do on their own?”


Seol-Hwi nodded.

As Songhwa said, this looked like a predetermined flow of the System to him and one day the end would come.

…Then, as expected, this situation might not be the destiny set in stone for me.

Seol-Hwi remembered.

The Path of the Core Warrior, the Escort Warrior, and the Secret Warrior.

When he was asked to choose from the three warriors suggested by the Earth Demon, his original goal was the core warrior.

However, he had rejected it. Not only that, he also refused to let go of Songhwa.

As a result, he ended up on the third path, as a secret warrior. It was a path he had never even considered.

If he had handed Songhwa over to them…

The Earth Demon wouldn’t have been able to know about their exciting fight against the Ghastly Troops.

Then, he would have been forced to be an escort warrior instead of a secret warrior.

He would be able to be with his subordinates too, but not like this.

This is because without Songhwa and his ability to use the spells, the abilities of his members would work against the outcome Seol-Hwi would want to obtain.

Of course, they could still be given secret warrior positions.


“We greet the Order Captain.”

A man came in front of him and spoke.

Another had well groomed hair and a friendly face smiling at him.

Maybe we two would have met as escort warriors.


The man ahead is Ma Taryong.

A situation where he alone would get appointed as a secret warrior.

Perhaps this is the future AI Seol-Hwi was speaking…


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