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The air had changed.

With a few exceptions, most of the enemies had combat power over 10 million.



Seol-Hwi’s subordinates took a step back without realizing it.

Although they were training with the determination to fight until the very end, the intimidating presence these Soulless gave off was too much for them to display their courage.

“Captain, please let me go.”


Songhwa, who didn’t want to see it, walked out. His body was trembling with fear, and he had tears in his eyes.

However, the look on his face showed his determination.

“The chance of victory has to be very low. It is just me, right?”

There were 29 Soulless.

Let alone them, there were also Fangshi who could support them.

On the other hand, it was Seol-Hwi, four members, and Imugi.

Ma Taryong was irrelevant now, as he was someone who hadn’t fully committed to a side yet.

“It was short, but I had a lot of fun. Please, I wish Captain all the luck…”



Seol-Hwi stopped Songhwa by placing a hand on his head. Despite the firm expression, he looked down with his softest eyes.

“The future you saw at that time, was it far in the future or soon in the future?”

“Captain, it was when…”

“If what you saw is right… then am I walking in the right direction?”


“If the path I am taking is the natural one, it will be the path to overcome the current situation. Isn’t this something we all have to bear?”


Tears welled up in his eyes. It was the first time Songhwa had seen someone stand up and protect him.

Seol-Hwi bent down and made eye contact with him.

“The technique you mentioned before, would you do it now?”





After a moment of hesitation, Songhwa nodded. He didn’t know why, but he thought there had to be a reason.

Soon, he raised his hand.


A haze began to rise from those tiny hands, a haze which moved to Seol-Hwi and started to move around his two feet.

“It is ready. It will soon be activated as you use your internal energy.”

“Good. Can I go all out?”

Seol-Hwi asked, tapping his feet.

“Yes. As long as the technique remains.”

“Then use this on the others. You must use it on yourself as well.”


After nodding, Songhwa immediately cast the spell onto him and the others. The haze hovered around the feet of everyone else.

“Nice. Then.”


Seol-Hwi patted Songhwa on the shoulder.


He took off the shoes he was wearing.

“…Captain what are you doing?”

“I’m not sure either.”

While the subordinates were asking, Seol-Hwi put on the shoes and the text came.

<Which skill would you like to choose?> ▷Supreme Wind God ▷ Sura Explosion Flame Arts ▶Supreme Low Temperature Ice ▷ Thrift Wind Sword

When he took off his shoes and put them back on, he could choose a skill based on his actions.

Seol-Hwi decided to use the function.

Which part would you like to delete? [Supreme Low Temperature Ice]: Blood in Eyes, ABCD (Simultaneous)

Of the two, Seol-Hwi chose Blood In Eyes, and it was deleted.

[Revised version] [Supreme Low Temperature Ice]: ABCD

The special technique which had been simplified.

Seol-Hwi, who had completed his preparations, looked at the woman.

“I refuse.”




At Seol-Hwi’s words, the expressions of the opposing troops changed.

They did not expect that he would refuse in a situation where he was at a disadvantage.

“Looks like you are looking down on us. Well, this is good.”

The captain, who was as white as a paper, put on a strange smile.

“Because it is better to step on you than to just threaten you. Everyone, let’s get started.”


As soon as the order fell, the Soulless jumped up.




The members pulled out their weapons.

There were a whole 29 Soulless to go against. Enemies with gritting teeth.

“Do not worry.”

Yet, Seol-Hwi spoke in a calm manner and before showing his expression skills he said,

“Because I was already expecting this much.”

<Supreme Low Temperature Ice is being used.>

At that moment, small cracks began to rush ahead.

<You have found a gap in Soulless_13. How will you respond?> <You have found a gap in Soulless_25. How will you respond?> <You have found a gap in Soulless_7. How will you respond?> <You have found a gap in Soulless_16. How will you respond?>

The expected gap remarks.

And a gap which was different from before.

<…Twenty-four gaps in total. You have found gaps in Soulless. How will you respond?>

Gathering everyone and getting a reaction.

As turn based turned to Lv2, it was producing different results from before.

Similar to when he was able to participate when a subordinate was at risk, it was now applied equally to the opponents, except 5 of them.

▶Directly determine the blow to 24 Soulless ▷Leave it to the system

A method that produces a result when the conditions are satisfied.

Originally, such a thing could not happen with his level of strength. However, he had Supreme Low Temperature Ice being used along with Songhwa’s acceleration.

Since these were all applied at the same time, it went beyond the normal turn based skill. It was transformed into an absolute skill to attack 24 enemies at the same time.

This was one of the three things which Seol-Hwi believed in.

<You have selected ‘Determine the blow to 24 Soulless’.>


As soon as the choice was made, Seol-Hwi’s body began to move forward to one of the Soulless closest to him

<Explosion Ball is being used.>

The first martial arts he chose.

One of the techniques within the Flame Aggregating Demonic Martial Arts. It was now changed to a single attack.

Of the 29, the ones caught in the gap were 24.

Those 24 had deadly attacks coming towards them. Seol-Hwi needed the fastest and most precise attack.

That was the reason he chose this.


The flames which began to move out like swords, pierced the heads of the Soulless.

<Soulless_13 dead>

After leaving a single line of text, the focus shifted to different Soulless.

Chang! Chang! Chang!

<Soulless_25 dead> <Soulless_7 dead> <Soulless_21 dead> <Soulless_16 dead>

Movement beyond common sense, and constant hits.

The Soulless whose heads were pierced by the blast turned into corpses. In a fraction of a second, the movement shifted.


He had combined the acceleration method along with an ice technique to decrease the speed of the opponent.

While the world still moved slowly, Seol-Hwi moved quickly and used his sword.

<Soulless_23 fatal damage> <Soulless_5 dead> <Soulless_2 fatal damage> <Soulless_18 dead> <Soulless_19 dead>

Did they start to react to the attack?

It was around the time the 11th to 15th Soulless were attacked. There were those who managed to survive with a sliver remaining.

Still, more than half were dead.

<Soulless_1 fatal damage> <Soulless_3 fatal damage> <Soulless_29 dead> <Soulless_9 dead> <Soulless_20 dead>

And from the 16th onwards the attacks began to miss by a small margin.

In the first place, the explosion was something which took in a lot of internal energy and there was a huge difference the further it traveled.


In addition, the Fangshi who saw Seol-Hwi’s attack were now equipped with defense spells.

As for the last four.

<Soulless_5 little damage> <Soulless_28 one arm lost> <Soulless_11 avoided> <Soulless_12 avoided>

None of them died.

Unexpectedly, Supreme Low Temperature Ice had ended.


It ended a lot sooner than Seol-Hwi thought it would.

It was good to have acceleration used on him, but this seemed to consume a lot of internal energy?

Maybe it is because of Turn Based Lv2 with multiple attacks.

Or maybe because the gaps weren’t there anymore.

It didn’t matter though. Seol-Hwi did what he had prepared to do, and he knew time wouldn’t be slowed down for long.

It was for this reason that he used it again.

“Kill them all!”

<Supreme Low Temperature Ice is being used.>

By removing one of the conditions, the possibility that the trigger would fail was taken off. And made his reaction speed faster.

<…Thirteen gaps in total. You have found gaps in Soulless. How will you respond?>

Unlike before, this time all the Soulless had gaps.

Both those who had survived the previous attempt and those who weren’t caught were now there.



When Ma Taryong saw Seol-Hwi’s skills unfolding in front of his eyes, he simply opened his mouth in shock.

He saw a phenomenon that seemed to have sweeped into the bodies of dozens of enemies in an instant.

Then that pillar of fire was unleashed in all directions.

It released a deadly attack of flame resembling bullets dozens of times, and the Soulless who were hit started screaming.

No, is that Heavenly Demon King’s Landing…

He thought about it, one of the footwork techniques of the Heavenly Demon.

When a person reached a decent level, their body would give out not just one illusion but 12.

Also, if they moved in earnest, they could move without making a single sound. However, this wasn’t information just anyone would be given.

Seol-Hwi wasn’t a disciple of the Sect Leader, so there was no way he could learn it, and even if he tried to steal it, it wouldn’t be used like this.

Even if the strongest warriors used it, can’t they only leave eight images?

Then, what the hell is that?

That was why he couldn’t figure it out. After erasing those thoughts, it came to his mind.

Where else could such a technique be found?


Songhwa groaned.

The Soulless were being killed one by one at a fast pace.

He knew that the Soulless weren’t ordinary people. They could be called some of the most powerful monsters in existence and were strengthened with various spells.

The fact that they were being eliminated in an instant made him more confused about the reality he was facing currently.

“You. Did you say you were worried for me?”


Imugi stroked the head of Songhwa.

“C-Captain is…”

“Right. He is the one who can overcome this situation.”

Imugi smiled.

“I am the one who has him as my teacher.”

Yorim, Jeok Song, Yong Jin and Seo Ryeong were staring blankly at this.

They saw all this take place. Upon observing the Soulless being thoroughly crushed, the sense of intimidation they had felt earlier began to vanish.

“I have to be dreaming, right…”

When Yong Jin was startled, Yorim responded,

“It is a dream. We’ve always wanted to see something like this.”

He grinned.

“He is our captain.”


The moment Seol-Hwi touched the floor, the Soulless fell down as corpses.


The enemies were no longer running around as the last one he attacked fell.


Seol-Hwi said.

Seven remaining.

Two of them didn’t look so great. Only five of them could be described as in good condition.

“Are you okay?”

Ma Taryong asked.

Seol-Hwi was no simple swordsman, but he had let loose almost 40 balls of fire.

No matter how much internal energy he had accumulated, he had to be exhausted at this point.

“Of course.”

However, Seol-Hwi was still exuding confidence.

Ma Taryong felt uneasy about this.


And he noticed something even stranger.


It was a wave of energy rising from Seol-Hwi’s body.

It wrapped around him, forming a ring and continued to bloom, creating a glow in his eyes in an instant.

“This is…”

While Ma Taryong thought it was absurd, Seol-Hwi was looking at the text in front of him.

Energy Gathering Lv2 (Spread your feet vertically) ABCD (Pull up all your internal energy)>

His health and internal energy were rising, and in the end they had been restored to full.

Note 100% on first use. 80% on the second use. 70% on the third use. *After that, it is fixed at 50%. After each day (15 minutes) has elapsed, it can be used again. *Since this has also leveled up, everything has been restored.

Even though Seol-Hwi fully recovered, he didn’t show any signs of joy.

There were a few Soulless who survived.

The two who were injured had 10 million combat power.

There were five with 20 million combat power and no injuries.

“Now, it seems that the member of the Seven Messenger has to prepare his heart.”

Seol-Hwi spoke to Ma Taryong.

Then he raised his sword.

“How long can we hold out? That will decide the course of this fight.”


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