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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 138: The Escape (1) Bahasa Indonesia

The current situation was different from the past.

At that time, enemies didn’t rush in from all directions like they were now.

Perhaps it was because of the changed environment.

In Seol-Hwi’s previous life, the two old men were waiting in the room connected to the secret passageway.

Seol-Hwi didn’t know why, but it looked like the Elders would subdue them on their own.

Anyway, in the current circumstances, Mount Hua’s people should have been focused on surrounding the building, to prevent their enemies from escaping.

Seol-Hwi didn’t expect them to rush in through the door, and even destroy the walls and roof to get inside this room.

<Sura Exploding Flame Arts activated>

As three or four warriors ran towards him, Seol-Hwi quickly used his technique.

Four explosions detonated, in the direction Seol-Hwi’s sword was drawn.

The Sura Exploding Flame Arts he used now was actually more powerful, and had a greater reach, compared to the past.

And the reason for this was adding wind to amplify the attack.

It was something that Seol-Hwi learned through many practical experiences. It was possible to unleash a special technique, with existing martial arts.


An explosion that was bigger than the previous four served as a devastating finale.

Half of the building was torn apart, and eight people were suddenly swept away, with their bodies burnt to ash.




Seol-Hwi’s overwhelming power affected the warriors around him. It made the ones who were previously rushing forward, stop and stare.




Meanwhile, the Mount Hua warriors who had broken in through the ceiling were easily removed by Seol-Hwi’s subordinates.


In particular, Yorim used his weapon’s ability to kill all his enemies before they could even reach him.

A silence arose to pause the raging battle.

The stillness showed just how much Mount Hua’s people were shocked. The fear from Seol-Hwi’s technique specifically, was evident on their faces.

Combat Method <Turn-Based Lv2>

At the same time, Seol-Hwi changed his fighting style, and numerous stats came into his view.

He could see not just everyone in his vicinity, but also to the areas outside.

Seol-Hwi quickly scanned the people around him.

20,000… 500,000… 1 million…

None of the combat power of the people who rushed in, were too high. But, those who were waiting behind them, they were the real deal.

This could be seen just from the fact that all of their combat power exceeded 1 million. Even still, there were greater threats to watch out for.

A middle aged man was standing behind the disciples. He seemed to be the one leading the First Class disciples.

And he had a combat power of 29.99 million.

The man had a long beard, and small eyes. Those eyes were full of alertness, proving he’d be a formidable opponent.

On the other hand, with a combat power of 18.88 million, was an old man standing atop the protruding stone wall.

He was holding a strange cane in his hands. His beard was snow white, going down to his chest.

Third, with a combat power of 22.55 million.

Another elderly man was standing on the roof of a building. He stood out from the others because of his muscular body.

His expression was angry, as if he was quite dissatisfied with the current situation.

And lastly, there was an old man who was more eye catching than the other three.

Is he their captain?

Elder Gu On [Mount Hua’s North Side leader] Godly State Health: 75 million/ 75 million Internal energy: 66 million/ 66 million Combat power: 30 million

The strongest man here.

He was stronger than even Cheon Gyun, the member of the Seven Messengers Seol-Hwi had fought against in the fighting competition.

Just from looking at his physical state and strength, he was a dangerous person.

Should I pray that he doesn’t attack me?

“First Class disciples, to the front. Everyone else, move out.”

Was it because he recognized the seriousness of the situation?

The middle-aged man shouted, and the disciples of Mount Hua began moving out of the building, while the First Class ones moved ahead.

There were around 30 of them, with an average of 2 to 3 million combat power.

“How much longer?”

Seol-Hwi asked Songhwa, who had his eyes closed in the center of the circle.

“4 minutes left.”

Soel-Hwi confirmed the time, and then gave instructions to Yorim.

“Yorim, you stand guard.”

“Captain, I…”

“I need to get their attention.”

Each one of them wasn’t that strong, but it’d be a different case if the First Class disciples rushed in all at once.

Therefore, Seol-Hwi would go out alone to draw attention.

“Isn’t that dangerous?! There are people who seem to be Elders…!”

“It’s fine. Let me know when the time is done. And Yong Jin.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Yong Jin was supporting Ma Taryong.

“Could you come here for a moment?”

“Of course.”

He was unable to fight because of Ma Taryong anyway, so Yong Jin agreed.

Ma Taryong, who had just regained consciousness, asked,

“Just what… what are you people thinking…?”

This situation was a dead end either way.

Staying together, but not being able to escape. Or, going alone to face a horde of enemies.

Above all else, this man, who said he’d take them all on by himself, felt even more absurd.

“We’ll see you later.”

Seol-Hwi smiled at Ma Taryong, drew his sword, and cut his palm,

Blood dripped, as it fell to the floor. Seol-Hwi looked at Yong Jin to confirm he was beside him, then changed his fighting style.

Combat Method <Free>

Seol-Hwi leaped into action, rushing towards the shocked First Class disciples.

Everyone had witnessed just a while ago what this man could do. However, this time, Seol-Hwi performed a different technique.

<Supreme Wind God activated>

A huge storm was launched, shaking the ground, sweeping away three to four disciples, and killing two more.

<Supreme Wind God activated> <Supreme Wind God activated> <Supreme Wind God activated>

Seol-Hwi’s movements never stopped.

He shot again in three directions, without giving anyone a chance to respond. In the end, more than a dozen First Class disciples were either killed or injured by this.

“Stand back!”

The middle-aged man couldn’t stand to see this any longer, and came forward. He immediately dashed towards Seol-Hwi.

I was waiting for you.

Seol-Hwi swung his sword in a circle.

White smoke spread from the tip of the sword, freezing everything around him.

As a result, the middle aged man called Dan Gu, stopped. This allowed numerous ice balls that were fired, to come after him.

Seol-Hwi didn’t miss this chance.

<Sura Exploding Flame Arts activated>



Just one attack, that was all.

In the face of overwhelming destruction, the life of this man immediately disappeared.

“What is…!”

Yorim was shocked.

He couldn’t believe how strong the attack was. It was such an explosive force, that made him wonder if anyone could stop it.

“He looks like a person with infinite strength…”

Seo Ryeong was protecting Songhwa, while also admiring Seol-Hwi.

He used such formidable martial arts, the Four Peak Demonic Martial Arts, one after the other.

In addition to that, he used ice energy, and right after it, fire energy.

As a result, the enemy suffered. They assumed Seol-Hwi to be dependent on fire energy, so of course they didn’t expect ice as well.

This was a mistake that drove the man to his death.

“Who is that…?”

Even Ma Taryong noticed it. He showed interest, despite his current weakness.

There was no reason not to feel such things. Being a person who fought many enemies, he must have felt Seol-Hwi’s power even more vividly.

“He is our Captain.”

Imugi answered.

“Your captain?”


“You want me to believe that?”

“It is up to you if you want to believe me or not.”

Imugi pointed to the side and said,

“The other guys seem to be on the move now.”

Seol-Hwi’s subordinates all nodded.

The person in charge of this place is finally stepping forward.

“Everyone, back down!”

The old men who seemed to be masters from left to right, rushed in, and the disciples retreated.

Gu On kept himself a good amount of distance from Seol-Hwi.

“You think this is a place for filthy Demonic Sect people to invade?”

“Demonic Sect?”

Seol-Hwi frowned at his words, then raised an eyebrow.

“You’re a fucking hypocrite.”


“Aren’t you people the ones holding hands with demons?”

“… What?”

A look of bewilderment was present on Gu On’s face.

And this only made him seem more disgusting in the eyes of Seol-Hwi.

“We speak with our swords instead.”

Seol-Hwi didn’t want to prolong this anymore.

Spatial distortion or whatever, he wanted to end this guy before that happened.

“Cheeky brat.”

The opponent ran towards him quickly, and Seol-Hwi triggered his skill.

<Supreme Low Temperature Ice activated.>

Time was slowed down.

Seol-Hwi had a clear goal, and it was to kill this man. Seol-Hwi rushed towards Gu On.

When Seol-Hwi moved, he noticed the movements of his enemy were minimal.

Seol-Hwi stabbed the old man in his stomach.


At that moment, the skill was released, and Gu On grabbed his wound and retreated.

There was blood flowing from the corners of his mouth, but his eyes were still vigilant.

Shit. It isn’t easy to accurately hit the vital points.

As a result, the attack was half success, and half failure. It certainly did damage the enemy, but not exactly as how Seol-Hwi wanted.

The opponent was not completely stopped.

And, considering the characteristics of his skill, in which it would be less effective the more it was used, Seol-Hwi wouldn’t be able to hit the man’s vital points again.

This was especially hard when it came to facing warriors like Gu On.

“You bastard!”

Perhaps because he already took a bit of damage, Gu On was enraged as he ran forward again.


Seol-Hwi immediately used ice to create a mist that surrounded them.

He would deal with Gu On the same way he killed Dan Gu before.


But Gu On didn’t seem as affected. His speed was actually pushing away the fog.

And a sword could be seen coming for Seol-Hwi.

Seol-Hwi leapt to the side to avoid the opponent’s attack, then swung his sword.

A chance!

This was the opportunity Seol-Hwi desperately wanted.

The moment he blocked the hasty sword of his opponent, he had finished his preparations.

A special skill that was activated along with blocking – a counter attack that was used many times before in his experiences.

<Supreme Wind God activated>


A storm of blue light was generated, shocking Gu On.

Before he knew it, a shock wave, and wind pressure that shoock the ground, hit his body directly.


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