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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 136: Characters To Be Removed In Advance (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Three out of five were right.

Seol-Hwi repeated what had happened in his head.

First, Gu Yang attacked him head on. Then, he pretended to back away to attempt a quick stab, after which he went in for his real attack. Seol-Hwi had to jump up to avoid his horizontal slash, and Gu Yang attacked him again while he was in the air.

Seol-Hwi was correct when he judged that his opponent would try to use the Plum Blossom Sword Technique near the end.

Because he had anticipated these things beforehand, he was able to limit Gu Yang’s movements by freezing the floor with ice energy.

Did that help…?

In the forest, he attempted to predict the location of where the leaves would fall. Seol-Hwi applied this principle to his fight with Gu Yang.

Compared to the movements of small, light leaves, the movements of a human were larger and heavier. And as a result, they’re easier to predict.

Seol-Hwi managed to block or dodge all of Gu Yang’s attacks. Of course, for a couple of them, he was simply lucky.

But now, I need to finish this quickly.

Seol-Hwi and Gu Yang were on equal ground again. Furthermore, Gu Yang was actually faster than Seol-Hwi. There was a high chance that he would get hurt if this fight went on for too long.

“Hmph. So you still refuse to give up. Do you actually think you can beat me?”

“Of course I do.”

Seol-Hwi nodded. Gu Yang’s expression was unpleasnt after he heard the simple reply.

Here he comes.

The provoked Gu Yang unleashed a new technique, and Seol-Hwi, who was waiting for him, immediately used his own.

<White Light Body Demonic Martial Arts activated>


But there were some variables Seol-Hwi didn’t expect. Unlike before, Gu Yang didn’t rush right towards him. Instead, he was being more careful, and going around.

So Seol-Hwi decided he’d be the one to do it instead, and he dashed towards Gu Yang.

He predicted the next move of his opponent, and aimed his sword at Gu Yang’s stomach.


Seol-Hwi was shocked when Gu Yang vanished, and then reappeared to his right.

This is bad!

Gu Yang was an Elder of Mount Hua after all, and it seemed like he still had tricks up his sleeve. He must have used a movement skill that only members of Mount Hua knew.

Seol-Hwi swung his sword to the side.


Gu Yang avoided it, but Seol-Hwi was able to injure him from his left shoulder downwards.


Seol-Hwi wasn’t going to give the opponent another opportunity.

Gu Yang stumbled from the attack, and Seol-Hwi followed up with another technique.

<Supreme Wind God activated>

In an instant, a strong storm swept over Gu Yang.


While his body was being torn apart, the old man desperately used his movement skill to escape.

“No more running away!”

As soon as Gu Yang disappeared from his view, Seol-Hwi created a mist to cover the entire area.

Finally, the old man was stopped in his tracks.

“I’ve got you!”

Gu Yang didn’t give up.

A rotating current of air formed at the tip of his sword. Although it looked like wind, it was actually condensed energy swirling on the sword.


But Seol-Hwi was one step ahead. He ran towards Gu Yang and delivered the final blow.

<Sura Exploding Flame Arts activated>


Gu Yang’s strong wave of energy was immediately overwhelmed by the explosions from Seol-Hwi’s sword.


One more explosion, and Gu Yang collapsed.

Gu Yang’s appearance after he died caught Seol-Hwi’s attention. Blood dripped from his mouth, and an expression of shock was now forever etched on his face.

“Phew… it’s over.”

Seol-Hwi took a deep breath, and looked around.

The only thing left was Gu Yang’s sword, black and charred.

Seol-Hwi walked up to where Gu Yang had been sitting, and fumbled along the wall until he pushed a spot.

As soon as he pressed it, the treasures that had retreated into the ground rose up again.


Seol-Hwi, as he was about to leave, stopped.

“What if I put all this in my toolbox?”

He suddenly remembered the list of items Geum Man-jung had showed him previously.

What if something like that showed up again in the future? With that in mind, Seol-Hwi touched a piece of pottery.

<These are expensive items and can be converted to gold.> <Are you sure you want to put them in the toolbox? Accept/Reject>

This is possible?

Seol-Hwi was happy after discovering a new function of the system.

Other than the gold and silver, the treasures in front of him could be put in the toolbox, but they might be difficult to exchange for money.

Seol-Hwi agreed to convert them right away.

<Total: 6,400 G>

He was left feeling disappointed.

Not even 10,000?

10,000 gold would actually be considered a large amount, but after Seol-Hwi saw 1,000,000 gold last time, he felt it was too little.

“I need to leave at once.”

There was no need to stay any longer. The situation was resolved.

If he met someone else here while wasting his time, it would be a hassle.

Seol-Hwi’s next goal was to get rid of Gu Yeom. The location was easy to find, since he had been there before.

<Do you want to save?>

He refused to save, and then went inside.

“Who goes there?”

Things were the same as before. The old man was standing between the third and fourth bookshelves.

“Someone who came to kill you.”

Seol-Hwi took a few steps forward.

“This dirty atmosphere… you’re a demon, aren’t you?”

“And you’re Gu Yeom, correct?”


The old man stiffened.

He then relaxed his posture, and like before, he made the booksheleves retreat into the floor.

“If you know of me, then you cannot be a normal person. So then, why did you come here?”

Gu Yeom turned towards him, and Seol-Hwi replied,

“Before answering, let us ask each other one question at a time. If you’re honest with me, I will be honest with you.”

The scenario designed by Gu Yeom in the past was now being used by Seol-Hwi.


Gu Yeom’s expression was strange, but then he nodded.

“A fine idea. Then, I will…”

“No. I’m going to be the one to ask you first. But we can change the order, if you don’t like it?”

Seol-Hwi interrupted him, and there was a brief flash of anger on Gu Yeom’s face, before it was gone. He nodded again.

“I accept. What is your first question?”

“Why is Mount Hua in league with the Heavenly Demon’s First Disciple?”


Gu Yeom’s calm expression vanished. He was silent for a moment, as if deciding what to say.

Seol-Hwi took the lead.

“Excuses like gaining practical experience from killing demons, or supplying materials from Mount Hua. I don’t believe them.”


The old man laughed.

From the first time they met, he felt like Seol-Hwi already knew more than he was letting on.


He stared at Seol-Hwi for a long time and said,

“First among the Sword Sects.”


Gu Yeom smiled and continued speaking.

“We do not have to be the best in the world. However, to not even be in second place… How long will Mount Hua be pushed back?”

The best in the world.

That was what any sect strived to be. However, of course, getting there wasn’t easy. And the position has long been held by the Shaolin Sect. The Shaolin Sect wasn’t a sect that went around trying to seize power. They followed the teachings of Buddha instead.

But then there was the Wudang Sect. They were like Mount Hua, a Sword Sect.

However, even with a short history, they managed to be strong. Mount Hua had to bow their heads to them.

“Until something like a lightning bolt falls on the Wudang Sect, Mount Hua can never hold the title of First Sword Sect.”

It was embarassing. Mount Hua believed that they deserved to be called the best sword sect in the world, but there were others in the way.

“But what if lightning really fell? There is no need for us to fight with Wudang. If we don’t have enough power, then we can borrow the power of others.”

“…And that power is the Demonic Sect?”

“Correct. The grand plan has already begun. In all parts of the Central Plains, small and medium sects are already being wiped out, which leaves only sects that support us.”

Seol-Hwi didn’t know how to react to this new information.

This was far greater than anything he could have ever imagined.

Gu Yeom continued to speak without holding back.

“Did you get the answer you wanted? Now it is my turn. Why did you come here?”

“I came to find someone. He’s called Ma Taryong.”

“Ma Taryong… ah, that man.”

Seol-Hwi looked at the old man and asked,

“Where is that guy now?”


Gu Yeom was surprised.

How did this demon know the prisoner was still alive, and that he was with them in the first place?

“That’s right, I know. But I had to find out if you were being honest.”


Gu Yeom had a complicated expression on his face.

Well, if this demon already knew, there was no point in hiding it.

“…To the north. Among the three private houses you see, he is located there.”

Gu Yeom answered easily, because he wanted to question Seol-Hwi more.

“You’ve got your answer. Now it is my turn again.”

“No. Let’s end this here.”

Seol-Hwi rushed in. He had already applied blood to his eyes.


The flustered Gu Yeom quickly picked up his sword.

He was thinking about a question to ask, but without any warning, this guy suddenly moved.

“You underestimate me!”

Gu Yeom shouted, and was ready to unleash a sword technique.

<Supreme Low Temperature Ice activated>

Seol-Hwi had seen this all with the Simulation.

He dodged his opponent’s attack, moved to the side, and cut the old man’s head off.


The skill was released.

“You did the same thing last time too.”

Seol-Hwi recalled a memory.

In his previous life, the old man stopped asking questions, and moved forward to attack.

“So the roles have been reversed.”

Giving back the suffering of his previous life… That was the difference in this one.


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