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Heavenly Demon Cultivation Simulation – Chapter 130: Turn Based Lv2 (3) Bahasa Indonesia


Songhwa, the child who was with the old man, gasped.

The captain of the command unit suddenly made a reckless decision to enter the warehouse through the roof. This would attract all of the Kangshis’ attention towards him, something which meant that person’s doom.

But to his astonishment, the ferocious Kangshi and Soulless were now being wiped out with just a few attacks.

“How is he…!”

The Hidden Truth’s command units were nothing but scouting groups working under the Earth Demon. Their only job was to assist others.

Even their captains were just low level warriors.

They were composed of those who were entrusted with miscellaneous tasks, simply to ensure that they paid for their meals in the Sect.

From what Songhwa knew, this should have definitely been the case.

“It appears that what we know about the Hidden Truth is not quite correct…”

The old man, Dong Ryong, muttered with a look of disbelief.

Seol-Hwi had gone in alone, and then began killing all of the Kangshi and Soulless inside the warehouse.

Each and every one of them used to be martial artists, but against this man, none of them were his adversary.

The most shocking thing was how Seol-Hwi endured the self destruction of a Soulless, in close range.

Because they created the Soulless themselves, Dong Ryong understood very well how powerful their self destruction was.

Yet somehow, the captain survived the explosion without any damage. The old man didn’t know how to reconcile with this.

Were their formulations wrong?

Or was it that the captain’s strength was too great?

“There… look over there!”

As the old man was lost in his thoughts, Songhwa pointed at something.

Seol-Hwi’s subordinates were faithfully carrying out the orders that they had received in advance.

The Kangshi that were streaming out of the broken warehouse, were intercepted one after the other.


Dong Ryong was shocked.

There was no one who knew better than himself about the Kangshi manufactured by the Detention Corps.

For the subordinates of a command unit, at least two or three of them were needed to deal with one Kangshi.

However, each of these people easily dealt with three or four Kangshi on their own.

“…If this goes well, I’ll have to ask him something later…”


“You’ll find out soon.”

The old man stroked his beard.

Relief and anticipation were visible on his face.

“Aim for the neck! Then it’s over!”

“I know!”

Yorim and Yong Jin worked together to slash apart Kangshi.

The biggest problem they faced now was that these Kangshi weren’t normal. Despite their movements being a bit stiff, some of them were not cut down by sword or other attacks.

“Ugh! This is so troublesome!”

Of course, if their enemies were too hard to cut, then they’d use sword energy to rip them apart.

However, the problem wasn’t with just their bodies.



Yong Jin flinched in surprise. A Kangshi who he hadn’t noticed before suddenly rushed towards him. Yorim quicky shouted at Yong Jin,

“Yong Jin! Danger!”

Fortunately, what Yorim feared didn’t happen.

Yong Jin jumped back, disappeared, and then reappeared in the air behind the Kangshi to cut its head off.

“Sorry, I was distracted… huh?”

Yong Jin, noticing something strange, quickly moved away from the body, and towards Yorim.


The Kangshi, that had lost its head, exploded.


After seeing the Kangshi self destruct, Yong Jin and Yorim were unable to speak for a moment… They had just found out that the Detention Corps here were creating Kangshi beyond common sense.

“Hey, look. That one over there.”

A Soulless appeared. It stepped over the headless body of a Kangshi which one of them had dealt with earlier.

The sight of this made Yorim’s heart race.

“This doesn’t look easy?”

“Which is why it will be more fun.”

When Yong Jin said that, Yorim grinned.

The two of them looked each other in the eyes, then ran to their opponent.

A fierce battle began to unfold.


Meanwhile, Seo Ryeong and Jeok Song were overpowering their own enemies. These two were the most effective in attacking the Kangshi. Much of this was due to their Divine Weapons.

Seo Ryong aimed for multiple Kangshi with her Ghost Arrows, and Jeok Song’s Ancient Sword could cut a Kangshi down in one blow.

“That’s a Soulless?”


A Soulless suddenly made its appearance while they were slaughtering the Kangshi.

“Can you buy me some time? Until my weapon can be used?”

“Are you sure you can handle it?”

When Jeok Song said that he would use the special ability of his Divine Weapon, Seo Ryeong frowned. Still, Jeok Song was confident.

“It’s fine. It just needs to be in the right direction. I don’t have to be too close.”

“Okay. I’ll get its attention.”

Seo Ryeong fired a Ghost Arrow at her opponent. However, since it was an intelligent Soulless, it was able to quickly avoid the attack. Seo Ryeong narrowed her eyes after she saw this.

The Soulless who dodged the attack rushed towards Seo Ryeong.

Luckily, Seo Ryeong was the member with the greatest knowledge of footwork after Seol-Hwi. She was able to lead the Soulless away from Jeok Song.

Seo Ryeong shot off another Ghost Arrow. The energy attack seemingly went right past the enemy.


But then, the movements of the Soulless, who had almost caught up with her, abruptly stopped.


The Ghost Arrow from before exploded after embedding itself in the Soulless’ head.

It turns out, Seo Ryeong was able to control the direction of her Ghost Arrow, after seeing that the Soulless dodged it before.

“Jeok Song!”

“I got it!”

With a loud cry, Jeok Song finally released his sword’s ability.


Jeok Song’s Infernal Energy Explosion Sword annihilated everything in its path, including the Soulless.

Seo Ryeong had to quickly move away to avoid the attack.

“Were you aiming for me?”

Seo Ryeong was annoyed, since she was almost caught up in the explosion.

“Sorry. That was a bit too much…”

Jeok Song wiped the sweat off of his forehead.

Both of them suddenly turned to see another Soulless running away… and someone chasing after it.


“It’s dangerous!”

It was the same situation as before. One Soulless ran away after seeing another Soulless attacked, but then it would suddenly turn back and self destruct. And the target for that destruction was,


Seol-Hwi saw this happening at the same time as the others.

His subordinates managed to kill two Soulless, but one managed to run away. Imugi, who was keeping an eye on things, noticed this and began pursuing it.

But how could he have known that it would switch directions and run back towards him?


Imugi realized this too late.

The Soulless wasn’t trying to run away at all – it was actually luring him in to get close to it.


Seol-Hwi was shocked when he saw the combat power of the Soulless was 9 million – the strongest after the Captain’s!

It was too strong for Imugi alone.

But Seol-Hwi couldn’t do anything to stop it, because he was too far from Imugi and the Soulless.

<‘Soulless_4’ has found a gap in Imugi!>

Unexpectedly, Turn-based was activated, despite Seol-Hwi not being the one in danger right now. Before he knew what was happening,

<Switching users…> <Imugi ⇄ Seol-Hwi>

Seol-Hwi’s surroundings changed, and then he saw the Soulless right in front of him.


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