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After class, Edward waved for three students to stay behind, and they were Cedric Diggory and the Weasley Twins.

“So, did you guys make good use of the Alchemy items and books that I gave you last summer?” asked Edward while looking at them.

“Yes, professor,” quickly replied Cedric. “Over the summer, I practiced non-stop until I could locate and wield my magic power and magic core. Additionally, my father sent his gratitude for the precious gifts.”

Edward nodded in satisfaction, then his gaze turned to the Twins who looked like they had done something wrong: “So, did you guys not practice?”

“Oh no, we did,” replied the two together.

“Then, why do you look so guilty.”

“Well, at first, we did not practice due to how boring it was,” said Fred.

“But, Percy was snooping in our room and he discovered the books and magical items, then he told our parents,” continued George.

“After our mother discovered how precious such knowledge was, she was very thankful that you were willing to give it to us, so she forced us to practice.”

“Professor, it was really hard and boring, but we did manage to find our magic powers and cores.”

Edward finally nodded in satisfaction, “This does not explain the look on your faces. So, if you have something to say, do it now.”

“Well,” said Fred. “Our mother was wondering whether we can use the books and Alchemy items to help little Ginny…

“And Ron!”

“And Ron to also discover their latent abilities. And even, let other members of the family use it as well.”

Edward could guess the gist of things based on their brief explanation. Mrs. Weasley probably feared that the gifts were meant only for the Twins, so she did not want to overstep her boundary and let all the members of her family use them. So, she asked for permission.

And given Cedric’s reaction, he might have faced a similar problem with his father. So, Edward said: “Since I gave these things, it is rightfully yours and you can do whatever you please with it.”

Edward has never been stingy with sharing knowledge. To him, knowledge about magic powers and magic cores should be taught at every magical school in the world as part of the first-year curriculum.

“In that case, we offer our gratitude,” said Cedric and the Twins.

Edward just calmly nodded, then he took out two books from his desk: “Before you go, these are for you; they should help you in your study.”

All three of them once again became surprised after opening the book and read the information sent into their minds, they thanked Edward one last time before leaving.

–Scene Break–

Hermione, Harry, and Ron were walking in the hallway heading to class. Harry asked: “Hermione, where were you? I did not see you in potion class.”

“I told you guys that my schedule is different now since I have to take Alchemy Class?”

“Isn’t that a class for third years?” asked Ron.

“I told you guys about me taking it ahead of time, didn’t you hear a word I said?”

The two of them laughed a little embarrassed. Wanting to change the subject, Harry said: “The strangest thing happened in class today.”

“That’s right. Snape was acting nice to Harry.”

“Not acting nice, but more like he no longer targets me anymore.”

“As far as I’m concern, that’s acting nice,” muttered Ron.

“Harry, didn’t you say that Snape also visited your house during the summer?” asked Hermione.

“Yes. He forced my aunt and uncle to give me a better room and make sure that they treated me properly. He even threaten to turn them into toads if they did something bad to me.”

“No wonder you looked a little fatter than usual,” said Ron. However, Harry ignored him as he continued: “I honestly feel like Snape is up to something, but I do not know what? Do you guys have any ideas?”

Unfortunately, none of them did, and they soon reached their classroom.

A few hours later, the trio walked out of their classroom.

“Well, that was bullocks,” said Ron.

“Why did the school hire such an incompetent professor as Lockhart,” said Hermione in annoyance.

“I thought you were a big fan of his books,” said Ron with a smirk.

“That’s before I knew that he could not even cast a proper spell.”

Then, the three of them headed back to their Houses’ lounge.

–Scene Break–

Edward was sitting in his office when he received a letter from the headmaster. So, he packed up his things and went to his office. After playing a little with Fawkes, he sat in front of the headmaster.

“So, to what do I owe this meeting?” asked Edward.

“Right to the point, I see,” said Dumbledore. “In that case, I will be direct. I know that the Invisible Cloak that you gave Harry Potter is not the original one, so I would like for you to return the real one.”

With a calm look on his face, he replied; “Unfortunately, I cannot do so.”

“Oh, and why is that?”

“Recently, I have had a little confrontation with Death, and I need the power of the Deathly Hallow to hide from his prying eyes.”

Dumbledore frowned after hearing this. As a person who once own two of the Deathly Hallows, he sometimes could feel Death’s gaze and its temptation to gather all of them; the temptation that he might be able to see his sister again, and right the wrong of his past. So, he knew the power of such a God-like being.

“Isn’t there any room for maneuver in this situation?” asked the headmaster.

“Unfortunately, no. However, I’m not an unreasonable person. I can compensate Potter for his life.”

“And how would you do that?”

Edward looked at the headmaster’s head before saying: “Didn’t you always have a suspicion that Voldemort was not dead? Or that the scar on Harry’s head was not as simple as it seems?”

Dumbledore’s heart skipped a beat, however, his face remained calm. “What do you mean exactly?”

“Voldemort survived by making Horcrux. And Harry Potter is an accidental one.”

Dumbledore’s brow creased slightly after hearing this, then he placed a piece of candy in his mouth. Meanwhile, after a brief pause, Edward continued:

“As you can imagine, unless Potter is killed, Voldemort will forever exist. However, as a form of compensation, I can remove Voldemort’s soul left in his body.”

The room became silent as the headmaster thought to himself. “Is what you said true?”

“I do not need to lie about something like this.”

“In that case, I will get back to you later.”

“No problem,” replied Edward. “Now that I’m here and finally remember, I would like to ask you, headmaster, to find a better teacher for the Defense Against the Dark Art class. Professor Lockhart is not competent enough for this job.”

“I have my reason to hire Gilroy.”

Edward sighed, then he said: “I understand that you might want to teach Harry Potter some profound lesson by having a person like Lockhart as a teacher, but it is not okay to waste these students an entire year of learning opportunity to do so.

“So, I’m not asking you to change professor as a suggestion or a concern staff member of this school, but as one of the governors of Hogwarts. You have one month to find a qualified teacher, otherwise, the Board of Governors will intervene in the management of the school.

“Now, have a nice day, Professor. I will see you during diner time.”

So, what I’m going to say might offend a lot of people, but I will say it anyway. I do not found Tonks’ Metamorphmagus ability to be important enough to be part of Edward’s group. I mean, anyone who can use Human Body Transfiguration is as useful as her, so she would most likely not be part of the inner group or Harem. You’ve been warned.

Title: Wizardkind Family Development Plan


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