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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 84: Rivalry Bahasa Indonesia

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Two days later, Edward was sitting in his office dealing with a few things. He first sent a package to the Flamel’s containing a potion that would deal with the side-effects of long-term use of the Philosopher’s Stone.

The potion is designed to slowly release the grievances that entangled the magic power of the couples. Of course, with Edward’s understanding of the soul, he could solve their problems instantly, but he did not do so. The reason being that Perenelle Flamel used to be a wizard that broke the Second Limiter.

Although Edward knew that having a large magic power was not equivalent to being powerful, and with all his magical skills, he could easily defeat her. Nevertheless, he did not want to take any risk.

So, he opted to use a solution that would take time. Until he discovers a method to break his Second Limiter, the couples would have to wait.

After dealing with this problem, he started planning things that he needed to accomplish during this school year.

“I should probably formally organize the Dueling Club. Having the students train to reach the level of ‘Heart of the Card’ is a good way to train their will, making using magic much easier.”

While Edward was revising his teaching plans, Hermione ran into his office with excitement written all over her face.

“Miss Granger, you need to calm down, otherwise you risk tripping and falling,” replied Edward without raising his head from his desk.

“I’m sorry. Professor.”

“It’s fine as long as you watch out for next time. So, what brings you to my office today?”

“Professor McGonagall agreed to my request after asking the headmaster.”

“Is that so? Then, what about the issue of schedule?”

“That problem is also fixed too. Although I will have to take classes with other houses, in general, there is no major problem.”

Edward nodded as he understood her meaning. Most of Gryffindor’s classes are with Slytherin, while most of Ravenclaw’s classes are with Hufflepuff. Now, Hermione will have to take some classes with the Ravenclaw-Hufflepuff group.

“That means you will not have as many classes with your friends, are you alright with that, Miss Granger?” asked Edward as he finally raised his head from his desk.

“It’s only potion class and History of Magic.”

“That’s fine. Did Professor McGonagall say anything else?”

“Yes. She said that you have to ensure that I have the necessary skills to be able to keep up in your class.”

Edward nodded his head, then reached out to take out a book from a compartment in his desk before handing it to her.

“Professor, what is this?”

“Look at it yourself.”

Hermione opened the book, then a little surprised flash across her eyes as some kind of information was transmitted into her mind. Then, she took out her wand and followed the directions in her mind.

Soon, Hermione found herself in a strange classroom, and Professor Bones was in front of her explaining magic to her. It started from theory, followed by practice. He explained the meaning of the gestures, the incantations, the use of magic power, and even explained different ways that a spell can be used. Hermione was fascinated by how deep and detailed his explanation was–especially compared to the other professors.

Soon after the lesson was done, she found herself still in the classroom. However, she felt a little lightheaded.

“How long has passed, Professor?”

“A few minutes.”

Hermione was surprised as she spent more than an hour listening to that lesson. However, she figured it might be a result of this strange book. She looked at the outline which showed all the different lessons that she could learn.

It involved Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, and even lessons on Magical Animal care. There also was a small section regarding Ancient Runes.

Suddenly seemed to think of something, Hermione asked: “Professor, I remember seeing Susan Bones holding a book similar to this…”

“Yes, she has many of them.”

“How long has she been studying like this?”

“Probably around 8 years old,” replied Edward calmly.

‘No wonder she knows so much about magic,’ thought Hermione. ‘But now, I won’t lose to her.’

“Well, Professor, I have to go back. Thanks for all the help.”

Edward could see that she wanted to use the book as soon as possible, but he still warned her. “Do not use the Perception Dilation of the book too much, otherwise it will give you a massive headache making you unable to do anything for a few days. And if you further push yourself after the headaches, then your soul will be affected.”

Hermione was surprised by the severe warnings, so she took it to heart, so she nodded. However, she had a final question: “Professor, after taking your class, would I be able to make Alchemy items like this book?”

“Of course,” nodded Edward. Then, with a joyous smile on her face, Hermione left, and Edward went back to his teaching plan.

However, a few hours later, someone else barged into his room.

“Little Susan, what’s on your mind?” asked Edward, again without raising his head.

“I just saw Hermione Granger with an alchemy item just like mine, did you give it to her?”


“Why did you give her one?”

“Because she is a very talented witch, and I would like to develop all her potential.”

Susan snorted before saying: “I know you better than this; there must be another reason for doing this.”

Finally, Edward raised his head from his desk, looked at her with a smile: “It’s because I discovered recently that you have been a little too cocky because of your little achievements. So, I figure that having someone as talented if not more compete with you would ground you more.”

“She is not more talented than me,” rebutted Susan.

“Then prove it to me. Prove to me that while she has the same advantage as you, you can still win against her.”

Susan gritted her teeth after hearing this. If it was any other person, she would be confident. But she knows how talented Hermione was based on their competition last year. She knows that her overwhelming advantage over her opponent last year was due to all the advanced knowledge that she had access to at a young age.

But now, this advantage was gone. Nevertheless, she would not back down from a fight.

“I will,” said Susan before turning to leave the classroom.

Meanwhile, Edward smiled as he said: “By the way, Hermione just got permission from Professor McGonagall to attend my class a year in advance.”

Susan paused for a fleeting moment after hearing this before continuing her exit. However, her direction changed to Professor McGonagall’s office.

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