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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 8: Discovery (1) Bahasa Indonesia

After arriving home, Edward entered one of the rooms; this room had only a briefcase lying in the center and there were many Protection Enchantments around it.

Then, he entered inside the suitcase, which had a very powerful Extension Charm–just like Newt Scamander’s case.

Inside this suitcase was actually very large, with countless rooms inside of it. To be precise, this was Edward’s Laboratory where he did his magical experiments.

After entering one of the rooms, Edward saw the ten werewolves lying on the ground unconscious. As a matter of fact, these people were not the strangest things in this room.

All over the room, there were many gigantic tubes with many creatures lying in a greenish liquid. There were dragons, hippogriffs, house-elves, vampires, mermaids…etc. And on the shelves, there were many organs of these animals lying on there.

The reason for those things was because Edward was studying bloodline. So, he bought and captured all kinds of magical creatures–both normal and dark–and dissecting them. He basically treated them as biological experiments. Edward wanted to find what made these magical animals different from ordinary animals; he also wanted to find the origin of their bloodlines.

At the age of 17, Edward reached a major bottleneck in his growth as a wizard: his magical powers stopped growing. A year before, he invented a potion that accelerated the growth of his magical powers.

Then, in just a year, his magical powers reached the level of 25 times that of a normal adult wizard, then it stopped growing. The potion did not actually increase his magical powers, but just accelerated the rate that it grows until it reaches its limits.

After reaching this limit, Edward thought that this was the highest level it could reach until he realized that Dumbledore had a magical power 50 times that of a normal adult wizard.

After discovering this, Edward did further research, then he realized that 25 was actually a limit, and the most talented wizards can reach. And the majority have to spend all their lives to allow their magical powers to reach that level. However, his potions allowed him to reach that level at such a young age.

However, the problem came: How did Dumbledore break that limit? And was he the only one?

After turning into one of the guards, he visited Nurmengard Castle and took a look at Grindelwald. And as expected, this first generation of Dark Lord also broke that limit and reached the level of 50 times the magical powers of a normal adult wizard.

After that, Edward theorized that these talented people have found a way to break that limit. He guessed that Voldemort probably did it too and probably used the Horcruxes to break that barrier.

He guessed that Dumbledore used the Phoenix Fawkes as a way to break that barrier, while Grindelwald might have used either the Elder Wand or some other method.

As for him, he chose the path of the bloodline to break that barrier. Edward theorized that the first wizards that ever existed were due to surviving an accident after ingesting the blood of powerful magical animals, thus granting them a bloodline of their own.

So, he believed that as long as he discovered the bloodline of wizards, then modified it, he could break that barrier and open the gate to a brand new world.

To further his study, Edward stole a few technological machines designed to observe DNA. However, these machines did not reveal much information at the time due to the low level of technology.

So, he took drastic measures. He traveled around the world and contacted some of the most intelligent scientists and engineers in the world. Using force, coercion, or even magic, he forced them to work together to invent the technology he needs for his research.

He then secretly controlled some of the richest people in the world to fund this research. So with unlimited funds, access to all the rare resources in the world, the technology Edward needed was created in just one year.

After entering his laboratory, Edward woke up one of the werewolves; the lad was confused about where he was, however, he was easily controlled through blood magic similar to Blood Bending of Avatar.

Edward first took him into a white room separated by an observing glass, then with a wave of his hand, an alchemy product–designed to give off Moonlight–shone on the werewolf. Then, Edward activated the machine that observed his DNA.

Of course, this was not the original machine, but one that was further modified by Edward through magic. He observed all the changes that occurred in this man’s DNA, however, he still did not find what he was looking for.

With a wave of his wand, someone appeared in the same room as the werewolf; it was a muggle. Without hesitation, the muggle was bitten by the werewolf, however, he was separated from the wolf before he was ripped apart.

Then, Edward watched calmly and indifferently at the changes in the muggle’s DNA.

The reason that he chose werewolves was that they were the few creatures that could actually change the bloodline of both muggles and wizards through saliva and blood.

So, Edward believed that as long as he observed the bloodline transformation of any wizards or muggles, he could find the place the bloodline originated from and study it.


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