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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 78: Reward Points Bahasa Indonesia

Silence overcame the room, rapid breathing could be heard echoing like dogs salivating at tasty treats. The emotion knows as greed could be seen in the eyes of these Death Eaters–especially with the mention of bloodline and immortality.

All of them strongly believed in the idea of bloodline superiority, now they discovered the magic that could prove their theory. As for immortality, their previous Lord always exclaimed how he has conquered death by attaining immortality. Now, the very same opportunity was offered to them.

While most of these Death Eaters were overwhelmed by greed, some of them managed to calm themselves down. Narcissa Malfoy raised her hand. After seeing this, Edward smiled before saying: “This is not Hogwarts, you do not need to raise your hand to ask a question. If you have something to say, do so.”

“My Lord!”

“You can call me Sir,” said Edward. “That goes for all of you.”

“Sir, how is Reward Point determined? And can we acquire more points?”

Finally, all the Death Eaters woke up from their power-lust and focused on things that matter to them; the Reward Points. After a glance, everyone noticed that each family had a different number of points. Some very astute people quickly realized that the older and more powerful families–especially the Sacred 28–had more points.

Of course, this was not absolute. Some families who were ancient, but currently declining did not have many points.

“Great question,” said Edward with a satisfied smile. “I’m a person who values knowledge very much, so a few years ago, I visited your family secret vaults and helped myself to all the books located there. The Reward Points you have now are based on the value that I believe your family’s books are worth.”

Edward paused for a moment, meanwhile, all the Death Eaters were greatly surprised that their new Lord just admitted to theft like it was nothing at all.

“As for how you can acquire more Reward Points, simply, by contributing more knowledge to me. The easiest and most efficient way is to design magic experiments of your own, then submit them to me for evaluation. Then, I will decide the number of points you deserve.

“If you do not know how to do a magic experiment, you can just submit an idea you have for the experiment, then I will guide you and fund your experiment. However, doing so will result in your points being reduced.”

Edward paused for a moment after saying as he realized that these people might not know how to properly experiment.

“Forget about me guiding you on to properly set an experiment. All of you will have to go to training to learn how to do so.” Edward decided to put all these Death Eaters through the same process as Bellatrix. That way, not only will they become proper experimenters, but also learn about muggle technology and even reduce some of their misunderstandings about them.

As for the pain these people will have to suffer by having a massive amount of knowledge cramped in their minds, he did not care. Since Bellatrix can survive, they should be able to do so as well. Besides, with him here, even if Death wanted to take their souls, he can still prevent it.

“Another way to acquire point is to hand over to me lost knowledge, books, or magical artifacts that I do not have.”

“Sir,” suddenly said Lucius Malfoy. “Can money be use to exchange points?”

Edward had a pensive look on his face after hearing that question, then he said: “As an Alchemist that can literally turn metal into gold, and as the future ruler of this planet, money will have little to no value to me. Nevertheless, I also understand that wealth can also be an advantage for many of you here, so I will allow it.”

Then, with a wave of his hand, the ratio of Gallons to Reward Points was displayed in front of everyone. Many people secretly gasped at how high the ratio was; not many people could afford to use their wealth to exchange for points. However, many people also figured out that the reason that Edward made the price so outrageous was to discourage people from using this method or abusing it.

“I am glad that your Malfoy family is so bold and not afraid to ask the right question,” said Edward as he looked at both Lucius and Narcissa. Then, he waved his wand and added more points to them.

An act that garnered the envy of many of the other families–except for the Greengrass. Both Soleil and her husband Jamison could tell that their families had the second amount of points behind the Malfoy, and the reason for that is most likely due to Soleil’s relationship with Edward.

For the first time, Jamison was glad that his wife had a secret lover and he hoped that she could use this fact to further increase the advantage of their family.

“Sir, there is still something that I would like to hand over, but I require my house-elf to fetch from home if you do not mind,” said Lucius. Edward motion for him to proceed, then Lucius yelled out loud: “Dobby!”

A house-elf suddenly appeared on the table in front of Lucius–an act which made him angry, but he did not say anything. “Go fetch the black book in my study.”

“As you command, master.”

Dobby then disappeared, then returned a few seconds later with a black book in his hand. Lucius grabbed it from his hand while forcing him off the table.

“Sir, this is it. It was something that the previous Dark Lo…I meant Voldemort gave me to safe keep for him,” said Lucius as he handed the book to Edward.

With a wave of his hand, the book floated from Lucius and landed on him. “This must the first Horcrux that Voldemort made.”


“You can look for the information on the plate in front of you; there is a ‘search’ option.”

All the Death Eaters immediately pointed their wand on the metal plate, then they learned that there is indeed a search option. As long as they thought about what they wanted to know, the information would show up.

Following this, the information about Horcrux showed up.

“Horcrux: An alternate form of Immortality that involves splitting the soul and attach it to an Alchemy item with powerful magical power that served as a tether to the mortal world. As long as that item is not destroyed, then the owner is considered immortal. The maximum number of Horcrux that can be made is 7.

“History: This dark magic was created by an ancient greek dark wizard named Herpo the Foul. But it was further improved by Tom Riddle (Voldemort).

“Warning: This kind of immortality is not recommended due to the side effects which include: change in appearance, splitting the soul is very painful, can lead to instability of the mind, can lead to the paranoia of people always discovering your Horcrux.

“Rewards Point:…”

All the Death Eaters sighed as they finally understood how their previous Dark Lords achieved his immortality. Nevertheless, despite the warnings at the end, many people were thinking about raising enough points to exchange the method for making Horcrux. After all, the other methods were too expensive.

Some of them have heard about this kind of dark magic and wanted to check their family heritage to see if they still had a copy

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Title: Insidious Death


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