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One thing that has been plaguing Edward for quite some time now was the Limiter. According to his calculation, his Life Code Modification should have allowed him to break two Limiters at once, but it did not. After realizing that something was wrong, he experimented and discovered a mysterious power similar to Death’s Law Power on the Deathly Hallows that prevented the modification from breaking two Limiters at once.

Then, something caught Edward’s attention regarding this matter from Nicolas Flamel’s memories. After the Great Alchemist used his Philosopher’s Stone to break his First Limiter, he could not break the second one despite having other methods–for example, the practice method that Dumbledore mentioned to Edward during their conversation in his office.

According to the memories Edward acquired, Nicolas Flamel soon noticed the side effects on the stone, so he did not want his wife to break the Limiter using the same method as him. So, he spent years developing a method of slowly practicing to break the First Limiter; by treating the magic core as a muscle, through guided training of destruction and reconstruction, the Limiter could be removed.

Eventually, Perenelle Flamel used that method to break that Limiter, and Nicolas even taught Dumbledore this method. Although Edward does not know whether the headmaster used this method to break the Limiter or another one.

Back to the topic, after inventing this method, Nicolas Flamel thought that he could use this method to break the second Limiter, but he failed. The Great Alchemist spent many years trying to find the reason for this failure, but it was to no avail.

However, another person managed to break the Second Limiter, his wife Perenelle. In her youth, she was also an ambitious witch. With the desire to stand on the same height as powerful wizards like Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin, she went against her husband’s decision and warning and used the Philosopher’s Stone to break the Second Limiter.

As such, Perenelle Flamel became one of the few wizards throughout history that broke the Second Limiter. Unfortunately for her, she soon suffered the same fate as her husband; the resentments of the soul inside the Philosopher’s Stone affected her magical powers. By the time she was 300 years old, she was reduced to being able to only use magic power 25 times the adult wizard–which is the standard before breaking the First Limiter. In the current time, she was reduced to an above-average wizard.

After summarizing this knowledge about Limiter, Edward first spent some time creating a potion that can break the Limiter with the help of Snape.

After that, he experimented with a different combination of breaking the Limiter on different dark wizards. He had some of them use the [Practice Method], then the [Potion Method], [Body Modification Method], finally, [the Stone Method].

He focused on trying different combinations of methods.

Since the [Practice Method] took time, Edward had to use the temporal power of his World Gate and send these experimental subjects back in time while controlling them to spend years constantly practicing until they broke the Limiter.

Using this method of experimenting, Edward was even able to create a wizard who broke all Three Limiters–reaching the realm of legendary wizards like Merlin and Morgana. Of course, these experimental wizards only had a massive amount of magic power after breaking the Limiters.

Just like Dumbledore said to him, having a large amount of magic power meant nothing if you do not know how to use them. A person that did not break the Limiter could easily beat someone who broke all Three Limiters if he or she was skilled enough with magic or spells.

Nevertheless, these experimental wizards did not live long as Edward did not allow such powerful and unstable people to stay in this world. As a matter of fact, these people would not live long even without Edward’s interference.

Breaking the Limiters only allowed a wizard’s magic power to grow on their own until they reach a certain level; it did not increase the magic powers of the wizard itself.

An example was that with Edward’s natural talent, he should have touched the threshold of the First Limiter in his early 20’s, which is very fast considering that Grindelwald’s only reached that threshold in his early 30’s. Most wizards do not even have the talent to reach that threshold in their entire life, while some can only reach it in their later years of life.

Using potions, Edward quickened the process of his magic power, so he reached the standard when he was 17 years old. After breaking the First Limiter, he also used a potion to have his magic power rapidly increase from 25 times of an adult wizard to 50 times–which is the threshold for the Second Limiter. Of course, he made sure that there were no side effects.

So, the wizards used in his experiments were forced to have their magic powers increase in a very rude way that focused on efficiency instead of stability. So, even the ones that broke all Three Limiters were very unstable and their bodies were on the verge of collapsing.

Nevertheless, Edward acquired a great deal of information regarding these Limiters.

For once, each Limiter required one different method to break it, meaning if a wizard used the [Body Modification Method] to break one Limiter, he could not use it to break any of the other Limiters.

Second, in theory, any of the methods could be used to break any of the Three Limiters. For example, a person could, in theory, use the [Practice Method] to break the Third Limiter.

Finally, and more importantly, a more powerful method is required to break the higher Limiters. For example, if someone used the [Body Modification Method], then that person cannot use the [Practice or Potion Method] to break the Second and Third Limiter.

However, if that person used the [Practice Method] to break the First Limiter, he or she could use the [Potion Method] to break the Second Limiter, then the [Body Modification to break the Third Limiter.

As in Edward’s case, since he used the [Body Modification Method] to break the First Limiter, then he cannot use both the [Practice and Potion Method] to break the Second Limiter; he could only use the [Philosopher’s Stone.

However, Edward knew that the [Stone Method] was the most powerful method that he currently possessed, so he was reserving it to break the Third and final Limiter. So, he needed another method to break the Second Limiter that was more powerful than Body Modification, but less powerful than the Stone.

‘Should I try Grindelwald’s method of using one of the Deathly Hallows? No, that method relies on the Power of Law of the Deathly Hallows, and I do not trust Death not to leave any backhand on these Hallows,’ thought Edward to himself.

Then he started walking back and forth. “Then, I can only use that project to break the Second Limiter, then the Philosopher’s Stone to break the Last One,” muttered Edward.

“*Sigh* I would not have to go through all this trouble if my plan to replace the magic core with a Philosopher’s Stone succeeded. Anyways, I should not be in too much of a hurry. According to my research, the Third Limiter or 100 times the magic power of an adult wizard is the highest level allowed in this Harry Potter Universe.

“However, if I can find a way to replace the Philosopher’s Stone with my magic core, then I should be able to bypass this Law.”

After thinking about this, Edward prepared to go do his research, then he suddenly remembered that his aunt mentioned days ago a little trouble that needed his help to resolve. However, he was so engrossed in his research that he forgot, and she did not want to bother him, so he did not even mention it during their recent talk.

After sighing deeply, Edward took a proper shower, dressed nicely before apparating back to Earth to deal with things properly.

Title: The New Lord


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