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“Let’s begin with the Imperius Curse–which allows a wizard to place someone under their complete control. This curse is special amongst the other three as someone with an exceptional will can indeed wake up from it.

“To deal with this curse, I have come up with two solutions: one is a set of potions that can slowly strengthen the will of the users. With this potion, wizards will have a very high resistance to the Imperius Curse–making it very difficult for any wizards to control them.

“Another solution is a charm similar to Occlumency that I called [Praesidium Animameia] or Protection of the Soul. This Counter-Curse can protect the souls of wizards and prevent them from being controlled against their will.”

After saying these words, Edward waved his wand in the air, then an image appeared in the stadium. The image was similar to how Grindelwald showed all the wizards his vision of the future during the rally in Paris.

In this image, Edward showed a vivid demonstration of how to properly practice this spell; from the pronunciation to wand movement, to things that people need to pay attention to.

Many wizards were surprised as they did not expect that Edward would actually reveal this precious knowledge. Many people assumed that this was just a publicity stunt to show Edward’s talents and accomplishments.

They assumed that after the announcement, Edward would receive a bunch of rewards, but they never believed that he would just reveal the knowledge–especially so easily, without asking for any remuneration.

After the demonstration was over, Edward continued:

“For anyone who did not understand or remember this magic in such a short time, there is no need to worry. After this event, everyone present here will receive a book containing all three Counter-Curses. Additionally, stores belonging to the Bones family will have free books regarding this topic for anyone who wishes for one. Now, let’s continue.

“The second Counter Curse is called [Exite Cruciatus]. This charm allows wizards to temporarily cut off their pain receptors. As such, rendering the Cruciatus Curse invalid.” Following this, another demonstration appeared for the people in the crowd. Meanwhile, Edward was thinking about the Cruciatus Curse.

To him, this spell was the easiest to create a counter-curse for. At first, he thought this was a dark art that tortured a person’s soul, but he was not completely right.

The Cruciatus Curse just stimulates pain receptors. Only when a wizard is powerful enough or twisted enough that he could use this curse to inflict pain directly to the mind or spirit–just Bellatrix did to the Longbottom’s.

So, all Edward had to do was create a spell that actually shut off the human body’s pain receptors. As for the possible damage to the mind, his first counter-charm against the Imperius Curse and even Occlumency can help with that.

After the second demonstration was finished, Edward then talked about the Killing Curse. Many people were waiting for this moment.

Unlike the other two Unforgivable Curses, the killing curse was truly deadly. Throughout the history of the wizarding world, only one person managed to survive from it–Harry Potter. Unfortunately, few people knew how he managed to do so. As for the people who were aware, they knew that his method was unreproducible or required too much to do so–especially on a large scale.

“I know that many of you are waiting in anticipation for the last counter-curse, so I won’t let you wait for long,” said Edward with a calming smile.

“This counter-curse is called [Suffragum Anchoris]. After many years of study, I have discovered that the Killing Curse targets a very specific life force in the human body. This life force is the anchor that binds the soul to the body–hence the reason that people killed by this curse have no scars on their body–both internal and external.

“However, my counter-curse strengthens that anchor, thus rendering the killing curse ineffective.”

After that, another demonstration started. This time, another person appeared alongside Edward; it was Professor Flitwick. After Edward placed the counter-curse on himself, Professor Flitwick pointed his wand at him and said: “Avada Kedavra”.

A powerful green light flew from his wand and hit Edward directly. Many members of the audience gasped as they watched this occur. Fortunately, nothing happened to Edward; as a matter of fact, he was perfectly fine.

So, with both excitement and reverence, all the thousand wizards in this stadium watched as Edward became the second person in wizarding history to survive the Killing Curse; and he did it effortlessly.

The exciting part about this entire experience is the fact that from now on, Edward Bones and Harry Potter will not be the only ones. Soon, this kind of thing will become common in the wizarding world–making a lot of people excited by the very notion.

After the crowd calmed down from the demonstration, Edward said with a little sadness in his voice: “Unfortunately, I have not been able to save a person that has already been killed by the curse. Nevertheless, I believe that one day, either me or any of you in the stadium, will discover a way to accomplish such an extraordinary feat.”

Many wizards became excited after hearing this; many of them imagined what it would be like to stand in the adoring eyes of thousands of people, announcing their discovery that can fundamentally change the wizarding world. They would receive praise and glory for their ability–just like Edward was.

This situation was especially prevalent for the young wizards that are easily influenced; Edward had just turned into their new idol.

“Now, before the event is finished, I would like to thank two people personally: one being my aunt Amelia Bones. For many years, she has been my pillar, supporting me in all my endeavors; motivating and encouraging me no matter the odds.”

Following Edward’s words, Amelia slowly walked to the stage next to him and waved to the crowd. All the wizards once again stood up to applaud this wonderful woman who raised such a talented wizard–a wizard who was considered a gift to the entire wizarding world.

“The second person that I would like to thank is my charm teacher at Hogwarts, Professor Flitwick. During my journey to create these counter-curses, many people doubted my motives; they labeled me like a dark wizard. However, not Professor Flitwick.

“He believed in me no matter the odds–even willing to bet his career and reputation on the line. Not to mention all the help he gave during the research process. None of these counter-curses would exist today without his help.”

So, with a deep sense of pride in his face, Flitwick walked to the stage next to Edward and Amelia, while receiving a standing ovation from thousands of wizards.

Today was one of Flitwick’s proudest moments as a teacher; his favorite student changed the wizarding world by himself.

After praising the people he should, Edward made one final announcement:

“I understand that these magical spells may be very difficult for some people to master. So, to help with this situation, the Bones family store will be selling Alchemy Items that have the same effect as these Counter-Curses, and items that will make it easier for anyone to learn them by themselves.

“Now ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Egyptian God Cards will be announced in a few minutes.”

After that, Edward, Amelia, and Flitwick left the stage.

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