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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 69: Devilish Side (Re-Edited) Bahasa Indonesia

After leaving Azkaban, Edward teleported himself and Bellatrix to his laboratory on the moon using the World Gate’s power. Of course, she did not know the exact location but just found herself inside a very large space with many differently labeled rooms.

Edward had her waiting for him in the lounge for a few hours before meeting her again. Then, he handed a necklace to her.

Immediately after wearing it, Bellatrix found her mind completely calm and indifferent, extremely logical; the majority of her aggression and sadistic nature turned into an extremely logical one.

This necklace was enchanted with a version of the Mechanized Mind Spell specifically designed to reign in her madness.

“I need you to learn the Mechanized Mind Spell as the necklace is only temporary,” said Edward.

“My Lord, no problem. I will learn this charm as soon as possible so that I can help you lead the pure-blood family to glory and greatness.”

However, Edward shook his head. “I need you to get these nonsense pure-blood theories out of your head as soon as possible. In the New World Order that I am about to create, there will be only two types of people: useful and useless.

“Muggles are classified as a useful one. In some cases, they might be even more important than wizards. As for you, do you know why I chose you?”

Bellatrix frowned as she realized that the new Lord that she was serving was different from that damn Voldemort who tricked her; he seemed to be more ambitious and did not care about people’s origin.

Although these ideas contradict what she believed all her entire life, Bellatrix was willing to try to change to better serve her new master.

“I do not know, my Lord,” she replied.

“The reason is that I need someone to do the dirty work that my already grey morality will not allow me to do. So, I do not need your pure-blood nonsense to get in the way of plans.

“As for your madness and craziness, it is one of the reasons that I chose you, but you have to keep a certain level of control of it. What I need is a mad dog that bites at my command, not one that bites everything and everyone without any sense of control.”

Bellatrix took a moment to process the information she received, then with a twinkle in her eyes. “No worry my lord, I will be your most loyal and ferocious dog.”

“Good,” replied Edward. “Now, here is your first task after learning the Mechanized Mind Charm. I need you to create artificial Obscurials for me.”

“Obscurial?” asked Bellatrix as she tried to remember the meaning of this term. After trying to remember for a while without any success, she said with a trembling voice: “My Lord, I do not know what Obscurials are, please punish me for my incompetence.”

Edward frowned before answering: “I am not Voldemort, and I will not punish you for your ignorance.”

After that, Edward took a few minutes to explain what an Obscurus was.

“My lord, how would we create such a thing artificially?”

“Simple,” responded Edward. “I need you to capture a bunch of orphan children with magical abilities between the ages 6-8 years old, then divide them into two groups. For the first group, you will adopt the persona of a mother figure to them. However, you will punish them every time that they use their magical powers–creating both physical and emotional trauma to them.

“By doing this, you will force them to start repressing their magical abilities, leading to Obscurus forming from these children. Of course, to make sure that these children are often reprimanded for using their magic, you have to secretly create opportunities for them where they are forced to use their magic abilities. Then, you will ‘accidentally’ catch them, and punish them for their actions.

“As for the second group, you will modify their memories and instill years of abuse into their mind due to their magical abilities. I want to see if an Obscurial will be born that way and which process is quicker.”

“My Lord, can I torture the children in the first group?” asked Bellatrix with a strange excitement in her voice.

After frowning, Edward answered: “There is no need for that. All I need you to do is to be strict and reprimanded them for using their magical ability. Just like this.”

Then Edward placed all of Credence’s memories of his mother in Bellatrix’s head. “You just have to act like her.”

“As you wish,” replied Bellatrix.

“Remember what I said. I need your madness, but you have to be able to control, otherwise, you are useless to me.” Bellatrix nodded her head.

Edward then suddenly thought of something and added: “There should be a third controlling group. By gathering the negative emotions of people and mixing them with magical power, let’s see if an Obscurus can be born in that way. You can further divide this group into two: the negative emotions of adults and children and see the result.”

Although he was a little guilty about these children, only a little. Since they will be fine after the experiment and he will erase their memories of the experience, they can still live normal lives. And he can get them adopted and provide them with a lavish lifestyle for the rest of their lives. Compared to their previous life as orphans, they would be much better.

If there were any other options, he would not do so. But according to his theory, the Obscurus might be the only power that can affect the Power of Law, thus the only power capable of hurting Death–in case something goes wrong. Edward was not the kind of person that liked to place his safety and that his family on the mood or decisions of others.

Furthermore, the Obscurus is not only for Death. When he begins his travel across dimensions, he might encounter some very powerful beings that are hostile to him. With the power of the Obscurus, hopefully, he can compete with them. If not, at least give him enough time to run away.

After all these thoughts flashed across his mind, Edward then asked: “Do you have any questions?” asked Edward.

After hesitating for a moment, Bellatrix replied: “My Lord, I cannot use a complex charm like weaving false memories into someone else’s mind, or absorb negative emotions.”

“You do not need to worry about that as I have many alchemy products to help you in your research. Additionally, you can learn,” replied Edward. Then, he said out loud: “Siri, grant her temporary Level 3 Access to the Library. Additionally, on my authority, grant her a diadem for the duration of her study.”

After Edward said these words, Bellatrix suddenly heard a voice speaking around her; she looked around, but could not find the origin of the voice.

“Granting “Bellatrix Lestrange’ temporary Level 3 Authority. Processing… Access Granted.”

Immediately after that, Bellatrix found a map inside her mind, and the map indicated what room she could enter with her permission and what resources were available to her based on her Authority Level.

Although she did not understand many of these things, she marveled at all the rooms she had access to and was flabbergasted by the amount of room she was forbidden to enter due to her low-level access.

Then, a look of yearning appeared on her face.

As for Edward, he looked at Bellatrix, who was acting like a country bump who had seen a modern city for the first time, then he frowned.

“Siri, before she starts her magical study, used the temporal advantage of the Mind Palace Spell to cram as much knowledge about modern muggle society and scientists in her mind.”

“As you command, Sir.”

Edward then nodded in satisfaction. With this method, Bellatrix can study and understand basic modern knowledge–mostly basic scientific knowledge–in a very short time, thus becoming a proper researcher that can help him.

Of course, as a result of this, Bellatrix will spend the next month with headaches so intense and painful that it would drive any ordinary person mad. With the help of potions, the side effects will be eased, but the process will still be brutal.

Nevertheless, Edward still has faith in her that she can take it–especially knowing that she was doing it to be more helpful to him.

After settling Bellatrix, Edward proceeded to prepare for his next step– a step that will forever change the magical world.

Title: Sensational Announcement.


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