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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 55: Bright Future Bahasa Indonesia

Both Edward and Nicolas Flamel did not know how much time that they spent in their Mind Palace exchanging knowledge. All they were focused on were the books that kept flipping through on each of their sides.

These books did not just contain the knowledge that these two Great Alchemists read, but their experiences, experiments, and memories of Alchemy and magic.

So, while ignoring the passage of time, these two men indulged in the process of learning. Unfortunately–at least for Mr. Flamel–his knowledge reserves were soon empty by Edward. So, he had nothing to exchange, so he could not learn anything more.

So, after Mr. Flamel opened his eyes in the Mind Palace, he looked at Edward’s side of the room and he sighed. He imagined what kind of secrets were hiding in these books.

Once in a while, he will choose to look at some of Edward’s magic research instead of Alchemy, and he was truly shocked. Some of the discoveries there truly marveled him–even the ones regarding the dark arts.

Of course, Edward did not show some of his most powerful knowledge like the Life Code.

After repeatedly sighing to himself, Flamel noticed that Edward had also opened his eyes, so he nodded to him before leaving the Mind Palace; he knew that Edward would not give him access to further knowledge without anything in return.

—Scene Break–

Nicolas Flamel opened his eyes in the real world; he wanted to check how much time had passed, but a terrible headache suddenly assaulted him. He screamed in pain as he felt that his mind was suddenly cramped with countless information.

His wife try to rush to his side, but her old age prevented her from moving too fast. She looked at Edward before asking: “What did you do to him?” She was truly horrified. Two hours ago, both her husband and Edward suddenly closed their eyes, and they have not moved much ever since–until now

Meanwhile, Edward only winced for a few seconds before waking up. So, he explained: “This is the repercussion of the magic I just used. Although only two hours passed in real-time, we have spent months inside our minds rapidly exchanging knowledge. However, you do not need to worry; the reason I used such a rude and rough method was that his soul is powerful enough to bear it.”

Although Perenelle understood that her husband would be fine, she still had a worried look on her face. Noticing this, Edward took a potion from his bag and handed it to her: “If you can trust me, you can feed him this and he should be fine in a few minutes.”

After taking the potion, Perenelle hesitated for a brief moment before feeding it to her husband, Less than five minutes later, Nicolas Flamel stopped wincing in pain and he opened his eyes while massaging his temple.

His head no longer felt painful; on the contrary, he felt calm and his mind very peaceful. All the knowledge he just learned from the Mind Palace was part of him now.

After a few minutes of silence, Nicolas sighed again before saying: “I guess the title of the greatest Alchemist belongs to you now.”

Edward just smiled calmly but did not say anything–including rebuking him. Then, the two chatted briefly before Edward left with a smile on his face.

–Scene Break–

Nicolas Flamel sat in front of a mirror while talking to someone else on the other side: it was his old friend, Dumbledore. He explained to him his recent experience or encounter with Edward.

After a brief silence, Dumbledore asked: “So, what exactly did you see inside this so-called Mind Palace?”

“I saw knowledge beyond both of our imaginations. I finally understood why this Edward is such a talented wizard. It is not because of his innate talent, or because of his willingness to study the essence of magic: it is because of his strange ideas.

“Many times we think that our ideas are stupid or have no basis. But he is different. Not only does he have many strange ideas that I have never heard before, but he always has some kind of feasible plan that allows him to turn these crazy ideas into reality.”

Dumbledore frowned after hearing this. “Nico, what exactly did you see to make you act in such a strange way?” His old friend was always composed, so he had never seen him like this.

“It was a blueprint,” replied Nicolas Flamel. “A blueprint of the greatest Alchemy wonder that I have ever seen in my life. No, I have never imagined it was ever possible.”

“Can you be more specific?” asked Dumbledore.

“It was a floating city!”

“A floating city?”

“That’s correct,” replied Nicolas Flamel with a newfound vigor on his face. “Using a giant Philosopher’s Stone as an energy supply, Edward designed a city that could float in the air.

“No, it was more than that. The floating city had a state-of-the-art laboratory for magical research. It was filled with so many enchantments: anti-gravity, shield, Atmospheric Control, and many more.

“The floating city also had a very terrifying weapon system that included things like magic cannons and even Alchemy Golem. According to the blueprints, this city was also designed as a spaceship that can travel throughout the cosmos.

“According to the blueprint, if such Philosopher’s Stone could provide a vast amount of magic power, the entire city should be able to Apparate anywhere in the Galaxy, and even beyond it.”

Nicolas Flamel stopped talking for a moment, sighed before continuing: “Although this was only a blueprint and Edward’s Note indicated that his current abilities were from enough to create such a magical wonder, I truly believe that he will succeed one day. And I would like to see that day arrive.”

Both Nicolas Flamel and Dumbledore became quiet for quite some time after this conversation. Both of them were marveling at what it would be like to witness such a sight; how much progress would wizardkind progress as a civilization if they ever managed to create such a magical wonder.

As for Dumbledore, he started to reminisce about the conversation he had with Edward during his Professor interview. He realized that Edward was not just talking nonsense when he said that he had a plan to turn the wizarding civilization into a truly unique and powerful one.

Then, he sighed.

No one–not even himself–knew whether this sigh was because Edward gave up his plans, or because of it.

First of all, I have changed the title of this chapter, so sorry about what I said previously.

Second, I have also decided to change what I said two chapters ago. The Ava Kedavra Curse does not kill the vitality inside the body, but a very special form of vitality that anchors the soul to the body. The Anti-Curse that Edward invented only protected that “special vitality” or “anchor” inside the body. As for the people who were killed by the curse, Edward could not revive them as he did not yet know how to recreate that anchor or fix a broken one.

Pickup Line: Want to have a Tri-wizards Tournament? Well, not really “Tri-Wizard,” I was thinking more like one wizard, two witches.

Title: “First Step in Creating A Philosopher’s Stone”


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