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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 46: Higher Magical Universe Bahasa Indonesia

One day while Edward was inside his classroom reviewing the students’ work, an owl came through the window and handed him a letter. After feeding the bird, he opened the letter.

The letter came from Hagrid asking to come to meet him in his hut as he had something important to ask. The letter also mentioned that it was urgent.

After reading the letter, Edward could more or less guess the reason for Hagrid asking to see him. According to the canon timeline, this should be around the time that he received his dragon.

After packing his belongings, he headed there to meet the half-giant who had a deep love for magical animals.

On the way there, Edward first encountered Quirrell who was still acting like a stuttering buffoon. The two of them pretended like they did not know each other and passed by one another like they were strangers.

The second person that Edward encountered was the ghost of the Slytherin House, the Bloody Baron.

“Edward Bones,” said the Baron. “What you are doing is wrong and you should stop.”

“And what am I doing wrong, Mr. Baron?”

“Your relationship with Helena is wrong. The living and the dead should not be together; this is taboo and wrong. I am warning you to leave her alone. Otherwise, suffer the consequences.”

Edward gave him a deep look before saying; “And I am guessing that this warning of yours has nothing to do with your affection, nay, your obsession with her, right?”

“I do not know what you are talking about. But heed my warning,” replied the Baron with a cold look on his face.

“And if I don’t, what can you do?”

“Although I cannot do anything to a powerful wizard-like yourself, I can still haunt you. Everywhere you go, I will be there. When you try to sleep, I will wake you to continue to haunt you. Anyway, our ghosts do not have the need or desire to rest.”

The Bloody Baron had spent quite some time coming with this threat. He knew that few charms or spells could work on ghosts. Although there was some dark magic that still worked on them, those were very rare and were also temporary. So, he did not have much to fear.

Edward looked at the Baron with a smirk on his face, then he snapped his finger. A dark and creepy flame appeared on his hand. The Baron immediately backed away after seeing it.

While looking at the flame, Edward said:

“This flame is called Demon Flame, summoned from another dimension. The method used by wizards to become ghosts is to live an imprint of themselves in the living world after their deaths, thus being able to exist in such a form.

“As a result of this, all of you take a non-corporeal form that is immune to most magic. Unfortunately for you, Baron, this flame can instantly erase the imprint that exists in this world and kill you. What’s worse, after you die again, you will not enter the afterlife like everyone else, but cease to exist in this mortal coil.”

The expression of the Baron became distorted, he gave a deep look at Edward before flying away.

Meanwhile, Edward was looking at this flame while secretly sighing. He learned this dark magic from the book [The Key of Solomon].

Both [The Lesser Key of Solomon} and [The Key of Solomon] are books that Edward stole from the Vatican and they both talked about how to summon demons and control them. Additionally, there is some demonic magic related to them.

Unfortunately, after countless trials and errors, Edward discovered that he could only summon a few very weak demons and nothing more.

At first, he thought that it was either a problem with him or the magic itself, but after investigation, he realized that he was wrong.

Just like there is a separate dimension for the afterlife where Death exists and rules over, Edward also discovered a dimension where demons exist. And that is where these summoned demons came from.

Unfortunately, he could not enter that dimension just like he did for Death no matter what he tried. Even worse, no other powerful demons could also be summoned in the material world. So, these two books were seriously nerfed.

After that experience, Edward theorized that the Harry Potter universe might have been extremely powerful at some point in time, but for some reason, was reduced by several reasons.

Of course, Edward does not have much evidence besides the existence of Death to support his theory, but he still thinks that there might be some truth to his theory.

After all, when you compare the capability of ordinary wizards to the existence of things like the Philosopher’s Stone, Ravenclaw’s Diadem, the Horcrux Magic, and even the Resurrection Magic that Voldemort used in the cemetery, these discrepancies are too large to ignore.

While thinking about these things, Edward soon arrived at Hagrid’s Hut.

–Scene Break–

Edward was sitting inside the hut, accompanied by Hagrid and the Gryffindor’s Trio. He looked at the little dragon while playing with it. Unlike when it was with Hagrid, the little dragon was as docile as a cat in front of Edward.

“How did you do that?” asked Hagrid with a look of excitement and envy on his face. And he was not the only one impressed.

“I will teach about this some other time. So, what do you call it?” asked Edward, fully knowing the answer.

“Norbert. His name is Norbert.”

“Well, it should be Norberta as it is female,” replied Edward. And the reason he knew this was not just because he previously read the Harry Potter book, but because he had extensive knowledge about magical beasts.

“It’s a she?” asked Ron in surprise. Even Hagrid was a little surprised.

After everyone calmed down, Hermione then said: “Professor, Hagrid cannot keep the dragon, so we were wondering if there was anything that you could do to help? Like maybe find a place for him or get him a permit to raise legally.”

However, Edward did not answer her, instead, he was staring deeply at Norberta. This lasted for a few minutes before Hagrid woke him up from his deep thinking.

“What did you guys say?” asked Edward. However, no one responded to him immediately, instead, Hermione asked: “Professor, what were you thinking about so deeply?”

“Oh, I was thinking about creating a real dragon.”

“A real dragon? What do you mean by that?” asked Ron. His brother raised dragons for a living, so he was quite familiar with different types of dragons, but he had never heard of real dragons.

“According to muggle stories, the dragons we have in the wizarding world are wyvern–which are inferior species of dragons.

“Real dragons are majestic creatures that are a few hundred meters tall and have a wingspan of a thousand feet. They do not just breathe fire, but have their system of magic, usually based on a special language called Dragon Chant,” explained Edward.

“That sounds so terrifying,” said Ron.

“That would be such a cute creature,” said Hagrid at the same time.

Both Hermione and Harry were from the muggle world, so they have heard of similar stories. So, Hermione asked: “You said it yourself, professor, these were stories. So, how could you possibly create such a creature?”

So it is decided, Edward will conquer the world. As for the people who argued that he is a loner who pursuit doing research, you have to understand that having many people helping doing the lesser research would save him a lot of time. Of course I understand that Edward will have to make sure that some wizards are loyal to him, and guide them to change their mindset.

On top of that, he will have a special team made of the best and most talented witch and wizard of the Harry Potter world to help in his research. And I will make sure to take into account the person’s morality and camp before deciding what research they will do in the future.


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