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For the next two days, Edward enjoyed himself to the fullest while also reviewing the new spells he got. At some point, he wanted to sneak into the Noble Realm; unfortunately, there was a barrier that prevented direct teleportation there, and he did not want to fly and back.

Then, it was time for the Magic Knight Entrance Exam. All the participants arrived at the Colleseum and waited. A few minutes later, nine people came and sat on seats with a flag above their heads, displaying their squad’s name and symbol.

Edward looked at all the captains deeply, focusing on a beautiful woman with silver hair.

‘She should be Acier Silva, the Silver Eagle Captain. How beautiful. I should introduce myself when I have the chance.’

He then looked around to see some birds floating above some people. However, none were close to him, along with a few others. Because of this, many people, including the captains, began to pay attention to him.

After looking around, Edward analyzed the situation.

‘These birds will attach to people with low mana, so they avoid me. However, as a commoner, it is rare to display a level of mana compared to noble children. So, people will pay more attention to me.’

After fighting things out, he no longer cared. He was slowly adapting to the fact that he was an anomaly, and he will probably discover more facts to prove that fact.

After everybody calmed down and realized the purpose of the birds, one of the captains dressed in red stood up. A green sphere floated next to his mouth before he spoke, his voice echoing throughout the entire arena.

“My name is Deleon Vermilion, the head examiner for this exam. We will now officially begin the exam.’

His loud voice scared away the anti-birds and flew away from the contestants. Then, many other wizards came from the side entrance of the stadium to hand over brooms to all the contestants.

Edward looked at the broom for a moment and jumped on it; he instilled the perfect amount of mana for it to fly.

‘Is this a magical item? I wonder how it’s made.’

He caught people’s attention because of how quickly he could control the broom. Edward did not know, but his reputation had already reached the Capital since he had a 4-Leaf Grimoire.

So, many people paid attention to him. Meanwhile, he focused entirely on analyzing the broom.

‘It seems that the broom has wind property, so, with a little mana, it can allow wizards to fly. With the right material, I could easily make many of these brooms.’

Regarding the following four tests, Edward also passed with flying colors.

The first test involved using mana to destroy a wall. A Mana Bullet blew up the wall with a flick of his finger.

The first one involved using mana to hit targets. This was a test of mana control. He passed with ease. Afterward, it was the magic creation test, which involved creating something with magic.

Using flame magic, Edward recreated the colosseum with all the participants and the captains, again showing his ability. Many people praised him, while a few looked at him with disgust.

The test was to instill mana into a seed to allow it to grow. Edward instantly created a tree more than 20 meters tall, while the second-best in his group was only 5 meters tall. And that was not even his limit.

The final test involved a battle where participants could choose their target. Edward looked at all the participants focusing on the person who performed second only to him.

‘Julius Novachrono, a Time Magic User. I’ve never wanted a magic so bad.’

This 15-year-old young man was among his target for infiltration. However, when he approached him, he suddenly felt a potent warning telling him to stay away at all costs. Although puzzled, he decided to follow his feeling and did not sneak in.

When it comes to Time-Magic, he is somewhat helpless. He tried to acquire it during his six months of training. However, when he almost succeeded, something also went wrong, as it did when he tried to create Matter Transmutation Magic.

As such, he theorized that certain magic requires him to either spent a lot of time acquiring it, or he must find other people who have it and read their Grimoires.

While Edward was lost in thought, an arrogant-looking youth walked to him and yelled:

“You, the lucky peasant with the 4 Leaf-Clover. I challenge you. In the name of the Lunette Family, I will show you the difference between nobles and peasants.”

Edward looked at him, “Fine, show me what you can do.”

He flew to the fighting arena to begin the battle. The two had their Grimoires floating in front of them. And when Captain Deleon announced the commencement of the fight, Fere Lunette attacked first.

“Iron Creation Magic: Heavenly Blade Downpour,” he roared. Countless shining swords appeared in the sky, shocking the audience with the sheer number. Then, they rushed toward Edward.

“Erudite Magic: Thunder-Fire Bomb”

A red ball the size of a basketball appeared on his palm with blue lightning flashing around it.

‘Magic Union Spell,’ thought all the captains who watched this battle. They knew that the owner of the 4-Leaf Clover Grimoire could use all the attributes, but it was a different thing if he could combine them.

The ball of flame and lightning exploded, annihilating all the swords coming toward him. The blast also sent his opponent flying away, thus easily winning this battle. As for his Fere, he was fine besides a few bruises.

Then, all the other participants chose their opponents to battle. Once this process finished, it was time for the selection. All the participants stood forward, and if one of the captains wanted them for their squads, they would raise their hands.

Some of them had more than one captain wanting them in their squad, so they got to choose. Finally, it was Edward’s time.

Oddly though, once he stepped up, no one raised their hands. No captains wanted him in their squad.

With a frown, he looked at all the chosen people and understood what was going on.

‘Not a single commoner has ever become a Magic Knight. Now, with me having the 4-Leaf Grimoire and overwhelming most of my peers, these nobles do not want me to become a Magic Knight.’

He looked at the captains and discovered that only Acier Silva seemed to want to raise her hand based on body language. However, she seemed to be hesitating about something.

‘I’m sorry, young wizard. I have been under a lot of pressure from the nobility because of how young I became a captain. If I were not a royal, I probably would not never have had this position.

‘Wait a few years, and I will invite you into my squad,’ thought Acier.

After seeing no one wanted him for their squad, Edward frowned for a moment before pointing at one of the captains.

“You, Matty Tarte, the weakest Captain, do you dare accept my challenge?”

“What did you say?” said the captain of the Purple Pistol Shrimp Squad.

“I think you heard me. You have the smallest amount of mana among the captains. The second weakest has 1.8 times your mana. So, I’m not wrong for calling you the weakest.”

“Peasant, know your place!” said Matty as he stood up.

“Here’s the deal. If I win, I want your spot as captain. Of course, if you’re scared, you can decline my challenge.”

“Good, If you want to die so quickly, I’ll be glad to help you.”

“Matty, it’s obvious that he is baiting you,” said one of the Captain. His words made Matty stop, but Edward would not let things go so quickly.

“Don’t listen to the second weakest,” he added. “I can tell you that he secretly looks down on you.”

Veins appeared on Matty’s forehead before he flew from the balcony and landed on the stage.

“Brat, I will not show you any mercy.”

“Whatever,” replied Edward before activating his Grimoire.

Erudite Magic: Soul Binding Contract.

A scroll appeared in the middle of the two.

“I don’t you trust you, nobles, to keep your words. So, here is a magical contract with the conditions of our battle. Sign it first, and we can begin.”

Matty read the scroll’s content before using his mana to write his name. The scroll then rolled up before turning into two pieces of light: one entered Edward’s body while the other entered his.

Then, they prepared for the battle.

All the commoners who realized the reason that Edward was rejected were excited. Meanwhile, noble captains were worried while also marveling at how versatile this Erudite Magic was.


For the people asking, he gets his memories in two chapters, but he is still nerfed.

Title: Sonic Battle


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