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The new update of the Floating City soon displayed its superiority. With the world’s coordination, it took Edward two months to drop Olivier’s clone and another month to reach the Black Clover World.

And according to Morgana’s calculations, it will only take three months before the others can reach the Konosuba Universe. The previous voyage took Edward a year despite knowing the coordination in advance.

Edward was analyzing the voyage data before he arrived as he talked to Morgana.

“For the 3.0 version, it would be best if we could add Rowena’s Void Teleportation Method.”

“With the current technology, that is impossible, ” the little elf replied.

“We do not need to use the full power of void energy. If we can make the Floating City instantly reach its destination with the coordinate, then that will be enormous progress.”

The void is extremely dangerous, and so is traveling there. He once encountered a strange life form during his three voyages and recorded it. However, the odd thing is that the record of that creature became alive and looked straight at Edward, almost scaring him to death.

Luckily, after observing him for a moment, the creature seemed uninterested and disappeared. He learned a lesson that day; he understood that creatures in the void could not be photographed or recorded in any shape or form.

A few hours after arrival, Edward prepared to enter through the Source Wall using a World Gate.

“Are you sure you should not take the Floating City instead?” asked Hermione.

“No, I’m worried about you guys traveling alone with the Gate. For your safety, you should go with it.”

After saying goodbye to everyone, he hopped into the Gate before entering the universe. And the moment Edward landed, he knew that something was wrong.

He found himself standing in a forest. He could feel the vibrant mana all around him. However, his World Gate was nowhere to be seen, nor could he sense it.

And before he could take any action, a powerful Will descended on him, and countless chains began to appear on his body.

‘The Universe Will? Did it identify me as an outsider?’

Edward felt as if his mana was sealed, his physical strength was sealed, Morgan inside his Soul Dimension seemed to enter a deep sleeping mode, and his soul and memories were also being sealed.

Additionally, he felt his body slowly grow weaker and smaller.

‘Is it trying to assimilate me?’ thought Edward calmly as he thought of countermeasures. Instead of allowing the Universe Will to seal his memories, he hid them deep in his dimension, including the Soul Imprint that identified him as an outsider.

As such, he appeared as a blank soul. By then, he also realized that his body was turning into a baby, so he cast two spells. The first one was to discover humans in the vicinity.

It took him three tries before the spell was successfully cast. After noticing a village in the distance, he placed a flying spell on himself to fly to the church he saw in that village.

By the time he landed, he was a baby with a shirt on his body and his name inside a small cradle.

As such, a new addition was added to this small village known as Bluige.

The new child discovered by the priest in the orphanage quickly became the odd one among the children. As he grew up, he always had a blank expression, and he was unresponsive to most stimuli.

Although the kid was very handsome with his shining black hair and jewel-like blue eyes, the adults worried about him while the children tried to bully him for being different.

However, every time one of them tried, a massive gale of wind would burst out from the child’s body to push the children away. As such, it was discovered that this child had an incredible aptitude for magic.

Many people secretly shook their heads, thinking that if he was sound of mind, he could accomplish great things in the future.

Despite his current state, the pastor and sisters of the orphanage took good care of young Edward. Although he had a constant blank stare on his face and never spoke a word, they knew that he could understand them.

The only stimuli he would respond to is when they ask him to do something like helping with laundry or cooking, and he would accomplish the task quickly. They also realized that this child possessed two magical attributes: wind and fire.

They decided to keep this secret from the rest of the world and instructed young Edward not to reveal his fire attribute.

Just like that, 15 years passed, and it was time for all the village’s children to receive their grimoires; this was an opportunity for them to change their fate.

One of the sisters brought all the children from the orphanage, but she could not help keeping an eye on Edward. Although they knew he was magically talented, they worried that his intelligence would affect the process of receiving a grimoire.

Fortunately, their worries were for nothing. The moment the ceremony began, a 4-Leaf Grimoire flew from one of the shelves and landed in front of Edward.

As soon as he touched it, the blank look on his face was gone, replaced by a look of confusion instead.

“Where is this? No, who am I? I’m Edward Bones. But what does that mean?” he muttered, an act which surprised many people around him who knew his reputation.

However, the young boy ignored the gaze as he tried to understand who he was. He felt he could remember, but something blocked what he was trying to remember.

In the end, only two thoughts remained in his head: the first was to train his magic as much as possible. And the second is to become a Magic Knight.

Finally, Edward looked at the book in his hand. He instinctively felt that this grimoire was not as simple as it appeared, but he could not understand why. So, he did not focus on it.

He opened a few pages before muttering to himself: “Erudite Magic: As long as I understand certain magic, I can replicate it.”

Then, basic knowledge about this world appeared in his mind when the sisters in the orphanage taught him along with the other children. So, he understood that his magic could allow him to use all attributes as long as he studied them enough.

‘It seems that I have a lot of work to do,’ thought Edward before walking to one person.

“Sister Lina, thank you for taking care of me all this time.”

“E-Edward, you’re alright?”

“Yes. It seems that the grimoire has helped me with my condition.”

“That’s good. As long as you’re okay.”

Then, Edward returned to the orphanage to thank everyone who cared for him. All of them were glad that he was okay now. Finally, he began to train his magic to prepare for the Magic Knight Entrance Exam.

Edward soon discovered some anomaly about himself. His mana was truly vast compared to all the people he met. Additionally, with each passing day, he could feel a rapid increase.

And what’s strange was that he never had any trouble controlling his magic power no matter how much it increased. Additionally, his talent for learning seemed very abnormal.

His Grimoire contained dozens of spells of different attributes in just a few days. As long as he focused on studying one attribute for a few hours, many spells would appear on his Grimoire.

Furthermore, his Grimoire seemed capable of creating new pages; he even estimated that there was no limit to the number of spells he could use, unlike everybody else.

For the next six months, Edward studied and practiced constantly. At some point, he discovered that it was faster for him to read the Grimoires of others to learn spells.

If he read another person’s Grimoire once, his own Grimoire would generate that spell. So, Edward went on a journey across the nearby villages to borrow other people’s grimoires.

Then, when the time was right, he headed for the capital for the entrance exam. All the Bluige’s villagers came to see him off, and they were all excited at the thought that their small village would give birth to a Magic Knight.


Title: Old Profession


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