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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 289: Akashic Record (III) Bahasa Indonesia


The members of the Illuminati took their position on one of the five planets. They all stood at the center of a massive transmutation circle engraved on the planet. Once everything was present, Edward began.

Floating on top of their heads was a massive Aether Core the same size as the Floating City, meaning Edward now had the energy needed to make five more Floating City.

All he needed was the other resources.

Standing on a platform at the center of the transmutation circle formed by the five planets, Edward said: “Let’s begin.”

As soon as he uttered these words, a mighty Will descended on this Star System and thoroughly isolated it from the rest of the universe. This was one of the reasons that Edward wanted Cronai’s help.

This ceremony will require a massive amount of energy, and he did not want the other Gods to notice something and come check it out. Although the current Miky Way is blocked, that rule might not apply to some Tier 10 Gods.

Additionally, he did not want this galaxy to be noticed by some powerful beings before the Empire grew to a certain extent.

Previously, he wanted to enter the Blank Realm–the place between parallel dimensions–to use the ceremony. However, he discovered that entering the Blank Realm was more difficult in this universe than in the previous one.

It took the Empire two years to fine-tune the technology of the Novad to reach the Blank Realm. However, the first two expeditions sent to explore were instantly wiped out.

Luckily, Edward prepared beforehand and made them leave a small piece of their souls. With enough resources, their souls were healed, and a new body was created for them. Oddly though, something or someone erased their memories.

So, Edward officially labeled the Blank Realm as the highest Danger Zone and should be slowly explored. He also removed his idea of conducting the ceremony there.

Under Edward’s words, the other members placed their hands on the transmutation circle in their planets and controlled the energy from the Aether Core to activate them.

Edward did the same thing, while Morgana linked her computing power to all these people’s souls to aid them in controlling such a massive amount of energy.

Then, the entire Star System seemed to light up. If someone looked at them from another point of view, they could see that each of the planets had transmutation circles engraved all over them.

At the same time, they also formed a larger transmutation circle when viewed from above. Furthermore, the metal constructs that connected all the planets had countless smaller runes or magic circles engraved on them and lit up.

After minutes later, Edward found his mind traveling to some far away distance’ he seemed to be connecting to something or some entity. After what seemed both like an eternity and an instant simultaneously, he heard a sound deep in his mind.

“Ding. Welcome to the Akashic Record Branch #127490374. Would you like to begin the tour?”

Edward frowned after hearing this.

‘Could it be that the record has different branches in different worlds? If I can only access the information in this universe, this would defeat my main purpose to get world coordinates from it.’

His mind rushed as he thought of a solution. While he was deep in thought, the other members had a difficult time. Controlling such vast energy was a problem even with Morgana’s help.

In the end, Grindelwald ordered the members of the Ghost Squads to bare some of the burdens, thus giving the rest room to breathe.

After a few minutes of thinking, Edward thought of something. He connected to the Floating City and opened a breach outside the universe in the Void.

Then, he used the connection that the transmutation circle granted him to find the Main Branch of the Akashic Record located in the Void. However, he encountered another difficulty.

He could feel that it would probably take him a few billion years to reach his destination. Forget whether he could last that long; he did not want to wait even if he could.

So, another method is required. While thinking of a solution, he heard a Voice Transmission from Rowena.

“My latest research may help you,” she said before sending the information directly to his mind. Rowena found a way to isolate the spatial characteristics from void energy and use it for teleportation.

She only needs to tell the void energy where she wants to go, and it will take her there. No coordination or memories of being there is required: just a request or desire.

She was very excited about her discovery as the concept of distance would be futile to her. If she wants to travel to parallel dimensions, any specific one, she has to tell the void energy where she wants to go, and it will take her there.

And the same can be applied to other universes too. Unfortunately, she is only in the early stages of her research and can only teleport something as big as a basketball.

Moreover, there are still many restrictions on the order she can give to void energy. Nevertheless, this research was still beneficial to Edward.

Using it, he ordered the Void Energy to take him to the Akashic Record. Immediately, he felt that the speed at which his mind traveled using that connection dramatically increased.

A few minutes later, he found himself standing in front of an enormous black Gate with books carved on it. Each of the books’ covers had a different design or symbol.

“An owl, a mandala, the sarastivi, ibis, and many more. These are symbols of knowledge from different religions and cultures,” muttered Edward.

The gate suddenly opened, and Edward was swallowed inside. However, he only found himself standing in his original place in his universe with a message inside his mind.

With a frown on his face, he said: “Status.”

A screen appeared in front of him.

“Name: Edward Bones (Christian Stuart)

Origin: Primordial Earth

Gift: Eidetic Memory, Extreme Magic Affinity

Mentor: Sir Merlin

Current Residence: Universe #127490374 (HP Universe)

Age: 304

Rank; Tier 6 Planetary

Titles: Arcane Emperor, Civilization Creator, Sage of Wisdom, Divine Artificer, Pathfinder, Dark Explorer, and Voyager.

Knowledge Point: 0

Mission Point: 200.”

Edward looked at the status window while pondering. Many of these things were obvious. Christian was his original name before reincarnation, and gifts probably referred to the talent he received from Primordial Earth.

But he was confused about knowledge points.

‘What is knowledge point?” he direction ask with his mind, and he received the answer. His theory about the record when he was in the Full-Metal Alchemist World was correct.

The Akashic Record follows the Laws of Equivalent Exchange. If someone wants any knowledge from it, they have to exchange it with their own knowledge, which will be quantified as Knowledge Points (KP_.

Essentially, KP is the currency of the record. However, there are some rules or restrictions for acquiring KP. Only new or innovative knowledge can be exchanged.

For example, if Edward were to take a bunch of fundamental physics or chemistry knowledge from a world and exchange it with the record, he would not receive KP. However, if he took the existing knowledge and came up with some new theory, he could exchange it for points.

The only exception to that rule is if the record does not have a branch to a world and does not have its knowledge. Or if it is some lost knowledge that is rediscovered or recreated.

‘If that is true, my perception of the Akashic Record was completely wrong. It does not hold all knowledge in existence since the beginning of time. It may be just a place to exchange knowledge between different universes.’

Then, Edwards asked what Mission Point was, and the answer he received confirmed his guess.

The Akashic Record has a mission hall for its users. The missions usually involved searching for lost knowledge, establishing a branch in a newly discovered universe or one that did not have the record, or finding out why some branches were disconnected.

Some knowledge requires a certain mission point to exchange along with Knowledge Points.

As for the reason he had 200 of them, this was the reward for discovering the record on his own without an invitation or being one of the lucky few who received the tokens left in many random worlds for the fortunate people.

Edward wanted to try something, so he searched for the Arcane Rune System in his universe and discovered a brief description of it, but it was labeled as [Not Yet Acquired.]

Then, he searched for information about the Black Clover World since he originally planned to go there if the record allowed him to choose which world to travel to.

“Black Clover World: All knowledge about this world includes the plot, a detailed analysis of the people and their character, the entire magic system including all the spells, detailed biological information regarding all species, etc.

“Price: 15,000,000 KP.”

Edward frowned before exchanging all his knowledge of the Wandcraft System of Harry Potter. And he received 250, 346 KP.

Edward then asked the price of different aspects of Black Clover. For example, only the magic system, information on the Grimoires, or only information on the devils.

All the prices were between 1 million to 5 million individually. However, when he asked only about the plot or the coordinate of the universe, the total cost was 2,500 KP.

‘I see. This is a way to encourage users to visit the word itself and acquire the knowledge in that way, then innovate. Additionally, the Record might also involve in Merlin and Solomon’s war and use this method to train people.’

After understanding the general situation, Edward finally focused on the last thing that confused him: his titles and whether they served a purpose.

It turns out that each of them gave him some benefit.

(AN: In the , the Black Clover Arc should start. Additionally, Edward’s age is a rough estimate and not exact.

(Lastly, I know some of you would like some exploration or interaction in the Star Trek Universe. However, I never watched any of the shows besides the reboot movies with Chris Pine. So, I know very little about lore, technology, or characters. And I have no time to watch the entire thing.

(So, this universe will only be mentioned in a few paragraphs. As such, don’t have any expectations so as to not be disappointed.)


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