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“Something finally made sense to me now,” said Luna.


“Why is it that you could see and show the future of the entire world during your battle with Dumbledore, and yet, you can only use the most basic divination spell.

“I always thought you were using Time Magic, but you were just relying on knowing the “plot”.”

“You’re right. He did the same thing in our voyage too,” said Hermione. “I also thought that his divination had improved or he was using time magic to look into the future.”

“In my universe, he also displayed the ability to know the future,” said Oliver with a sneer. “In the end, you were just cheating.”

“How is that cheating? Plus, this can be considered an innate ability of all people from Primordial Earth.”

“No, it’s definitely cheating,” said Fleur. “It’s like you were born with knowing the answer to a test.”

Many people nodded with this sentiment.

“Fine, I am a cheater, what can you guys do about it? Stop hiding your jealousy, it’s ugly,” said Edward with a smirk.





“God complex.”

Each of his wives called him a different name, almost driving him crazy. He coughed slightly before looking at Rowena and Luna; he did not want to sit through a dinner where his flaws were constantly being called out.

“So, how was your voyage in the multiverse? I can see that both of you are very close to Tier 6, so it should have been quite the adventure, maybe not less exciting than us?”

“What a shoddy method at changing the subject,” commented Rowena, making everyone laugh. Amelia looked at everyone laughing and secretly said to herself:

‘It’s good that these guys know how to ease the mood and transition away from more sensitive topics.’

“You won’t believe this,” said Luna. “But I did meet an evil version of myself. She was the new Dark Lord.”

“Really? What happened?” Everyone was intrigued.

“Well, in that timeline, my mother did not die young but when I, well, when she was in the 6th year, making her death even more devastating. Then, Voldemort took advantage of her weakness and lure her into becoming a Death Eater with the promise of reviving her parents.”

“Parents? As in plural?”

“Oh right, my father also passed away not long after as well, trying to pursue my mother into the afterlife. Because of losing both parents, she was very fragile and easily influenced.”

“So, how did you, I mean, she become the Dark Lord?” asked Edward.

“Well, after serving Voldemort for a few years without him fulfilling his promise, Dark Luna betrayed him and killed him, took over the Death Eaters, and began to use her powers to find a way to revive her parents.

“No matter who stood in her way was killed. I even saw her kill Harry, Ron, and Hermione.”

“How interesting. Did you guys intervene?”

“I wanted to but Rowena did not give me the opportunity. I could only talk to her from the distance.”

“That’s because I could feel that someone was secretly manipulating her, most likely Herpo in that timeline,” said Rowena.

“Any other interesting stories?” asked Hermione. In their voyage, they did briefly travel throughout the multiverse, but they did not encounter themselves there.

“We met a Tier 6 Voldemort,” said Rowena.


“Yes. Apparently, in that timeline, Voldemort was the final winner in the Battle of Hogwarts. After that, he enslaved the entire planet–mostly the muggles–and killed anyone who did not serve him.”

After saying that, she paused for a moment before looking at Bellatrix; “I finally understood how crazy and disgusting you can be.”

“That’s not me,” she replied in embarrassment. She understood that with the problem of her bloodline because of inbreeding, she was truly a psycho. Luckily, in this timeline, her problem was solved.

Even the false memories that Edward once planted inside her mind to have her worship was removed and she knew the truth. It was during this time that they got to know one another and fell in love.

“After terrorizing the entire planet,” continued Rowena, “Voldemort discovered that the Horcrux could not grant him true immortality, so he wanted a real method. After countless dark magic experiments with no success, he placed his eyes on the universe.

“After searching the planet, he found a spaceship of the Lumerian Civilization and repaired it before traveling the stars. However, a few dozens of years later, he returned injured, but also with Tier 6.”

“Tier 6 in only a few dozen years?” asked Edward.

“We were also interested in this, so we confronted him. After killing him and searching the memories in his soul, we discovered that it was a magic system that sacrificed life span for a rapid increase in mana or Tier.

“So, although he was Tier 6, he could only live for about 400 years. Plus, he was very weak, at least I defeated him alone. In the end, he thought that by destroying the entire planet, he could deal with us, but we hid in the World Gate.”

“That magic system sound interesting, let me check it out later. So, how was the mission I sent you on?”

“According to my Divination, we are heading in the right direction but it will take some time,” said Luna.

“In my voyage, we discovered a race called the Novad that has very advanced parallel dimensions travel technology. After studying it, you guys should find what we’re looking for.”

Edward then used the watch on his wrist to send the information about the Novad to the two of them while Rowena sent the magic system to Edward. Luna also wanted to check the information but she suddenly stopped.

Her eyes turned all white along with her eye. The power of destiny seemed to manifest deep in her eyes. A few minutes later, she returned to normal.

“What is it? Is danger coming?” hurriedly asked Edward.

“No, I have discovered another Lynchpin of the Empire. And one of the highest level.”

“Really?” asked Edward with excitement. There are many reasons that Seers are respected in the universe. One is that they are the perfect vessel for many Gods; so, which made them very desirable.

And the second is the fact that they are vital to the prosperity of any race, species, faction, or civilization. Seers can predict dangers in advance to prevent calamity or destruction.

More importantly, they can discover Lynchpins, individuals who can fundamentally change any civilization for the better. It could that these people are destined to become powerful and protect said civilization or create an invention that can rapidly advance civilization.

For example, one of the reasons that the Arcane Empire can develop so fast is because Luna has discovered a few lynchpins that created knowledge or technology that are greatly beneficial to the Empire.

And many of these lynchpins are usually ordinary people who appeared ordinary; people that are usually easily overlooked. And sometimes, these lynchpins were on the verge of death when they were discovered, meaning that they would have died before they could achieve their destiny of greatness.

According to Luna’s research, Lynchpins are also divided into levels, and so far, none of the highest calibers has ever been discovered in the Empire.

“Who is it?” asked Edward, unable to contain his excitement. Luna waved her hand and an image was drawn with her mana.

“His name is Havika Kainalu.”

“Morgana, show us this person’s data..”

“As you wish, boss.”

Immediately afterward, a hologram with a young Hawaiian boy appeared in front of everyone:

“Havika Kainalu. Age: 15. Family: contain 4 people ( 2 parents and 1 sibling.) School: Kanaloa School of Magic, 4th year. Tier 0 Arcanist, Level 1 Talent.”

“Just like most lynchpins, he appeared ordinary and even mediocre,” commented Edward.

“Since Luna detected him now, that means that his talent has recently manifested. Any recent changes to his life?” asked Rowena.

“Yes,” replied Morgana, “He has recently become interested in Rune Mathematics, and this kid is truly talented in that area.”

After saying that, she displayed some of the works that he published online and the learning materials that he also bought online.

‘Rune mathematics, huh?’

Muggles believed that mathematics was the language of the universe, meanwhile, arcanists believed that runes were the language of the universe. However, recently, with the creation of the Arcane Rune Magic System and the knowledge of Gate Alchemy, this new field was created.

Rune mathematics is not only used to study the secrets of the universe but is also used in creating or constructing spells: magic circles to be exact. Some arcanists do not have the natural ability to understand runes and their correlation with each other, so it is very difficult for them to create, improve, or modify runes.

However, with rune mathematics, things became different. As the name suggests, arcanists can use calculus, geometry, and advanced form of mathematics to systematically understand the purpose and function of every rune.

That way, they can use math formulas to create and test spells. And that’s just one of the many uses of this new field.

“Do you want to get in contact with him?” asked Amelia.

“No need. I will send a few members of the Ghost Squads to secretly protect him,” replied Edward. “Additionally, Morgana, create a rune mathematic competition in his school. Once he wins, grand him access to some of your calculating power along with access to some secret knowledge of the library.

“Make sure that they only pertain to his research.”

“As you wish. What about once he succeeds in creating whatever it is that will fundamentally change the Empire?”

“I’ll probably make him a Tower Master. By then, this kid will have all the resources needed to change his life.”


Title: Backup Plan


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