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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 27: Christmas Bahasa Indonesia

After the troll incident, everything went back to normal. Edward focused on teaching his class, while at the same time further his research. And just like that, a few months passed by and Christmas was only a few days away.

During the past few months, Edward had made sure that everything that happened in the canon timeline still happened. For example, Harry’s first Quidditch match and Quirrell’s intervention, or Snape’s rescue.

Now that Snape has the hope to one day see Lily alive again, he will do everything possible to keep Harry safe. However, he seemed incapable of being nice to him during class.

However, Edward was not worried about these things currently. He was worried about the long list of Christmas presents that he has to give to other people.

All the people that he often corresponds with, he has to send them a gift. Of course, Edward decided to send these people a book from his library about their field of research.

However, he still has many other presents to give, and those had to be personal–especially when it comes to his family and coworkers.

After weeks of preparation, Edward finally finished his preparation right before all students left the castle.

On Christmas day, he sent Dumbledore a pack of homemade candy; this particular one was made by himself and the taste was immaculate. Edward first thought of giving wool stocks but went with the candy instead.

For his favorite professor, Flitwick, he sent an Alchemy item made through Goblin Techniques. This kind of technique has long been lost to the Goblins themselves, but Edward knew how to use it.

For Professor McGonagall, Edward sent a broom made personally by himself. This flying broom was even better than anything currently in the market. However, Edward warned her not to give this broom to the Gryffindor’s Quidditch team, otherwise, he would make one even more powerful for the Ravenclaw’s team.

Of course, many other professors also receive a gift from Edward. It is just that their presents were not as thoughtful as the others.

As for his family, Edward continued to send little Susan the Alchemy book that contained his memories and understanding of magic. And he added a batch of the candy that he made for Dumbledore.

As for his aunt, Amelia, he made a special necklace for her, which served two purposes. One was to make her magic power in a constant state of activity. As a result of this, it allows her to easily use any spells, and make them more powerful.

The second purpose is that Edward placed a house-elf Apparate ability inside the necklace. So that, if one day she was ever in trouble, she can Apparate anywhere. On top of that, the necklace is designed that if Amelia found her life in danger, the necklace also contains magic that would not only automatically apparate her out of the trouble, but also keep her alive for as long as possible.

Even Helena received a very precious Alchemy gift from Edward. This gift was also a necklace. However, the function was completely different from Amelia’s.

For one thing, the design was in the shape of the late 10th century and early 11th century. This was the time that Helena was alive, so Edward thought that she would appreciate it.

One function of this necklace was the fact that it could turn into the shape of a ghost. Meaning that Helena could wear it at all times, and people would simply believe that the necklace has always been a part of her.

As for the main function, it was to allow her to turn into a real body anything that she desires. Now, Edward did not have to use any spell on her for her to turn into a corporeal body; she can choose to do that any time that she wants.

–Scene Break–

One day, Edward was walking in the hallways of Hogwarts’ castle. He had a happy spring on his feet as he had just spent a marvelous night with Helena. Let’s just say that she was more than pleased with the present.

However, midway through his walk, Edward sensed that something or something was actually around him.

Immediately, he activated different kinds of senses; whether it was thermal vision or echolocation, he had a spell for all of them.

Then, he looked in one direction. With a wave of his hand, a powerful gale blew away everything that was in that direction, revealing the hidden figure.

“Mr. Potter, it is not wise to be sneaking in the hallways at night.”

“I am sorry, professor, I thought that there was no one left in the castle.”

“Is that so? Well, it seems that you are heading in a certain direction, if you do not mind, I can accompany you.”

After hesitating for a while, Harry decided to show the professor the mirror that he has been enamored with in the past few weeks.

Ok, so I have read all the comments and it seemed that a small elite team with everyone having their role is the winner. I am sorry to the solo people. Luckily for all of you, one of my character flaws is that I am a people pleaser–despite knowing that I could never please everyone. So, I decided that the first world after Harry Potter will be a solo mission, then he would travel in a small team.


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