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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 259: Battle With A God (II) Bahasa Indonesia

Edward looked at half of his body that sliced into two a frown on his face. In his current Mechanized Mind State, his emotions and things along the line of pain did not affect him much.

He quickly calculated what happened before coming to a conclusion.

“Causality Spell.”

This attack used the Laws of Karma or Causality to ignore all his defenses and go straight for him. If he did not use a Soul Shield at the last minute to defend himself, then his soul would have been annihilated and be gone from the world.

This is the first time in his magical path that he came so close to death; well, at least, not even since he was young and defenseless. If he was not in an emotionless state, he would have liked to ponder the ramification that his death would have on the people close to him and other people.

But now was not the time to do so.

‘Morgana used the Karmic Artifact we have and create a defensive measure against such spell.’

“Immediately, sir.’

‘You want to play causality, two can play at this game.’

Edward did not have a deep understanding of Causality Magic, however, there is one thing that he was a master of that involved causality: curses. As long as a magic-user had something that belongs to another person, they can use it as a medium to cast curses.

Although that was a very low-level application of causality, it was more than enough in his hand.

Then, two things appeared in front of him: A very small drop of blood along with a golden sphere. The drop of blood was taken from the Spear of Destiny that stabbed and killed Destiny.

If the Christian bible is correct, Jesus is either Yahweh’s son or another part of him. Either way, it can be used as a curse medium. As for the golden orb, it was the power of Faith of all the billion Christians that worshipped him.

This was another medium that Edward was going to use, and this one was a very powerful one as well. Yahweh’s facial expression immediately changed after seeing the things in front of Edward.

So, he quickly attacked again, using the same causality spell.

This time, Morgana was able to block the attack, but not all of it. As such, both of Edward’s legs were destroyed. However, he did not care as he already cast his spell and his Phoenix Flame activate to heal his injuries.

Arcane Rune Spell: Energy Absorption Curse.

A black tattoo suddenly appeared on Yahweh’s blue skin, then, he felt a powerful suction that was rapidly draining his divine energy. So, he immediately cast a Curse Removal Spell to remove the curse, but Edward prevented him from succeeding.

He increased the power of this spell to keep it on. So, Yahweh used the power of Causality to remove the connection he had with the mediums that Edward was using.

And he did succeed, albeit only a little. He did sever the connection between Jesus’ blood and him, however, this spell was not as effective when it came to the faith of the Christians.

‘Damn this power of faith,’ thought Yahweh. All the Gods from different pantheons knew the danger of faith, hence the reason that they did not rely on it too much.

As Innate God born from [Authority] and energy from the birth of the universe, their powers come not from faith, but through countless years of studying, training, and developing the Authority they were born with.

The more talented and hard-working ones–like Odin, Zeus, Brahma, Vishnu, Olorun, and so on– grew rapidly and surpass the others. Unfortunately, studying and understanding [Authority] which is the fundamental concept or laws of the universe is not only difficult but also takes time.

Many of them have spent billions of years moving from one tier to another. Some could not withstand the loneliness and stopped moving forward, indulging in the vices of the world.

Yahweh remembered how life was in the Heavenly Realm before faith was discovered; although there was competition and conflicts, things were generally peaceful.

However, when the gods discover that by spreading their names, doctrines, and ideas to mortals and gathering faith, and said faith can help them in their understanding of their [Authority] and in turn increase their power, war broke out.

Different factions were formed based on their origins in the Heavenly Realm, hence the concept of the Pantheon was born. Finally, all the gods fought and competed for the faith of mortals.

They were lucky not to be completely polluted by faith because for some reason, they were forbidden to expand their battle and conquest to the rest of the universe. Nevertheless, faith changed everything.

Yahweh knew that it could not remove that curse that used faith as a medium unless he was willing to completely sever his ties or connection to humans. Additionally, as the gods with the largest amount of followers and faith, doing so would result in a harsh Karmic backlash.

So, for now, he was satisfied with weakening the curse. Now, all he had to do was to weaken it to the point of making it relatively useless.

Divine Spell: Angel Summons.

A large army of angels appeared in the sky. They form a hierarchy based on their position in the sky and the number of wings on their backs. One Tier 9 Angel who had 16 wings stood at the top, a hundred Tier 8 angels with 14 wings stood beneath him, followed by Tier 7 angels with 12 wings, and so on.

After seeing this situation, Edward quickly took action.

‘Severus, leave the potion making to a golem, then use this faith orb to continue casting dark magic and weakened him.’

As soon as he said this, a massive amount of energy from the Aether Core entered Snape’s body, boosting his strength to barely Tier 9.

‘Hermione, you’re in charge of the army. Lily, you’re in charge of both the city and our defense.’

The other two were also connected to the core; this act greatly alleviated the pressure that Edward has to control such a massive amount of energy. However…

“Master, the energy from the Aether Core is depleting at a faster rate.”

“Keep watch on and make sure we have enough energy to run away. Once it reaches that threshold, initiate the Void Jump immediately and get us out of here.”


“Found them,” suddenly said, Hermione. Then, countless magic circles suddenly appeared in the space. And from them appeared a large army. This army was composed of fallen angels that had black wings, normal angels with white wings, devil-looking creatures that looked like something that came out of nightmare movies, humanoid creatures, and many of them that looked like they were from mythology.

However, one thing that they all had in common was that their bodies looked pale gray like corpses, and many of them had limbs missing, still had weapons impaled in their bodies, and had part of their bodies that were burned or chopped off.

“Undead,” muttered the Tier 9 Archangel. She could tell that these people were fallen warriors from that war in the Heavens. She even recognized some of them as they were her enemies, personal slain by her, and some of her comrades.

Immediately, anger appeared on this angel’s beautiful face; she hated how these Internal Sorcerers desecrated the bodies of these warriors–especially her former comrades.

Using the processing power of Morgana and her drastically increase senses, Hermione was able to locate many dimensions where these creatures were located.

However, she discovered that the majority if not all of them were dead. So, she controlled the massive negative energy created by the death of all these once-powerful individuals to reanimate their bodies and turned them into undead.

Then used her talent to summon them. She encountered some resistance from the people or angels who once fought on Yahweh’s side, however, the others were more than happy to come back as undead for another chance at revenge.

“Has the war continued again?” asked one of the fallen angels summoned by Hermione. This one also had 16 wings.

“Lucifer?” asked Michael, the Tier 9 angel. “No, you’re not him.”

“You’re right, my beloved sister. I am nothing but the resentment left on my flesh after you personally destroy my soul. Nevertheless, I am still glad to see you again,” said Lucifer as he laughed maniacally.

“Hello, father,” he continued as he looked at Yahweh with resentment. “Not looking too good are we?”


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