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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 245: Parallel Dimensions Bahasa Indonesia

After reviewing the information, Edward frowned deeply. From Dolus, he learned that the reason Yahweh started the war was that he wanted to kill all the other gods and absorb their divinity to become Omnipresent and Omnipotent.

To become the most powerful god in the universe.

The intervention of the Novad did not stop Yahweh’s ambitions but made them even grandeur as he now had his gaze toward the Multiverse. Furthermore, according to Dolus, he most likely has regained most of his strength by now.

What truly caught Edward’s attention was the fact that Dolus stated that Yahweh did not need to rely too heavily on the faith of this mortal world to regain his strength. At some point in the war, the Christian discovered another method of powering up, which is one of the reasons that he could still tie with both the Novads and the other Pantheons besieging him in the final confrontation.

As for what that method was, Dolus does not know, or he did not want to say.

‘It seems that I cannot use the same tactic again.’

Edward planned to weaken Yahweh using the Christians of this world just like he did to Truth. Unfortunately, this method seemed invalid.

“In that case, I might have to do things the hard way.”

He did not mind as long as he was prepared; this would be a new experience for him.

After that, Edward prepared for his next adventure. He created a clone for the sole purpose of meeting Flynn Carsen, who was the Librarian in the future. From what he remembered from the movie, Flynn was a very gifted young man who also enjoyed learning.

As long as his moral views are properly guided at a young age, he will be a very talented and powerful Arcanist. As for his magical talent, Edward was not worried.

When it comes to talent, there are two types: one is the ability to sense, control, and produce mana. This kind of talent can be improved through potions.

Another type of magical talent is intelligence, wisdom, or IQ. With it, it is easier for an arcanist’s soul to increase, easier for them when doing research or coming up with ideas.

Although intelligence can be increased through genetic engineering and other means, naturally intelligent people still have an advantage over others. Not to mention these methods also work for them.

Flynn Carsen is a very intelligent young man. So, once he becomes an Arcanist, he will be a great asset to the Empire. Of course, Edward also has his self-fish motive.

One of the ways that he exerts control over the Empire is by having a teacher-like relationship with all the gifted young people–especially the ones from Hogwarts that he taught.

Because of this, during the early rise of the Empire, he would go to all the magical schools to teach when he had time. Even the Bones School was not spared.

So, he was prepared to use a similar method for Flynn.

“Not just Flynn. Emily Davenport from the second movie was also a brilliant mind even better than Flynn. She can be put on the list.”

After making the clone and instructing it on its job, Edward began his next adventure: Parallel Dimensions or Parallel Universe Travel. Before this, Edward has successfully traveled to parallel dimensions.

However, this time, he was not going to use the Floating City or any other aid; he wanted to achieve this with his own strength.

With the knowledge he received from his wife Rowena, along with his study of space-time in this universe, he was sure that he would succeed. So, after reviewing the spell that he created one last time, Edward placed countless shields to protect him before casting it.

Arcane Rune Spell: Interdimensional Portal.

A magic circle appeared on the ground before a transparent door appeared in front of him. After checking it one last time, Edward entered.

Earth-234, a circular crack appeared on a corner of a small deserted alley and a body dropped on the floor before the crack immediately closed. The body was missing one arm and one leg while passing out: it was Edward.

Not long afterward, a homeless man with pale skin appeared in the alley to see the person lying on the floor. After seeing the clothes on his body, he immediately thought of robbing him.

However, the moment he touched the body, a flame instantly incinerated him until there was nothing left. Not long afterward, a young woman with red hair appeared in the alley.

She was shocked after seeing the body and rushed to check on it. She was surprised by all the fresh scars that looked like swords. And oddly, she was not burned like the previous person.

The first instinct of the red hair girl was to bring this person to the hospital after realizing that he was still breathing. However, she noticed the white flame that appeared on the wounds and slowly healed them.

So, after hesitating for a moment, he decided to bring it back to her house.

A few hours later, Edward opened his eyes.

“Where am I?” he looked in the surrounding. However, everything was a little blurred.

“You’re awake,” said the red-haired girl.

“You’re the one who saved me? Thank you,” then Edward’s eyebrow furrowed, showing that he was slightly in pain. The reason for that is that he instinctively try to use Legilimency to read the girl’s mind and he was slightly backlash.

‘It seems that my soul might be injured.’ After checking, he found that his soul was perfectly fine, just a little shaking thus affecting his mind and will making it difficult for him to cast spells currently.

“My name is Edward Bones.”

“I’m Chloe.”

“Chloe, a great name. I’m in your debt.”

“There is no need. I can tell that even without me, you would be fine,” replied Chloe in awe of the white flame that was slowly regrowing limbs; she has never seen this kind of witchcraft before.

“Plus, as a fellow witches, we should help one another.”

Edward’s eyes lit up after hearing this as he learned that this woman was capable of using magic. If he was in his normal state, he would have long discovered this fact.

After focusing on her face, he discovered that she seemed familiar. Unfortunately, his mind was not currently working properly.

“Chloe, by any chance, you would not happen to have any herbs or books related to them?

All the magical artifacts he had on him were destroyed except for his robe. That also includes his Interdimensional Ring. Edward did not care that much for the ring as it only made it easier to access the pocket dimension it was connected to.

As long as he can cast spells, Edward can still gain access to all the things inside.

“I do,” replied Chloe wondering what this warlock was planning. With curiosity, she led him to her garden while also taking all her books on herbology and potions.

For some reason, Chloe instinctively trusted Edward. She did not know that this was the manifestation of her intuition as a Dreamwalker, and a natural charm released by Edward’s body to protect him during his time of weakness.

After taking the books, Edward read all of them one by one. It took him a great deal of concentration to finish all of them in just five hours. After that, he took a bite out of all the plants.

He activated the nanomachines inside to quickly analyze the effect of some of these herbs. In his state, it was a little difficult to connect to Morgana. Once he was done, he quickly formulated a potion to soothe the situation of his soul.

As long as he can cast spells again, the healing process of his injuries will be accelerated.

In his state, he could not brew a potion so he had to order Chloe to do it based on his instruction. It only took her three tries before succeeding, showing that she had a great talent for potions.

After all, this was a completely different system that she had never come into contact with. Succeeding after so few trials was more than excellent. Without hesitation, Edward drank the potion.

He felt a cool sensation inside his head for a few minutes before vanishing. When he opened his eyes, his vision was no longer so blurry. nor his was mind in chaos.

After taking a deep look at Chloe, he immediately recognized her. She was the heroine of the movie [The Last Witch Hunter].


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