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After entering the Nova Ship, Edward quickly disarmed the artificial intelligence inside and had Morgana replace it. Then, he brought the ship back to the Floating City.

Before leaving, he repaired the destroyed temple and placed it inside a pocket dimension. The reason for doing so was to repay the Ugha tribe that lived there and protect them. From what he remembered from the movie, these people were killed by the Soviets.

After all, he basically stole their “Gods” after they treated him quite nicely. This was the least he could do; Edward still knew the concept of repaying kindness to others.

As for the reason he did not bring them with him, it’s because the chief of the tribe said that they did not want their lives to be disturbed and that they were perfectly happy with their way of life.

After leaving Akator, Edward began to use the knowledge inside his mind to study the technology of the Novads.

And it was a fascinating discovery,

A black hole is a known phenomenon in the universe. However, one question surrounding it is what happened to all the things that a black hole swallows?

Well, Edward finally knows the answer. It goes to a place called The Blank Realm, or the space between spaces as it was referred to in the Indiana Jones. Essentially, it is the space that exists between dimensions, and also the place where the Novad race was born and evolved.

The Novad race has mastered black hole technology and can reverse the suction force of the black hole to travel from the Blank Space to other dimensions, and parallel universes.

The Blank Realm does not only exist between dimensions but also between parallel universes, between different timelines.

Immediately, Edward called the others and used the ship to enter the Blank Realm. A few minutes later, Edward found himself floating into a dark gray space with little many things in sight.

After a quick scan of the surroundings, the group discovered countless matters, stars, and even galaxies. All of these things were once swallowed by a black hole in the infinite universe.

“This space is the perfect place to gather more resources,” said Hermione thinking about how much the Empire will benefit from this technology.

“Indeed. However, we should be very careful,” added Lily. “The life forms who lived in this place are either evolved from this area or strong enough to survive being swallowed by a black hole.”

“That’s true. However, there is no need to focus on this for now,” said Edward. “What I’m most excited about Novad’s technology is their Information Gathering System.”

Edward pressed a few buttons and a picture of Earth. On the screen was written Earth-234.

“They have found a way to categorize each parallel universe and labeled them using a technology that they called Frequency Reading,” continued Edward as he explained the general technology to the rest.

Everything in the universe has its own frequency, including each dimension and parallel universes. The Novad invented a way to use Psychic Energy to read the frequency of the parallel universe and gather basic information.

The basic information involved what time period the universe is, whether it has magic or not, along with other basic information.

Although this kind of information seemed basic, it is of great importance to Edward when it comes to studying and navigating the multiverse. For example, the mission he sent Rowena and Luna on. The reason that this mission is so difficult is that these two have to constantly jump into different parallel universes at random.

Although they have Luna’s Divination to help, her ability is greatly reduced when it comes to the scale of the multiverse. If it was not because of her Seer Bloodline and the help of the Gate, she would probably be useless in this search.

But now, things were different. With this new technology, it will be more efficient for them to search different timelines. Additionally, there are a few other applications of the Novad Technology.

For one, the Empire can now use black holes for faster than light travel. In case the Apparition Drive, the Void Drive, and other technology fail, this is a solution.

Second, black holes can also be used as a form of energy. Many advanced civilizations used it for this. Additionally, once weaponized, black holes are Tier 9 Galaxy-Level Technology with the potential to grow to higher tiers.

Finally, Edward will be able to communicate with Rowena and Luna much easier. Of course, what he’s most excited about is Interdimensional Capable. Just like in Rick and Morty, he will connect his television to capable across the multiverse so that he watches shows from different realities.

If he ever watched a show that was canceled, he could switch to another reality where this show was renewed for another season. Or if the show had a terrible season, he could switch to another reality where they did something different.

Thinking about the endless possibilities, Edward became excited.

“You’re thinking about something weird again, aren’t you?” said Hermione.

“Not weird, innovative.”

After that, Edward looked at the coordinates of the different parallel universes that the Novad King had. He wanted to find one with magic, and to his surprise, it took quite some time to find one.

“It seems that magic is weakened throughout the multiverse,” said Snape.

Everyone nodded in agreement with him.

“Are we leaving now?” asked Hermione.

“No, we still have many unfinished businesses on Earth-125. We can go later once everything is done.”

After that, everyone dispersed to continue their own study. Meanwhile, Edward focused on his study of Novad technology. He wanted to transfer some of their research into magic.

A few years later, Edward floated in front of a deserted planet the size of Jupiter. He pointed his hand:

Arcane Rune Spell: Black Hole.

A small black hole appeared and swallowed the deserted planet in an instant. However, the planet was not sent to the Blank Realm but to a pocket dimension in the Floating City.

After that, Edward teleported to the nearest star and used the same attack. This time, he used a large quantity of his mana to increase both the size and the swallowing ability of the black hole.

And in over 30 seconds, he managed to swallow the entire star.

“Although I’m only Tier 6, I can still use Tier 7 Star-level attack. This is the advantage that knowledge can give casters over others.”

After doing his test, Edward returned to Earth as he was mostly done with studying the technology of the Novad and placing the information in his Library. The only thing that he did not do was completely analyze the Life Code of the Novad King as he was waiting for when he returned to the Empire and have more professional do so.

However, based on the basic tests he did, he discovered that not only was this species born with extraordinary psychic energy and talent but also for Space-Time Magic. Most likely because of where they were born and evolved.

Once a complete study was finished, he planned to modify his Life Code to enhance his talent in both these areas. Plus, he thought that the Novad King was a perfect species to be in charge of the Empire’s Time Auror and prevent people from messing with history.

So, he did not plan to kill him and even plan to capture a few other of their races. However, the Novad in general was a powerful race so he had to be careful.

After returning to Earth, Edward headed to one specific room with a large magic circle in the middle. Hermione was checking it to make sure that everything was working smoothly while Lily and Snape were on guard.

After Edward arrived, he asked: “Is everything ready?”

“There is no problem.”

“Then, let’s begin.”

Hermione nodded her head before activating her talent along with the magic circle. However, after the circle lit up slightly it immediately became dim afterward.

“Fail?” asked Edward.

“No, a rejection.”

“Try a few more times with different people.”

Hermione nodded before trying again. However, for the next ten trials, it was the same responses.

“Well, these gods are truly arrogant beyond measure,” complained Snape.

“Well, they are gods after all,” said Lily.

“In the state that they are in, can they be arrogant? Can they be picky?”

“No matter how powerful we are, in their eyes, we are nothing but mortal. It’s best to get used to their arrogance now to not suffer in the future,” said Edward who had experienced dealing with Herpo.

He knew how divinity forcibly changed the personality of these gods who relied on faith. Even if any of them were once mortal, they would still look down on other people.

After a few dozens try, someone finally answered their calls and appeared in the summoning circle.


Title: Dirty Deal


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