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According to the Tier System in his universe, to become a Tier 6 required someone to have the ability to blow a planet with relative ease or survive the destruction of a planet with relative ease.

And Edward knew that he fit both criteria.

While feeling the changes inside his body, suddenly, another Edward appeared next to the original one; the two looked exactly the same making it impossible for the usual method to distinguish the two.

The second Edward was in fact his soul. One of the abilities of Tier 6 individuals is the ability for their souls to take corporeal form, making them indistinguishable from their bodies.

Because of this, once a Tier 6 individual’s body is dead, they can still survive as long as their souls are intact and possessed someone else to revive themselves–similar to a ghost.

“Isn’t this the Nascent Soul or Primordial Spirit of Xianxia Novels?” muttered Edward as he analyzed this new ability. Before this, he had the ability of Astral Projection which is similar to this.

However, back then, his soul still looked illusory like it was a projection. But now, he could not distinguish between his soul and body. Of course, Edward knew that this Soul Ability had a real reason for existing.

In the Harry Potter Universe, Tier 6 is a limit for many races; the majority of species do not have the magical ability to reach Tier 6, and even if they do, this is their limit.

The main reason for that is a large amount of mana difference between Tier 6 Planetary to Tier 7 Star.

The sun is 109 times the Earth in terms of diameters. It weighs 330,000 times that of the Earth and 1.3 million planet Earth can fit inside the sun. And the sun is not that big of a star compared to some others in the vast universe.

As such, the large scope between each Tier is so high that even if granted a lifetime, a lot of species would never be able to gather enough mana to ascend to higher Tiers.

Adding to that is the fact that unlike the mana frequency of the Empire’s Arcanists, most magic systems with different mana frequencies do not grant people long lifespans.

Usually, they have to rely on the characteristic of their species to live a long life or other methods. After knowing this fact, Edward knew that the original magic system of the Harry Potter Universe was unique and possibly has some secrets when it comes to its origin.

Although Tier 6 is the limit of most species in terms of mana, there are still ways forward for them: the Path of Godhood.

In that Tier, individuals can begin to gather faith as a way forward. With enough believers, they can light up the Divine Fire in their souls to cast their Divine Body. However, their original body must be left behind.

Once the Divine Fire and Divine Body are cast, these people can be considered False Gods as there are two more steps. One is to choose a Divinity/Authority for their Godheads.

That way, they will become God of Death, God of Light, God of the Sky, etc. Of course, a person cannot just choose a Divinity and become such a God.

For example, if a person wanted to become a Time God, he has to have a plethora of knowledge on Time Magic before becoming a God. Otherwise, the process of casting their Divinity/controlling his Authority will fail and they will die.

Additionally, Edward heard that other Gods with similar Divinities might interfere with the promotion of another to prevent future competition.

After casting their Divinity, a person will then be referred to as a Pseudo-God. And only after the last process will they become real Gods. And the final process is to create the God Kingdom and rise to the Outer Realm.

The God Kingdom is essentially a small universe where the souls of God’s believers will go after death; it is rumored that Gods are the most powerful in their Kingdom.

As for the Outer Realm? Well, in Edward’s universe, Gods are not allowed to intervene in the material realm. So, once someone becomes God, they have to enter the Outer Realm with their kingdom.

The only way for a god to use his power in the physical world is by having a vessel that can hold their powers. They can descend into the physical world by taking over the body of their chosen vessels.

Vessels are usually very talented people that are compatible with the power of a certain God, hence the reason that they are chosen. Usually, people with the same bloodline as a God are the perfect vessels. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for a God to reproduce and leave offsprings beings.

Vessels are usually referred to as Saint or Saintess and hold very high power in the church of their God; more often than not, they are usually the pope.

After feeling the power inside his body, Edward began to think about the knowledge he has about Gods. He would never walk the path of faith. Forget the fact that these people are essentially prisoners stuck in the Outer Realm, there is still a great downside to Faith Gods.

As long as they have enough believers, the gods can rapidly rise in rank. However, in the same way, as long as these believers stopped believing or are killed, the power of the Gods would drastically plummet.

So, Edward did not want such unreliable power. Nevertheless, he did not even have the method to become a God as this knowledge is quite rare. Even if he did, he would not use it.

But he still was interested in using the power of God without the downsides, if possible. So far, his only hope of doing so lies with Herpo.

Since he had advanced to a higher tier, Edward tested his power. Suddenly, he disappeared and when he appeared again, he was already on Planet Mars.

He disappeared again and appeared on Jupiter; he repeated this process until he arrived on Neptune. After that, he began to test his destructive power. This time, he did not use the Room of Requirement to recreate planet Earth or other planets in the solar system; that would be a waste of energy.

He took a ship to travel throughout the galaxy and discovered inhabited planets or asteroids of different sizes. Then, he would use powerful spells. According to the data gathered, he can destroy a planet the size of Jupiter but more than 90% of his mana would be gone in the process.

After that, he did one last test. He separated his soul from his body, yet his body was able to function on its own; it could walk, talk, and even cast spells on its own.

This was the result of one of many of Lily’s research over the years. Using the connection of the soul and the body to control it. This magic has similar properties to how Edward can communicate with another part of his soul across universes through the Soul Dimension.

Although this spell seemed useless, it has great value. For one, it increased Edward’s knowledge of the soul. Over the past years, he has been studying the Book of the Dead and the Book of Amun-Ra extendedly.

As a result, he has now a very deep understanding of Necromancy, Soul Magic, and the Underworld/Afterlife. His current knowledge allows him to call someone’s soul from the beyond in any universe.

Previously, he would need the help of the Deathly Hallows to call someone’s soul from Herpo’s hand. But now, he can do it alone. Now, no matter where he goes, as long as he adapts to the universe and said universe has a concept of the underworld, he should be able to call the soul of the diseases from the afterlife.

Of course, Edward would not easily do so as his spell is not as covert as he would like. By using it, it is easier for him to alert any God or Entity in charge of the underworld, thus causing trouble to himself.

Now, back to the Soulless Body Controlling Magic. Another benefit of this spell is that it can be used to lure an enemy out during a time of danger. That way, the enemy could destroy a caster’s body while the soul survives.

After all, a body can be recreated but once the soul is destroyed, it is permanent death.

And the last advantage that Edward can think of this magic is how beneficial it would be to the Gods in his universe. If they could control their original bodies after ascending to godhood, they could use this spell to use their original body as a vessel instead of searching for someone else that is compatible with them.

This spell could help have more power and control in the physical world.

After all the tests were finished, Edward finally left his room as he knew that it was time for the plot of the second mummy movie to begin.


Title: Anubis’ Plan


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