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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 198: Business Bahasa Indonesia


“So, what brought you to see me, your majesty?” asked Dumbledore. Previously, Edward has always been very restrained, or cautious when it came to expanding or interacting with other races or factions in the universe.

This is one of the reasons that Dumbledore only managed to gather so little information after so many years. That, and the fact that he was truly too weak to gain access to certain information.

‘Could it be…’

“As you guessed, I am prepared to take a more proactive approach than before,” replied Edward. “So, I brought many things for you.”

Then, he took Dumbledore and Fleur into a pocket dimension he brought with him.

“The first thing is access to the Arcane Grand Library in Skynet. Previously, you could not get access to it because of distance. But now, I have placed a server in a dimension that only you can access.

“So, no matter where you are, you can get the knowledge you want. Of course, according to the Empire Law, you still have to pay Merit.”

Dumbledore nodded his head without complaining. As one of the few Level 4 authorities of the Empire, he had a massive discount on all knowledge of the Empire.

Additionally, he is considered on a secret mission under the order of the Emperor. So, he still receives a lot of merit for the information he provides.

Dumbledore quickly glanced at the information in the library. His eyes lit up after seeing the Tier 4 and 5 knowledge.

In the past five years since Edward was gone, he decided to take more risks and became a mercenary to gather more information quickly. One of the important pieces of information he gathered was regarding the different Tiers.

He wanted to report back to the Empire. Unfortunately, for security reasons, his only contact was with Edward but the latter was not here. He only reported the information a few months ago.

However. Edward had already known about it. Nevertheless, Dumbledore still receives his merits for doing his job.

Dumbledore did not hesitate to buy this knowledge; he knew more than anyone else the importance of higher Tier in this universe. With his talent and a hundred years of mana, it will not take long for him to reach Tier 5 with this method.

As for the contracts needed to sign for the Tier 5 knowledge, he signed it without hesitation. Over the years, he has seen all the good things Edward has done for not only wizards but also the non-magical.

He has seen how prosperous wizards can be under the right leadership. As such, Dumbledore has many times wondered if he did not choose to suppress his power and guide wizards in the path of magic and knowledge, what would the world be now?

He admits that he is not a visionary like Edward and could not bring them to the current height of the Empire. However, he could have eliminated many of the backwardnesses of wizards and advanced magic by a few hundred years.

By the time Edward came along, it would have been easier to change the status quo of the wizarding world. Additionally, with his foundation, Edward could have advanced the magical civilization of the Empire even further than it was currently at, and at a much more rapid rate.

After sighing internally, Dumbledore moved on. He was old enough to know not to dwell in the past as there was no medicine for regret. Even magic could not do so.

Of course, despite feeling this way about Edward and the Empire, Dumbledore still has his values and views that he will not compromise on. As he told Edward many times, if he ever becomes corrupted by power–both political and personal–and endangered the Empire, he will fight him to his death.

And a strong will person like him means his promise.

Meanwhile, Edward–who did not know that so many things went through his former headmaster’s head–continued his talk.

“I have to warn you that if someone discovered this dimension or stole its coordinate from your mind, it is programmed to self-detonate. So, if one day you cannot connect to it, you should contact me immediately.”

After explaining this, he led the two of them to another room where many people led in a pod sleeping.

“These people are arcanists that had their bloodline modified or infused with a Metamorphmagus one. Additionally, they have studied the Human Transfiguration Spell to the highest level.

“In order words, they are the perfect spy. They can turn into any race while ensuring that their appearance, bloodline, gene, and even soul looked as needed.”

Dumbledore immediately understood the meaning behind this. His job now was to send these people to infiltrate important races or factions in the Milky Way Galaxy.

“Speaking of Metamorphmagus, how is Tonks?” asked Dumbledore.

“She’s fine. She wanted to be part of this project, however, Lupin seems to have disagreed and they even argued. Now, they seemed to have reached a compromise that she will be part of the next batch.”

Dumbledore understood Lupin’s worry. After all, the first group will be the most dangerous one. After explaining a few things, Edward said:

“Be warned though, their transformation is not absolute and can be seen through, so be careful.”

He then led the group to another room. This time, it contained countless spaceships; it was an armada of intergalactic spaceships with powerful weapon systems on them.

“What do you want me to do, your majesty?”

“First, I want you to form your own powerful mercenary group, and these ships are to support you,” replied Edward calmly.

“However, this is not the main objective. The main objective is to start a business selling low-level magical weapons, and quickly spread it throughout the galaxy.”

Dumbledore caressed his beard as he pondered for a moment.

“This is not impossible, but the interests of many people will be affected.”

He knew that with 3D printing technology, the Empire could mass-produce many low-level magical weapons, which gave them an advantage.

“You are correct about that,” replied Edward. “With us on the market, many people will be affected but only a few are worth paying attention to.

“The elves are more focused on high-end magic items, so they will not care much. The ones we have to worry about are the humans, the dwarves, and the goblins.

“When it comes to the dwarves, they are not that good with enchantments and focused more on using blacksmith to bring out the full effect of magical ores. So, we can partner up with them.

“As for the goblins, you can pay these greedy bastards a small percentage to get them out of our way until we swallow up the market and push them out. Do not be afraid to show your strength, otherwise, they will want to take more and more from you.

“As for our fellow brethren, use this business to get into contact with them. The empire needs population to grow, so they will be our next grand conquest.”

“As you wish.”

Edward then talked to Dumbledore as they detailed how to execute their future business plan. Then, Edward spent the next few days on a small vacation with Fleur, enjoying himself and forgetting all his responsibilities. Then, he took his spaceship and returned to Earth.


Title: Pirate


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