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Edward still ignored the elf’s action despite noticing his action. He focused on analyzing the bow in his hand. This time, he mobilized more mana to offset the resistance of the bow.

Then, an arrow appeared on the bow. Under Edward’s control, the arrow changed into different colors: blue, red, yellow, green, and a few other colors.

While injecting his mana, he was observing the enchantments on the bow. Meanwhile, the dwarf was scared after seeing Edward’s mana.

‘This quality of mana. Could this person be a dragon that has transformed into a human?’

As a mercenary, the only time he witnessed such high-quality mana was when he was tasked to hunt down an infant dragon that reached Tier 5. Many people in his group died during that hunt because of how powerful that dragon was.

“This bow only has two basic enchantments. One is to use mana to manifest arrows. The other one is an Elemental Converter Enchantment that allows the arrows to have different elemental properties.

“In general, this is a very basic weapon. The only noteworthy thing about it is the material. This wood allowed a basic consciousness to be born in this weapon, thus allowing it to grow with the user.

“So, the more powerful the user and the longer that they use it, the more powerful the bow will become.”

In just a few minutes, he clearly analyzed the entire essence of this elven weapon. This was enough to shock the dwarf and the elf, but what happened next was more shocking to them.

Edward pointed his finger at the bow and he began to modify the enchantment on it. The elf opened his mouth to say something but stopped at the last minute.

10 minutes later, Edward stopped and said to the elf: “I’ve never studied Elven Enchantments, so I cannot add more enchantments to the bow. However, I have modified the existing enchantments.’

He then returned the bow to the elf who hurriedly caught it and tested it out. Immediately after injecting his mana into the bow, he felt the connection that he always had with his weapon become stronger.

He could feel a happy mood exuding from the bow. And there were even more surprises. The mana required to create the arrows decreased by at least 40%, so did the mana required to add elemental properties.

The power of the elements increased by 60%, especially the thunder element increased by 85%.

In conclusion, not only does the use of this weapon now require less mana, its destructive powers have drastically increased.

‘How could he do this in just a few minutes? He must have studied eleven enchantments before.’

This is the only logical conclusion that the elf could think of. Although he was not an Artificer, he knew what kind of ability is required to accomplish such a task.

No matter what kind of enchantment, it required precise control of mana that is inhuman. When engraving, the slightest mistake down the nanometers could destroy the enchantment.

Now, this person did not use any instrument, just his fingers to modify the enchantment. Forget the fact that he instantly learned and analyzed the enchantment on the spot, the skill required to accomplish this task is nothing but extraordinary.

Of course, this is not the main reason that he was shocked. He has seen Divine Artificers in his clan. Individuals are blessed by their Elf Gods, so this level of skill is barely acceptable to them.

What shocked him the most was the Mana Frequency. To be able to use Elven Enchantments or modify them, it would require a person to have the same mana frequency as the elves.

To have this frequency, a person will have to either be an elf or spent years studying Elven Magic. Even then, there is a high chance that he or she will not succeed.

After all, studying magic in one system is already difficult as it is, let alone studying other races or civilizations.

So, the elf knew that for Edward’s words to be true, he would have to instantly learn the Elven Mana Frequency and change it on the spot. This was simply impossible.

Unfortunately, the elf was right. Once he summoned his daggers, Edward felt his mana fluctuation and recorded his mana frequency. With Morgana connected to his soul, he is essentially a walking computer, so the process did not take that long.

As for instantly changing his frequency, this has to do with both his magical talent and the nature of wizards’ mana. One of the advantages of Harry Potter’s Wizards is the fact that the frequency of their mana makes it very malleable, able to more easily change to other frequencies.

As such, it is also easier for them to learn other magic systems. When Hermione invented the Mages Method, she also ensure that the frequency of mana used by them was the same as wizards.

So now, all arcanists in the Empire have this advantage.

Edward could see the shock in the elf’s face, but he did not care. He could guess some of the reasons for such a shock. Based on his short study of this weapon, he could only modify the enchantments not recreate them.

Only by studying Elven Enchantments or buying countless weapons to reverse-engineered their technology that he would be able to learn about their magic and technology.

However, that’s for future plans. His Arcane Rune Magic was still in rapid development and he did not need to rush.

“My name is Edward Bones, what about you two?”

“My name is Huki Ironflame,” said the dwarf with a loud void.

“It is a pleasure to meet another fellow Artificer,” said Edward.

“No, no, no, I cannot accept such a title. At best, I can be considered an accomplished blacksmith.”

Edward gave him a slight glance and could guess that there was a story behind these words. Nevertheless, for this dwarf to be able to spot the intricacy of his ring, it shows that he was not simple.

Then, Edward looked at the elf. The latter had regained his composure, bowed elegantly, and said: “The name is Garchon Quenya, It is a pleasure to meet such a talented Artificer as you, Sir. And I apologize for my previous rude remark.”

With a lie detector test, Edward could tell that this elf was not telling his real name, most likely the pseudo-name he used as a mercenary. However, he did not care as this was a common thing in this profession.

Most of these people are dealing with shady things, so they often have to hide their real identity. Additionally, there are many curses that require the real name of someone to cast them.

“Young elf, there is nothing wrong with being proud of your race. However, too much pride is not a good thing.”

Garchon was a little embarrassed to be called a young man. As an elf, even with increasing his Tier, he still has a natural life span of a thousand years. So, his young appearance does not show his real age.

However, he did not say anything. Based on his short interaction with Edward, he knew that this person was not only a very powerful Artificer but also a very powerful Caster by the way he took his weapon without him being able to react.

Edward took out two cards and handed them over to the two of them. He first said to the elf: “If you want to buy more powerful weapons, or upgrade current ones, you can contact me.”

The elf took the card without hesitation and politely thank him; his demeanor was drastically different from their first encounter.

“As for you, if you are ever interested in exchanging ideas and knowledge, or just buy weapons as well, you can contact me.”

The dwarf seemed to hesitate as he extended his hand before reeling it in. He did this at least five times before accepting the card. Edward just smiled after seeing this and left with Fleur.

As they walked to their private room, he used Mind Link to communicate with her.

“I can see that you have many questions.”

“Yes. I understand the reason you invested in the Elf as I can feel the powerful and noble bloodline inside his body that has yet to awaken. However, is that the only reason?”

“No, I’m also very interested in the wood his bow is made of. As you know, there are currently only two ways for a magical construct to have consciousness. Ether use very complicated enchantments to program it like a computer or bound a soul to it.

“However, that bow did not use any of these two methods.”

“What about the dwarf? His action puzzled me. Why did he struggle so hard to accept your invitation?”


Title: Ultimate Goal


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