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A few hours after Edward’s main body ran away, Truth managed to contain the Void Energy Explosion and repair all the damage to his Knowledge Dimension. With a wave of his hand, the clone that was standing in the Tower was annihilated along with the building.

However, Truth was not satisfied as he knew that this was nothing but an empty vessel; his wrath was not quelled. So, he directly took measures.

He headed for the Akashic Gate.

“I need the information about this wizard’s homeworld and access to the ability to travel there. As for the price, I will pay anything.”

Truth then showed Edward’s face, DNA, fingerprint, Mana Fluctuation, and even Soul Frequency. A While light came from the door to scan the information.

A few seconds later, a cold and mechanical voice:

“Dear Customer, the information you are requesting is under heavy protection. You do not have the sufficient level clearance to search for it.”

“What? On who’s order?” asked Truth.

“Your level of clearance is not enough to access such information.”

Truth then finally remembered something he had overlooked because of his anger. When he first met Edward, his soul was protected by a powerful mark: Merlin’s Mark. He finally remembered that this wizard was sponsored by Merlin.

So, if he wanted to use the Akashic Record to track him down, it was impossible.

Truth finally calmed down as he reviewed what happened. In the end, besides being humiliated, he did not lose much.

The [Authority] that was stolen was only a small part of it. The soul energy could be renewed, the Knowledge Dimension was repaired. Its greatest loss so far was the fact that all the people in this world had their Gate of Truth sacrificed, making them unable to use Alchemy. Truth had to grant them new ones.

After convincing itself of this, it proceeded with the aftermath of this event.

Meanwhile, Edward was in the process of running away. After destroying Olivier and her family’s Gate of Truth, he said to Morgana: “Close all the unnecessary sections and use the bare minimum energy requires to function. Then, use all the energy to return home.”

Under his order, the speed of the Gate drastically increased. As for Edward, he was contemplating his confrontation with Truth. He realized that there were two reasons that his plan succeeded.

First was the Luck Potion which allowed Truth to be occupied at the exact opportune time. Unfortunately, this potion has the reverse effect once used too often. Plus, it was not nearly as potent when used back home.

Most likely because only Harry Potter’s luck was used when previously tested, but this time he use many protagonists and side characters.

Of course, the thing that contributed the most to the success of the plan was the void energy. Without it, Edward would not be able to hide from Truth’s sight. Without it, he would be rendered powerless in front of its power.

However, when it comes to the Void, Edward had some conflicting thoughts or feelings. He believed that with his ability, he would one day find a way to travel to other worlds. However, the process should have lasted a long time, hence the reason he wanted to attain immortality.

Yet, fate or luck seemed to be in his favor. He discovered a hole in reality that led to the void. And after studying it, he managed to find a way to advance his timetable by who knows how many years.

To Edward, this was too much of a coincidence. Of all the infinite parallel timelines, he would discover the one with this hole in it.

At first, Edward thought that he was being paranoid. However, his meeting with Rowena in that timeline proved to him that he was right to be wary.

The Rowena he met in that timeline was affected by void energy that was corroding her soul. Edward knew how powerful this kind of energy was. Even a being as powerful Tier 11 as Truth feared it. With his power, he could only expel it.

Yet, Rowena’s soul was affected by the smallest amount of energy; the quality was also very low. This level of void energy was perfect for studying and understanding it.

Although the Void was full of this kind of energy, it did not mean that a person could easily detect it and control it. However, the one in Rowena’s soul was the perfect ratio that allowed Edward to understand the properties of void energy; to learn how to gather and use it.

Everything was too coincidental. So, he became wary and wanted answers; he knew who to get them from.

As the gate rapidly flew in the Void, Morgana appeared next to Edward and asked: “Master, you seemed in a rush, and not just because you want to run away.

“You are correct. According to my prediction, the Akashic Record should contain the coordination of many worlds–including ours. This is one of the reasons that I want to get access to it.

“I wanted to use the record to be able to travel to different worlds; to have the ability or option to choose which world to go to instead of simply relying on luck.”

“So, you’re worried that Truth will use the Record to find our home coordinate?”


“But master, if he does that, what could you possibly do to stop him?”

“Hehe, when you’re weak, of course, you have to rely on people stronger than you,” replied Edward with a snake-like smile.

A month later, Edward returned home to the Harry Potter World. However, he did not immediately return home but stood outside of the void while sending a signal.

After waiting for a while, his Gate was forcefully pulled by a powerful strength.

After exiting, Edward saw an old man with a long white beard waiting for him.

“Old Man Merlin, I’m glad you’re doing well,” said Edward with a big smile on his face.

Merlin was momentarily caught surprised by his words, before slightly laughing: “You must be in trouble to be acting so cheeky. Tell me what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

Edward was a little embarrassed that he was seen through, however, over the years, he had developed a thick skin to deal with so many wives. Otherwise, he would have suffered.

So, with a big smile on his face, he acted as if Merlin was his closest friend, his elder that he could lean on in times of crisis.


Title: Long-Awaited Answers


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