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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 172: Farewell Bahasa Indonesia

The Void, outside of the universe, Edward was sunbathing with an artificial sun; he laid in a chair with a drink next to him while reading a book. The title of the book was “The Synchronization of Time Flow Between The Void and the Universe.”

This was book was written by him and little Morgana. One thing he has always been curious about was the fact that the passage of time in his Gate was the same as the Full Metal Universe.

Logically speaking, the void was outside of space and time, so there should be some difference. Yet, they were the same. Additionally, while in his gate, he could still communicate with people inside, and even still feel the connection with his clone.

All of these should be impossible. So, he did some research on the subject to find the reason.

Unfortunately, the best answer he came up with was because of some of the enchantments that Merlin gave him. Edward thought that he had completely understood these enchantments–especially after translating them into his new magic system.

But he was wrong. He was far from reaching the level of Old Man Merlin. Truth be told, Edward suspect that the Merlin he met in his homeworld was actually the real one.

From what he knows, Merlin has existed in countless media, thus countless universes. So, he theorized that there was an original or real Merlin while the others are clones or projections of the true one.

The same theory can be applied to Nicolas Flamel and Atlantis; this is one of the reasons that he did not destroy or conquer it before he left the Empire despite knowing that these sea breathers were troublemakers.

While Edward was engrossed in reading his book, the watch on his hand suddenly chirped. He glanced at for a moment, then muttered: “It’s been 50 years, now, the time has finally arrived.”

In the past 50 years, he has spent most of his time studying and developing his new magic system. By now, he has already translated all the spells in the Empire’s Library and invented many more.

He conducted many other experiments and deepen his understanding of magic.

As for his strength, he was still in Tier 5, but his mana has increased a lot. However, he could feel that he was nowhere near the 6th Tier.

The reason for that was his body. Edward discovered that his Wizard System was different than the previous. Before, as long as his soul was powerful enough to control his mana, he could rapidly increase it by either relying on potions or the Philosopher’s Stone.

However, now, there was a third requirement: his body needed to be of sufficient strength to withstand his crystalized mana, otherwise, it will just damage it instead.

Luckily for him, he had previously invented the [Aura Master] profession which could strengthen his body. Regrettably, this system is very crude and rudimentary.

It mainly involved transforming mana into aura, then using said aura to strengthen the body. That’s basically it. As such, the increase in his body strength has been quite slow.

Over the years, he has discovered that his talent for [Aura] is quite mediocre, so he is waiting to return to the Empire to have other people–especially the Wizard Knights–to develop this system further.

After receiving the notifications in his watch, Edward’s consciousness descended into the world.

Armstrong Family Manor, two old people with hunch backs stood on the balcony. It was one man and one woman.

“So, I’ve reached my limit?” asked Olivier who looked at the wrinkles on her finger and arm; she was old.

“Yes,” replied Edward’s clone.

“Well, to live up to 107 years, it’s not bad.”

“That’s true.”

The two paused for a moment, then Olivier asked: “How do you feel about watching all the people you knew die?”

Edward was silent after hearing this. In the past 70 years, all the people he knew or even considered friends already died of old age.

The Elric Brothers, May Chang, Izumi Curtis, Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, and even Hughes and his wife. Edward attended their funerals one by one. He even offered Hughes immortality with his family and the prospect of going to his universe with him, but he refused.

In the end, he died peacefully.

And he was not the only one who refused. The little girl Nina Tucker also refused his offer. In the end, she died at 70 years old.

“One of the things that I will have to learn in my travel is to get used to death. I can not save everyone, nor can I force everyone to travel the same path as me. I’m just glad that I found you and you accepted my offer.”

Olivier nodded her head. Decades ago, she decided to send her family away with Edward, so he enjoyed her peaceful mortal life while she could. Now, she was prepared for the journey ahead.

“When are you starting?” asked Olivier.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not stupid. I could feel that you are preparing to do something major, and you’re just waiting for me to leave before you begin.”

Edward paused for a moment before saying: “One of the downsides of being with me is that sometimes, you have to look the other way around and not ask questions.”

“What will happen if I keep asking questions?”

“You won’t find any answer from me.”

“What if I find the answers myself.”

Edward became silent for a few long seconds, “In that case, you might discover the real me.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“I honestly do not know,” replied Edward as he looked into the distance. Olivier raised her hand to caress his face, then said: “You do not have to worry; no matter what I found, I will still love you: both the good and the bad.”

Edward smiled after hearing this, “It’s time to go.”

A Gate suddenly appeared swallowing the two of them. Edward proceeded to feed her a Youthful Potion, then used an Elixir of Life to prolong her lifespan.

Since Olivier did not want to use the Elixir from the stone made of human souls, he had to use one made out life force similar to the one he gave to May Chang.

Once she regained her youthful vigor, he placed her in cryosleep.

Meanwhile, the clone inside the Void Shield suddenly opened his eyes, then muttered: “It’s time for the final confrontation.”

Title: Final Confrontation (II)


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