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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 17: Introduction (2) Bahasa Indonesia

On the table of Hufflepuffs, as soon as Dumbledore finished introduced Edwards, someone immediately said:

“Susan, your surname is also Bones, are you related to this new Professor?”

Susan nodded her head, “Yes, he is my cousin.”

“In that case, you must know him very well. So, what kind of person is he?”

“Well, I only have a few memories of him. However, I remember that he was very nice with me, always buying me toys and candy. However, he can be very strict sometimes when it comes to magic.”

The person who asked the question nodded along with the other students of Hufflepuffs.

Meanwhile, Susan also took a trip down memory lane. As a matter of fact, she remembers a great deal of things about Edwards.

She remembered that when she was four years old, her cousin fed her some kind of weird potion, then she had her first magic riot. Then, from then on, before bed, she would be placed in a special room in the house.

After entering the room, she would stimulate many accidental magic burst or magic power riots (as refered by her cousin) without her control, over and over again. At first she was confused why she had to do such a thing, however, later her aunt explained to her that this room was designed specifically for her by her cousin in order for her to create a magic power riot.

According to her aunt, Amelia, all wizards have a magic core inside the body that holds their magic powers. By constantly depleting her magic power everyday and allowing it to replenish itself at a young age, it will make it easier for her to control her magic later on; By that time, magic will be like another limb to her, easily controlled and wielded.

When Susan was 6 years old, her cousin graduated from Hogwarts and left to travel the world, so she rarely saw him from then on. Of course, she would receive letters and a gift every christmas and every birthday.

On her 8th birthday, she received a wand and a magical book personally created by Edward. The book contained a lot of his understanding of magic. However, it was hard for Susan to understand some of the things inside. Fortunately, this book was not an ordinary one.

The book was an alchemy product enchanted with a powerful Memory Charm. When learning a specific spell from the book, she would enter Edward’s memory and relive all his understanding and experience of practicing said spells. Then, her aunt will supervise her to practice the spells for at least two hours a day, everyday.

(AN; Similar to how Tom Riddle’s Diary could show his memory back at Hogwarts, but even more powerful.)

This lasted for 3 years until she reached the age to attend Hogwarts. As a result of such training, Susan has grown to love magic and practice hard everyday–even without her aunt supervision.

Susan did not know how special she was until she met a few people on the train. She learned from them that they did not know any magic, while she started to practice spells in the third grade already.

—-Scene Break—

After Dumbledore introduced Edward, he walked in front of the students to say a few words.

“Some of you may already know me, as for the ones who do not, hello, I am Edward Bones, your future Professor of Alchemy. First thing to know is the fact that since my class is an elective, only Third Grades and above can take it.”

(AN: According to my research, Hogwarts does offer Alchemy classes, however, it is only when enough students are interested in the class, and it is only available to 6th and 7th graders.)

“My class does not require you to take either the O.W.L’s exams or the N.E.W.T. However, what I will teach you are real skills that can change your lives, or even the entire Wizarding World. Well, let me give all of you a brief demonstration.

“You over there, the young lady with the Ravenclaw pin. Come to the front.” Edward was pointing at a young woman at the Ravenclaw table.

She was at first surprised by the fact that she was called, however, she still followed his instruction and came to the front.

“What is your name?”

“P-Penelope Clearwater.”

“A beautiful name. Can I borrow your pin badge for a few seconds?”

She nodded her head before handing him the blue pin badge with an Eagle on it. Edwards took it and gave a brief examination.

Then, he held it in both his hands and started muttering long and weird incantations from his mouth. His hand glowed light green. A few minutes later, he gave her back the pin badge. “Try it.”

Penelope was at first confused, but she still placed the badge on her uniforms. Following which, she found herself floating in the air. At first, she was scared, then she soon got the hang of it.

So, Penelope started to fly around the hallway like one of the ghosts; she flew over all the tables as she had a smile on her face; she would even yell out loud. Meanwhile, all the students and professors were looking at her with wonder. Many students wished that it was either them or their houses that was chosen.

Of course the most surprised of these people was actually Dumbledore himself. As an alchemist, he knows what it takes to enchants a random object in a few minutes without a wand, and on the spot without any preparations; let alone enchanting them to be able to fly.

He could not do such a thing; As a matter of fact, the only person he knows who can do such a thing is his old friend, Nicolas Flamel

After flying for five minutes, the enchantment on the badge seemed to have run out, so Edward waved his hand and Penelope landed on the ground without problem, then she returned to her seat.

Despite having such an achievement in Alchemy, Edward was not proud of his ability. He has seen the movie Thor in his past life. Godking Odin was able to enchant a divine object like Mjolnir with a few words, and the enchantment was permanent. As for him, it took him a few minutes to enchant and it can only lasted five minutes.

If his plans manage to work, he will eventually meet these legendary characters. So, Edward did not become too proud because of his little accomplishments.


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