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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 160: Magic System (III) Bahasa Indonesia

After finding a solution to his problem, Edward began to fix it. Alchemy runes are usually made of geometrical patterns like triangles and squares and are used as a way to control and release energy in a way most conducive to the alchemist.

With all the alchemy runes of this world along with the knowledge of the Eye of God, it only took Edward an hour to design the new runes for the fire spell.

In general, the design of the magic circle was not that different with the same draconic language, ancient runes, wandcraft incantation, and the fire and salamander symbol.

What was different was the hourglasses made of triangles in the middle. Instead, it was replaced by a more complex geometrical symbol.

After everything was done, Edward was satisfied and activated the circle with his mana. A blue flame the size of a basketball appeared immediately afterward.

He waited for a few seconds to see if there would be any other accident, but nothing happened.


He then continued to increase the amount of mana in the circle, as a result, the flame increased in size until it was about 30 meters in diameter. Under his control, the flame turned into a ball.

As he looked at the fireball in front of him, he created another magic circle. The runes of this one were similar to the previous one, with only a few ones changed.

After activating it, another blue fireball appeared. Unlike the first one, he did not have to control the flame to change shape into a ball but appeared that way.

Finally, Edward created another magic circle and a third fireball appeared. As he looked at all these fireballs, he began to think about the fundamental difference between them.

In the first two, he transformed mana into fire elements that can be controlled. As for the last one, he controlled the oxygen around to make the flame. One use magic, while the other use science. Nevertheless, he was very satisfied with the versatility of this new magic system.

Nodding his head with a little pride, Edward quickly calmed down before saying: “Morgana, based on the data we have at hand, optimize the runes in these three spells.”

“As you wish, sir.”

“How long will it take?”

“1h 32 mn 19s.”

“In that case, I’ll go eat something.”

More than an hour later, Edward looked at the optimized runes in front of him with his lips twitching. He thought that he had created a masterpiece, but Morgana discovered so many problems with them.

He used his mana to cast the newly improved spell, and he discovered that with the same amount of mana, he can create a flame 3 times the size of a basketball.

Edward sighed after seeing this result. This is the wonder of artificial intelligence. When it comes to magic, Edward was quite prideful, and rightfully so.

In the Empire, many scientists or engineers were on par with him, and many were better than him. However, when it comes to magic talent, he had never found his match–except for Morgana.

He knew that it would take him at least a year to optimize such basic spells to such a level, yet, the little elf only took an hour. And this was only because she was not operating at maximum capacity.

This is one of the reasons that he strictly controlled the use of artificial intelligence in the Empire. Although he knew with it, the rapid progress of the Empire would be even faster.

Nevertheless, he still insisted that artificial intelligence is used as nothing but helping aid humans. They can assist, speed up research, and do many of the long and tedious calculations, but the advancement of any project has to be led by humans or wizards.

Artificial Intelligence can only be an assistant.

After taking a moment to think about these things, he continued to do his research on this new magic system. Creating one or two spells was not enough to be called a new magic system.

However, Edward did not continue to create spells as he discovered another problem. To be exact, he found something he did not like; He discovered that it was very difficult to create two magic circles at the same time.

So, he concentrated and drew the magic circles in the air. However, after only five magic circles, he realized that he could not make any more, and Edward frowned.

He did not make any new attempts but continued to practice engraving runes and the magic circle. A few hours later, he could instantly engrave all five circles, meaning he could cast five spells at the same time.

Nevertheless, the number of circles did not increase.

“With how strong my soul is, I can only use five magic circles, what about other wizards?”

The reason he wanted to create this new system in the first place was that he wanted the wizards in the Empire to have a massive advantage when dealing with other magical civilizations in the future.

Yet, so far, this new system has not reached its desired outcome. Of course, Edward did not immediately come up with another method but instead decided to create other spells first and try them.

So, for the next three months, he recreated many of the spells in his database. One good news that came out of this experience was the fact that his new Arcane Rune Spells were at least 3 to 5 times more powerful than Draconic Language magic.

But, he still did not break the limitation of five magic circles. And only a few of the prisoners he tested on could use two magic circles.

As such, he prepared to use another method to break this limitation. And the solution to this problem was obvious.

Since the soul is required to engrave magic circles, then where is the source of the soul in the body? In the Soul Dimension or Soul Space.

After closing his eyes, Edward found himself in an empty white space with a gate in the middle: this was his Soul Dimension. Without hesitation, he started engraving spells inside the space, and he only stopped until the large space was filled.

Then, he returned to his body. He did not immediately activate these spells. But even his body, he could still see the magic circles in his mind.

“Interesting,” he muttered. “It seems that I can leave the spells there and use them at a later date. I should do a test on how long they can stay there.”

After that, he went to another room in the gate that was a vast desolate place with nothing in sight. Then, he used his mana to activate the spells.

Twenty magic circles appeared in front of them, then fireballs, ice spears, wind blades, lightning bolts came out of these circles.


A devastating explosion that could instantly wipe out a few modern cities took place. Massive amounts of mana enveloped the surrounding, making things even more chaotic.

As for Edward, as he floated in the sky and looked at the devastation below, he nodded in satisfaction.

“With enough mana, I could probably use more than twenty spells at the same time.”

After nodding in satisfaction, he began to train. He wanted to have the ability to enter his Soul Dimension without closing his eyes and entering a deep state of meditation or using spells.

After another three months of constant training and trial and error, a magical change occurred to Edward. His Soul Dimension and Mind seemed to fuse together.

With this change, he could now see his Gate of Truth inside his mind, and he could engrave magic circles inside with his thoughts alone.

Title: Water Resort


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