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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 158: New Magic System (I) Bahasa Indonesia

“Anomaly? What anomaly?” asked Edward.

“Based on your previous thought patterns, you seemed very obsessed with bringing the power of Alchemy to the Empire,” replied Morgana with a solemn look on her face.

“Based on this discovery, there is a high chance that a spiritual hint was placed inside your mind to make you that way.”

After hearing this, Edward suddenly understood. In the past few months, he has been thinking non-stop about how to make all the citizens of the Empire have a Gate of Truth and use Alchemy.

When he discovered that the laws of his world might not allow this to happen, he was even going to ask Truth for a way to modify the law of his world to allow people to have a Gate of Truth.

Of course, his paranoid nature did manifest itself. His plan was after receiving the method from Truth, he would not immediately use it, but go to see the old man Merlin and ask if there were any problems with the method.

Now, after finding the truth, Edward suddenly realized something he had overlooked: he could make a Gate of Truth without the help of Truth. In fact, he could recreate the entire Alchemy System on his own.

Father had long attempted to create a Gate of Truth of his own. The result of his failure was the homunculus, Gluttony. Since Edward already has the data of Father, succeeding would be much easier.

When it comes to the knowledge that Alchemist received after opening the Gate, Edward could also recreate this process as well. All he had to do was create a dimension that is connected to every alchemist’s Gate of Truth and stored information inside.

With the knowledge he acquired from the Eye of God, this was a simple thing for him.

Despite this, he never thought about doing this, but insisted on asking Truth for him. This was a problem.

Edward sighed after figuring things out; he suddenly felt that his mind was clear and that it was working properly. In the end, this was all because of his arrogance and pride.

Although he knew that Truth was such a powerful being, he did not take precautions and went to meet it. He thought that he had humbled himself by asking for permission to stay in the world, however, he forgot the saying:

“Mortals should not look up to God.”

With his measly strength, he should not directly interact with some entity–at least without the necessary information and preparation.

After figuring this out, Edward was relieved. Luckily for him, only a spiritual hint was implanted in his subconscious and nothing else. He guessed that Truth did not want him to suspect anything and believed that wanting to bring Alchemy back to his world was his own idea.

Just like the saying, “You can make a person walk straight to hell as long as they believe it was their idea.”

As for the reason that Truth wanted him to change the laws of his world? Edward could guess there were many benefits for the latter.

After figuring things out, a ruthless light flashed across Edward’s eyes as he looked at the crystal wall in front of him: a crazy idea came to his mind. He was never a person to suffer a loss so easily.

However, he did not rush to do things; he still had plenty of time to plan things easily.

He waved his hand and a holographic image appeared in front of him. Inside, there were three documents labeled: Wandcraft Magic, Draconian Language Magic, and Devil Whisper Magic.

He opened the Wandcraft Magic folder and there were many folders of subcategories like Conjuring, Elemental, White Magic, Transfiguration, Dark Magic, etc. And each of those categories had other subcategories like Necromancy and Summoning.

Basically, the Wandcraft magic was all the spells created by the Empire based on the original Harry Potter magic that was based on Latin and Old English incantation.

Edward closed the folder before opening the Draconic Magic one. This one also had many subcategories of magic. The majority of magic in the first folder was converted to Draconic Magic since it was more powerful.

Additionally, there was the category of Time Magic that did not exist in the first folder.

As for the third folder, it had the least subcategories and amount of spells. Its magic was more focused on the soul and mind, along with contracts.

“Morgana, create two new folders: one labeled Gate Alchemy. As for the second…call it Arcane Rune Magic.”

“As you wish, sir,”

Two new folders were created. On the one named “Gate Alchemy”, she uploaded all the knowledge that they received in this world. As for the second one, it was blank.

Edward has long been dissatisfied with these two different magic systems for different reasons.

The wandcraft system had many flaws. For one, it was very hard to cast spells without incantation. According to his study, without incantation, wizards can only use 90% of the power of any spells. Even Edward can only use 95% of the power of the spell, and that seems to be the limit.

Meaning that if two wizards used the same amount of mana, one used incantation and the other did not, the latter can only use 90% of the power of the spell–and only if he is gifted.

Of course, the silent cast still has its advantage in speed.

Another disadvantage is the fact that multiple spells are very difficult to accomplish. Using that system, a wizard can only use one spell after the other.

If you wanted to use “Ice Spear” and “Pyroblast” together, it’s not possible.

As for the Draconic Language Magic, this one has problems as well. Although powerful, this does not change the fact that it’s the magic of the dragon race.

Humans and dragons have different souls and anatomy–especially in the vocal cord. So, it is very difficult to bring out the full extent of this magic. On top of that, Edward believed that he did not get the full language from Albion’s bloodline.

Based on what he learned about dragons from the latter, their magic should be way more powerful. Of course, that is if he was not bragging.

Lastly, the Devil Whisper Magic. Over the years, based on the Devil Language that Edward learned to make his contract, the Empire managed to recreate the magic power of that language.

Unfortunately, it is currently still incomplete.

Another major complaint that Edward had with these three magic systems was how tedious it was to engrave all these words when making magic items–especially large items like spaceships or the Floating City.

It took too much time and could not fully bring out the power of the enchantment.

So, based on his recent study of Gate Alchemy, he decided to merge all four of these things together to create a new magic system.

Happy New Year and hope that this one is better than the last. May God, Buddha, the Dao, or the Universe bless all of you and your future endeavors.


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