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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 149: Fort Briggs Bahasa Indonesia

Edward Elric sat in a medical room while listening to a female doctor telling him about how he needed to have a special automail because of the cold weather in the north, otherwise, he would freeze to death.

He placed his clothes back on, then complained about how he was forced to pay 100 cents for coffee that was not that good. Then, the door suddenly opened with three people walking in.

“Mr. Bones, you’re also here?”

“Oh, it’s Edward number 2. How have you been doing?”

“You know this individual?” interrupted a beautiful woman with long blonde hair wearing a blue army uniform. While standing, she exuded an air of dominance and authority.

“Major General Armstrong,” saluted the doctor.

“At ease,” replied Olivier before looking at the Elric Brothers. “Answer my question.”

“We’ve met him before and he helped save the lives of a friend of ours. But, General, how do you know him,” replied Ed.

“A few days ago, this man showed up here and I thought he was a spy, so I tried to capture him. Unfortunately, he single-handedly defeated all my men–and with no effort.”

Ed and Al were momentarily surprised, however, after thinking about how knowledgeable of an alchemist he was, they thought that it made sense.

“Mr. Bones, I thought you were headed to Xing?” asked Al.

“I am, but I decided to visit the north beforehand.”

The reason that Edward lied was that he knew that these two were looking for May Chang to learn Alkahestry, and if they knew that he already visited there, they might ask him instead.

Edward has no problem teaching them. Over the years, he has discovered that he had a passion for teaching. Nevertheless, since he decided not to interfere too much with the plot, he decided to avoid them for now.

Meanwhile, Olivier looked at these people happily chatting like acquaintances, coughed out loud to get everyone’s attention, then she proceeded to ask the Elric brothers about their attention for coming to Fort Briggs.

And just like in the anime, she did not cuddle these brothers even though they were children.

‘She deserved the title of Ice Queen,’ thought Edward to himself.

After the conversation ended, Olivier asked her men to give the brothers a job, then she left the medical room. Edward along with Captain Buccaneer followed her.

“Those two boys haven’t exactly had easy lives, General,” said the Captain as he secretly looked at Edward. His eyes showed that he was both on guard against him, as well as worship and a little fear.

“I believe that they may have witnessed some carnage in their times. But I can tell that on the inside they remain soft and weak. And what’s more, those two have a secret they aren’t telling us.”

Olivier then looked at Edward who magically had some weird fruit bag on his hand and ate it nonchalantly; her intuition told her that he knew something.

Soon, the three of them reached Olivier’s office. Edward and she entered while the Captain remained on guard outside. While still eating, Edward looked at the General on her chair and asked:

“So, have you thought about my offer?”

She looked at him with a serious face for a moment before saying: “You randomly appeared out of nowhere, tell me that you’re a wizard from another world and an Emperor to a vast Empire.

“Then, you offered me to become your concubine and promised me to lead an army, unlike anything I could possibly imagine. Tell me, if you were a normal person, how would you feel?”

Edward pondered for a moment, “Well, you have a point. How about I show you some proof first?”

“I would appreciate that very much.”

Nodding his head, he made a downward motion in the air, then a space fissure occurred before a Gate suddenly appeared in the room. Looking at the General that was trying hard to retain her composure, Edward smiled and said: “After you.”

Olivier paused for a moment, then she stood up from her chair and walked inside the Gate while Edward followed her. For a brief moment, she could only see white, making her eyes a little hard to adjust.

Then, Olivier saw something that she could not describe with words. She was in a room and in front of her were countless large rectangular metallic structures. She estimated that the smallest of them was at least 3 kilometers long.

“What are those things?” asked Olivier.

“They’re spaceships,” replied Edward. However, after seeing the confusion in her face, he added: “I forget that the technology of this world is still in WWI. Think of it as a tank that can fly.”

Olivier nodded as she understood. Meanwhile, Edward snapped his finger, then the two of them suddenly appeared inside one of the medium-size ships, inside the control room.

“Morgana, take control of the ship.”

“As you wish, master.” Countless lights suddenly turned themselves on, and not long afterward, the ship started to levitate.

During the process, Olivier tried her best to remain composed and not show any surprise on her face; she had her pride to maintain. Even though she had many questions, she did not immediately ask.

After seeing this, Edward mentally nodded his head. One of the reasons he wanted Olivier to become his wife was not just because of her beauty, but because of her military leadership ability and composure during difficult times.

In the future, the Empire’s Marine Fleet will be one of the most powerful military divisions. As such, he wanted the majority of control of such a force to be in the hands of the royal family. If Olivier becomes his wife, he would be relieved to have her take control.

Of course, not now. Only after they have established a certain level of trust and affection.

“Morgana, go to the testing site and use the lowest level of attack,” commanded Edward.

Following this, Olivier discovered that the environment suddenly changed and she was now floating in the air above a deserted plain with nothing in sight. A screen suddenly appeared in front of her showing a cannon that was pointing at the plan underneath.

A white light flew from the cannon and hit the ground.

Boom! A massive explosion occurred, and for the first time, Olivier displayed shock on her face. The reason for that was the fact that this attack was powerful enough to destroy the entire country of Amestris.

“Are you telling me that this is the lowest level of attack?” she asked in a solemn tone.

“Yes. Unless you switch to Target Mode which is designed to attack single individuals.”

Olivier took a deep breath to calm herself down. She has spent a great deal of her life guarding the Northern Borders, and she thought that she has seen many things.

But nothing compared to this. This single ship had the power to easily destroy the country of Amestris; no, it could take over the world with no effort whatsoever. No one could stop it.

And this man had dozens if not hundreds of them lying in a room.

“Is this the most powerful army of your Empire?”

“Technology-wise, yes,” replied Edward. “However, in terms of size, this is not even considered a small fleet.”

At this point, Olivier was a little numb to being surprised. “Can you tell me a little about your Empire?”

“No problem,” replied Edward with a slight smirk on his face.

Title: Decision


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