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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 130: New World Bahasa Indonesia

The World Gate floated in the white space known as the Void; this place which was the space between universes was quite a beautiful sight to see. However, Edward had no time to admire it.

“Morgana, first activate the Camouflage Enchantments.”

“As you command, master,” said the little purple-haired elf. Immediately after that, the Gate turned white and blended into the surrounding. If anyone were to come next to it, they would think that they were just looking at the Void.

After seeing this, Edward sighed as he muttered: “To this day, I’m still in awe of that old man, Merlin. I do not believe for a moment that the one I met is just one of the many clones of persona that he has scattered all over the Omniverse.”

After complaining for a moment, he said: “Use Harry’s Luck to locate the next world. And while I enter cryosleep, record all the process of the voyage.”

“No problem,” answered Morgana.

After entering a cabin, Edward entered a deep slumber. Meanwhile, the World Gate–who seemed to have launched onto something–rushed in a particular direction.

Not long after that, Edward was woken up from his cryosleep. For him, it felt like only a few seconds passed.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“120 years,” replied Morgana.

Edward nodded his head, however, he was not worried that such a long time passed back home as he theorized that there would be a difference in time flow. And if not, he just has to travel back in time using the Gate once he returned home.

He then asked: “Can you feel the location of our main universe?”

“Yes, I can still feel Harry Potter’s Fated Star.”

“Can you connect to your main server?”

“Unfortunately, no.”

Without much sadness, Edward then said; “Show me the sight?”

Soon afterward, a projection appeared in front of Edward. He then saw a crystal sphere floating in the empty void.

“The Source Wall of another universe. What a magnificent cage!” commended Edward. He then spent a few more minutes looking at it. Part of him was excited, while the other was scared.

Since he had to use luck to locate this world, he did not know how powerful it was. Whether some powerful individuals or beings would be able to notice his presence or arrival.

‘I need to find a way to be able to choose which world I go to.’

After taking a deep breath, Edward said: “Activate the Reincarnation Spirit Enchantment and the Temporal-Spatial Energy Prevention Enchantment.”

“As you command, master.”

These two enchantments were given to Edward by Merlin. One of them prevents him from creating a disturbance when entering a new world by masking the temporal and spatial energy of the Gate.

The other one masked his presence and made him look like another individual of the world so that he would not immediately be identified as an intruder. However, Merlin warned him that these two enchantments were not absolute, and if someone was powerful enough, they would be able to instantly see through them.

After Edward gave the order, the World Gate blended with the Source Wall that surrounded this universe, then he entered it.

Soon after he found himself in a large city with people that looked European, and dressed similar to World War I. However, they were speaking a language that he did not know.

Edward did not immediately leave the Gate that was in invisible mode but waited for a few hours in case someone would notice him. After seeing no movement, he exited. Then, under his command, the Gate shrunk to the point where he used it as pocket-key.

Unfortunately, in the past decades, he has not found a way to place the Gate in his Soul Dimension.

After leaving the Gate, the first thing Edward did was use Legilimency to quickly learn the language of this world, and have a basic understanding of the world he was in.

In these people’s minds, two words caught his attention: Amestris and State Alchemist. Immediately, Edward knew that he came to the world of Full-Metal Alchemist.

Immediately, Edward started to worry. With how powerful of a being that Truth is, he did not believe for a moment that it did not detect his intrusion in this world. So, he pondered whether to retreat and leave in search of another world. However, a part of him was a little unwilling when he thought of the possible benefit he could receive from this world.

‘In that case, I will wait three days without doing anything. If it contacts me during this time or warns me, then I will leave. If not, then I will slowly start to test the ground.’

After making a preliminary plan, Edward rented a hotel while dealing with some problems he encountered.

“Morgana, use the nanochips to scan my magic core?”

“As you command, sir,” said Morgana who manifested herself in the little elf appearance. A few seconds later, she said:

“From the scan, it seems that you can only use 25 units of mana, while the rest are unresponsive or locked.”

“My theory was correct. Since other universes follow different laws and regulations, an outsider like myself will suffer some backlash or restriction.”

“The problem does not seem to be too big,” said Morgana. “From what I detected, your body seemed to be slowly adapting to this universe. So, your magic core should start working properly after a while.”

“How long will it take?”

“Since I do not have enough data, I can only roughly calculate that you should be regaining your full strength between 3 months to a year.”

Edward nodded his head without caring much. Even with his mana that is less than breaking the first limiter, only one person could pose a threat to him: Truth.

Even the Father of the Homunculi is not his opponent–even after he managed to swallow God. Of course, Edward also knows that the reason that Father was so weak was that he was plotted by Hoheinhim and the Elric Brothers.

Additionally, he could still use the mana stores inside his body in his muscles and bones.

Just like that, three days passed and nothing happened. Edward only stayed in his hotel without leaving.

“Master, I’ve hacked the radio signal of the military and found news of the people you asked me to look for,” said Morgana.

“Oh, where are they?”

“The Elric brothers headed north to the city of Liore.”

“Is that so?”

‘In that case, the plot has just begun and Isaac McDougal just died. However, the entire plot happens in just a few months, so I do not have much time if I want to intervene.’

After making a decision, Edward finally left his hotel.

He planned to get back to his old job in his younger days: a thief.

Using an invisible spell, Edward apparated all over Amestris stealing knowledge about Alchemy. And he did not stop at books or manuscripts. No, he read the mind and memories of all the famous alchemists in the country to steal, no, “acquire” their views and understanding of Alchemy.

He even visited Dr. Marcoh–the creator of the philosopher’s Stone to get the recipe from his mind. After doing this non-stop, he used gold that he brought with him to buy a house and create a lab for himself.

Then, he began to study the knowledge he acquired.

Title: Alchemy


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