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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 127: Inspection (V) Bahasa Indonesia

3rd Tower:

In front of the Tower’s entrance, a beautiful woman with silvery blonde hair that fell nearly to her waist. Her large blue eyes displayed a little nervousness. Just like Hermione, she was wearing a gorgeous [Robe of the Archmagi].

After arriving, Edward kissed her as well, however, unlike Hermione, Fleur Delacour did not admonish him for his behavior, nor was she embarrassed by the public display of affection. Truth be told, she became calmer after the interaction.

So, after Amelia’s reminder, she led them inside the Tower, then began her introduction.

“As you all know, I was in charge of Project Wizard–which was the task to find a way to turn ordinary people into wizards through bloodline transplants. Unfortunately, it was proven impossible to do so.

“All the people who were injected with both magical and wizard’s bloodline died tragically due to rejection.”

Fleur showed them a bunch of videos of clones and ordinary people who had seizures, with blood coming out of all the orifices of their bodies.

“Even after purifying the bloodline of these magical animals, the process was not successful. On the contrary, the rejection became even more prominent.

“The string of failures continued until Project magician was successful. Mages–with mana protecting them–can indeed survive the bloodline transfusion process and become wizards.”

She showed them the subject that survived the operation. However, the council members–who were excited about this news–quickly noticed something odd about these people.

“As you can see, these bloodline wizards have inherited some of the characteristics of the magical animals that their bloodlines came from. For example, growing tails, claws, reptilian pupils, scales, etc.

“Through training, they can return to their normal self, but once agitated, they can easily lose control.”

“Did they inherit the animal characteristics of the magical animals their bloodlines came from?” asked Edward.

“That’s correct. Through our study, we discovered that ordinary magic animals cannot be used for bloodline transfusion. For example, we cannot just take the bloodline of a Nifler and place it on a mage’s body.

“We have to first purify its bloodline. However, by doing so, we have discovered a strange Will in these bloodlines. And in the process of the transfusion, the mage has to fight and conquer that will. Failure to do so will usually destroy their souls.

“However, even if they succeed, the Will will remain in their bodies, slowly affecting them.”

While reviewing the data of Fleur’s experiment, Edward said: “Based on the Life Code, their bloodline seemed completely different from ours.”

“That’s correct,” replied Fleur. “To be precise, our bloodline could be considered a human bloodline. It may have originated from magical beasts in the past, but after years of passing it down, it has turned into something new, something unique to us humans.

“Although we have lost many bloodline abilities, in exchange, our bloodline has become more stable, more versatile, and with fewer restrictions.”

Edward nodded, then said: “We can slowly develop ways for them to control their urges or instinct, and study better ways of bloodline implantation in the future. Now, what about Project Dragon God?”

After hearing this, Fleur paused for a moment before leading the group to another floor of the Tower. On that floor, there were many rooms with glass windows. In one of the rooms was a gigantic blue dragon with horns in its head; it looked similar to Albion. In the other rooms, there were many other four-legged true dragons, while a few had dragon eggs

“After years of research, I’ve only managed to recreate the Ice Dragon King through bloodline purification. As for the other dragons’ eggs, they only turned into true dragons, but not dragon kings. To be honest, I’m at a loss; I cannot find the reason for this phenomenon.

“Some eggs can create a dragon king, while the others just created ordinary dragons.”

“You do not need to blame yourself. If I’m correct, this has nothing to do with you.”

“Oh, do you have a theory?”

“If I guess correctly, then each Dragon King is unique, and there can only be one in existence in the entire universe,” replied Edward.

“Are you saying that the other dragon kings are alive somewhere out there in the universe, and the only reason that we manage to recreate Albion and this Ice Dragon King is that the previous one died, and this is a form of resurrection for them?” asked Fleur.

“Given the fact that they have some way to pass on memories through bloodline, it’s not such a far-fetched idea. After one of them dies, once the new dragon king is born in their races, he or she inherits the memories of the previous one,” added Edward.

“Did you ask Albion about this?”

“I did, but he refused to say anything no matter how I tempted him.”

While looking at the sleeping dragon, Edward thought to himself. ‘It seemed that my plan to combine the bloodline of all the Dragon Kings to create a Dragon God bloodline will have to wait.’

“What’s with this Ice Dragon King?” asked one of the council members. “Why is it not moving?”

“Ever since she was born, she immediately entered a state of deep sleep; it has been going on for more than 10 years.”

While everyone was chatting and overviewing the data of the experiment, Edward and Amelia were having a secret conversation through the mind.

‘If what you said is true, then there is a high chance that someday, these other dragon kings will come to retrieve the member of their races. From what we know about Albion so far, we can deduce how powerful the dragon race is as a whole, and with their arrogant disposition, they will likely start a fight with us.’

‘I’m aware of this. Why do you think I’m in such a rush to leave to other worlds? Despite how prosperous the Empire looks, we have so many hidden dangers. Herpo and the Dragons may not be the only ones. Only by acquiring other world’s knowledge can our magic and technology advance rapidly to deal with these threats.’

After making sure that everything was alright, the delegate moved on to the next Tower.

10th Tower:

Two people waited for the council delegate: one was a wizard, while the other was a house-elf. To be exact, a free-elf. Before the Empire was established, the bloodline curse that was placed on house-elves was removed, thus ending their servitude to wizards.

The house-elves–who had regained their freedom–could function normally, and with their magical abilities, proved to be invaluable. They were granted access to magical schools to learn magic, thus better developing their capabilities.

After the Empire was established, they petitioned the council to officially change their name to the elf. However, the council–who was influenced by the idea that elves were a race of beautiful men and women, could not accept the name change.

Experiments were then made to discover whether house-elves were related to the elven race, but they were not. After their bloodlines were purified, it only decreased their ugly look a little, increasing their intelligence and magical abilities.

In the end, as a compromise, the house-elves changed their names to free-elves.

After arriving in front of the Tower, Edward said: “Tower Master Obdu Aiworo, Tower Master Sali, how was your evening?”

“Excellent, thank you for asking, your majesty.”

“In that case, let’s begin.”

The two Tower Masters led the group inside. What appeared in front of the group was something that looked like a spaceship, except that it looked warned out and tattered. Furthermore, the design was strange, and the ship looked like it was very old.

“As you all know, many archeological discoveries have uncovered relics about the Lemurian Civilization that existed 12,000 years ago. As the precursor to modern magic and technological civilization, the Lemurian people did achieve interstellar travel, or at the very least, they could travel to other planets in our solar system,” explained Tower Master Aiworo.

“In the past few years, the Empire has done a great deal in recreating their language, as such, we were able to analyze a little bit from this spaceship,” added Tower Master Sali, the free-elf.

“According to our discovery, the engine of this ship used something called Elemental Pools as a form of energy. Our current theory is that the Elemental Pools are created by drawing different elemental energies from other dimensions.”

“To be exact, Elemental Dimensions. If that theory is true, Elemental Pools would essentially be the same as the Empire’s Philosopher’s Stone; a fundamental aspect that their civilization was built on.”

Edward looked at the data of their experiment. “Have you guys tried to find these Elemental Dimensions?”

“Yes, we have, but it was not successful. For some reason, it is very difficult to gain access to other dimensions around here.”

Edward nodded his head as he was also aware of that problem. For example, it was very difficult to summon demons from hell even though he learned how-to from the book [The Key of Solomon] that he stole from the Vatican.

Additionally, the demons he summoned were very weak and useless.

“Any explanation for this phenomenon?”

“We have asked other Tower Masters that studied dimensions, and the current theory is that the fact our Solar System is a Mana Dead Zone makes it very difficult to access other dimensions. Additionally, they believed that the [Cataclysm] that destroyed the Lemurian Civilization may have severed our connection to those dimensions.”

“So, when the leyline nodes are activated, will those dimensions also reconnect with us? Well, this might be a problem,” commented Edward.

All of the people present had a high level of clearance in the Empire, so they knew many secrets. So, they immediately understood what he meant.

After leaving the 10 Tower, the delegate visited many others, while a few were left without inspection. Among them was the 4th Tower. After the inspection, Edward and Amelia visited it alone.

Title: The Launch


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