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Guild Wars – Chapter 94: The Condition To Complete The Hidden Quest Bahasa Indonesia

Draco walked along the forest pathway, his cloak billowing behind him as his white hair trailed in the wind. It hadn’t grown longer, but it seemed a lot neater than before. However, it had become a little spikier as a consequence.

Roma was beside him, barely half a step behind. Her long and beautiful hair was snow white in color, seemingly to coming alive as it swayed with her movement. Since she had tied it into a long ponytail, the long roll smacked each side of her perky bum with every step.

Qiong Qi trotted along beside them, his mind lost in his own thoughts. The fellow was deeply pondering about his place in this world, and for the first time, the possibility that he might not be the protagonist hit him.

Aisha was also silent, her usual vibrant and attractive aura largely muted by worry and unease. Draco’s words had hinted something to her that she felt like she had an idea of, but just couldn’t grasp.

However, her huge b.r.e.a.s.ts were struggling to say covered by those flimsy vines that shielded her n.i.p.p.l.es. Her supple butt as clapped like a pair of hawk bells.

(Author’s note: google Hawk Bell to understate the reference.)

Draco reached the tall tree that pierced into the heavens like a pole from the earth. Unlike the HearthTree of the Wood Elves, which was thicker than it was tall, this particular tree was taller than it was thick.

The HearthTree was so wide that living quarters and chambers could be carved into it, allowing one to enter its depths. It also possessed a rudimentary consciousness due to its long life and the nurturing of the Wood Elves’ spirits.

However, the Chaim – which was the name of the Dryad’s tree – was taller and not as thick. As such, the Dryads did not live inside it, but one might notice that the leaves of the Chaim stretched out over the whole forest, and so did its roots.

In fact, with the eyes of Caelo, Draco could directly tell that the Chaim was like the beating heart of the forest, connecting its extremely potent life force to every other tree in the Forest of the Dryads.

Draco stopped before the Chaim and looked up, his eyesight ending at the clouds in the sky. Although he couldn’t pierce through to see the top of the tree, his eyes suffered from no distance penalty.

To describe it, it was like Draco’s Eyes of Caelo were similar to a sniper scope. He could ‘zoom in’ to absurd degrees and distances, but without the ‘see through’ ability and the ‘see beyond’ ability, he was limited by physical obstacles.

He brought his eyes down and faced the Chaim. He placed his hand on the bark slowly, closing his eyes in concentration as he did.

At that moment, Draco’s mind seemed to be pulled along his arms as it entered the bark of the Chaim.

Draco entered what felt like an infinite meadow, with green grass, blue skies and clear lakes. It shocked him to note that this was a super mini small word that was very young and underdeveloped.

But still, a super mini small world possessed endless growth potential if it was naturally formed. The ones constructed in the Tradeskill Association, the Guild Hall, and the Castle were artificial, and could not grow further.

In this world, Draco saw a form coalesce from the Worldly Energy here. It was a female energy lifeform that was green in color and possessed no facial features, just a nice womanly shape and dark green eyes that stood out compared to her light green body.

“Welcome, Hybrid Draco. I am Flora, the remnant of Wood. I am the reason nature energy and nature-aligned beings exist.”

Flora spoke in an androgynous voice that seemed to echo on itself, like multiple beautiful women were speaking through her. Her eyes glowed with every word she spoke, adding to the sheer visual impact of her existence.

She was excellent and amazing, leaving even an Old Monster like Draco impressed. He had seen various races and mystical beings in his time, even monsters that were so perfect that one truly felt immersed into Boundless.

But Flora… was next level astounding.

“Good day, Madam Flora. I seek to gain your confidence and benevolence by assisting the Dryads of the Four Point Valley and by extension, you.”

Draco spoke lightly and with a touch of respect.

He got right down to the matter, not bothering to speak cryptic words. Now that he had vanquished the ‘final boss’, he had completed the biggest issue of the Flora and Fauna quest.

He wanted to complete the hidden quests of the four races before turning the main quest in, achieving a perfect completion. As such, he directly asked Flora if there was anything he could do to that end.

Of course, Flora could not understand the meta of RPG games since she was part of the world, but she did understand what Draco was trying to get at, in a way.

She seemed to pause here for a bit as she thought about something. Draco felt a bad feeling emerge from his heart as the Black Dragon shifted about warily.

Flora spoke at this time, but her voice was a lot more solicitous and amused at this time.

“My Dryads suffer from the curse of low population growth. There are too few humans who pass through the Four Point Valley that can provide us with seed for a new generation, hence the reduction of our numbers. There are far more trees than Dryads in the forest, and that is unacceptable.”

Flora, who was floating in the air about ten feet from Draco, lowered herself down further and came close to him, her bizarrely aesthetic voice becoming more… coercive.

“I would have you i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e all of my Dryads, doubling our numbers. Such a merit would not go unrewarded, as it would last us for the next few generations.”

She came even closer to the fellow, who inadvertently took a step back.

“What do you think of this proposition?”

Draco’s expression changed multiple times in one minute. He went through a full spectrum from shock, fear, distaste, curiosity, anger, regret and finally… depression.

‘The great me, greatest son of Lucifer, the most handsome man in the world, is reduced to a c.u.m dispenser.’

Draco felt defeated and gloomy. In the media, it was always the males capturing females and coercing them into s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse through various means.

In fact, even real life was like this, despite how wrong and distasteful it was.

Still, who had ever heard of a powerful and handsome man having the reverse done to him?

The worst part was that if he dared to whine, everyone would look at him as if he were an idiot. Hell, if it was anyone else in his shoes and he was a bystander, he would look at them like they were an idiot.

The Dryads were on par with Succubi in terms of s.e.x.u.a.l prowess. The kind of pleasures they could give you was not something that real life s.e.x could ever emulate, which was why the folktales always stressed that men should flee from nymphs and succubi.

If normal, casual s.e.x gave 100% pleasure, then intercourse with a succubus or nymph gave over 300% pleasure! It was a sensation that the human mind was not built to comprehend, which was why many would lose their minds and die, not only from physical exhaustion but mental overload as well.

However, with his rebuilt bloodline body, his Ultima Sunt half-race and his Guinevere’s Necklace, his stamina was like a waterfall, unending and plentiful.

He was in the game world, so his body could ejaculate as many times as he chose to, he would never go soft like in the real world.

After all, it was a digital body.

But he feared for his mind.

After tasting over… over how many Dryads? There had been over a hundred of them…

How was he supposed to remain sane after that?

In the stories, we had characters who underwent tribulations of intense pain where they had to use their intense willpower to shield their minds, breaking through with their firm wills to achieve greater power!

No pain, no gain!

However, for Draco, it was the reverse! He would have to gather his willpower to survive tribulations of intense pleasure, breaking through with a firm will to achieve the desired loot!

No gain unless he came!

That was why he was so depressed. This Flora and Fauna quest seemed to throw s.e.x.u.a.l partners his way at every turn, like some God or something wanted to experience his body more and more…


With a sigh, Draco spoke out words he never thought he’d ever have to regret saying. “I shall take up Madam Flora’s offer to… i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e… all the Dryads. How long can I take?”

Flora bobbed up and down, her voice remaining illusive in that way, but one could detect a hint of satisfaction.

“As long as you want. I shall summon you when you are done.”

Draco was ejected from the budding super mini small world of the Chaim. His eyes opened and flashed with a hint of dread, but he smothered it deep down.

With a deep breath, he turned around to face Roma and Qiong Qi, his face impassive as he did. Then he turned to the Dryad Queen who was still lost in thought, her eyes a little unfocused.


When she heard Draco’s call, she was startled out of her reverie but managed to cover up her gaffe with a gentle smile.

“How can I help you, Lord Draco?”

“Gather all the Dryad girls above the age of 18 years. Bring them here, to this clearing, posthaste.” Draco commanded imperially.

Aisha blinked in confusion at his directive but simply bowed and moved to fulfill it.

“As you wish.”

Roma approached Draco quietly, her slightly dignified air disappearing as she returned to that docile and demure girl that Draco had come to like.

She was like a constant reminder that not everything had to be stressful or complex. She was incredibly simple in her wants and mannerisms, with no convoluted thoughts or wants.

Draco brought Roma into his embrace and smiled at her. His pulsing red eyes glowed and his armor retracted into his skin a bit, allowing her to feel his body heat.

Roma enjoyed this feeling like a connoisseur savoring fine wine. “Draco, what’s going on? Why did I change? Why did you want Aisha to bring all the Dryads here?”

Draco sighed a little.

“We both changed because I assimilated the racial characteristics of an Ultima Sunt, which was the source of the parasitic invasion of the Four Point Valley. It had a special ability to remain undetected as it willed. We now possess that ability to a smaller degree.”

“Ah, I see. Thank you for letting me know. I also feel like the human aspects I gained have remained as well, though they’ve become weaker…” Roma remarked thoughtfully.

“Yes, that is a direct consequence of my decision. In order to maximize your benefits, it was best if I could merge my two races into a half and half, reducing the benefits of each by half. Luckily, Immortal Adventurers do not retain detrimental aspects during mergers, so there’s that.” Draco explained while patting Roma’s hair gently.

The l.u.s.trous strands seemed to drip between his fingers like water, reforming into their prime shape with ease.

“Ah, I see. Thank you, Draco.”

Roma was pleased by his choice, as it meant that her growth was a priority to him. At the same time, she was excited to grow stronger in order to be of more use to Draco.

“As for summoning the Dryads…”

Draco hesitated here, before shaking his head.

“I was asked to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e every single one of them in order to acquire the favor of Flora, the Progenitor of Nature. It would be best if they were all gathered in one place so I can get it over and done with quickly. There are still the Green Orcs to deal with.”

Roma froze when she heard this and even Qiong Qi felt his jaws dropping to the ground.

I-I.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e… all the Dryads…?

How was one even supposed to go about this? Those insatiable nymphs were bad enough in the single digits, but facing them in triple digits was…!!

This was what went through Qiong Qi’s mind as he heard what Draco said.

Roma’s mind was a lot more chaotic though. A wave of unwillingness and irrepressible jealousy surged from her, almost manifesting into reality. Her eyes began to glow unnaturally with a greenish tint and her hair began to move on its own, like a bunch of snakes rising.

Roma was not like Eva.

Eva was willing to let Draco play with other women because of her insanity, which was the largest reason. Her ill mind placed Draco’s wants and preferences above everything else, even twice as much as in their past life. If Draco wanted it, she would help him get it regardless, and not feel a single negative emotion about it.

Madness… people underestimated what a truly mentally unsound mind represented, but Eva clearly possessed traits that buttressed how bad it was.

Another reason was because they both feared alerting Local Lord or the Lineages in any way.

They didn’t fear Local Lord himself, just his knowledge of their relationship pertaining to Draco’s true heritage. As for him, these two Old Monsters had decided to spend time setting up a solid foundation in Boundless.

They would deal with him in time.

As such, these digital NPCs would serve as a sort of relief for Draco’s manly urges until he and Eva could copulate freely and without care. As for Eva herself, if it wasn’t Draco, she was no different from a piece of wood. There was no interest or reaction.

Hence, she had suggested using Zaine as a plaything for Draco, because the succubus was to his liking physically, and would satisfy his needs in the long term.

Roma though, was his Soul Bound Servant that took him as her master and her soţ. She had answered his questionnaire and knew that she was at best, a concubine.

She knew there would be others and she had accepted that. She and Vadoma had spoken about this at length while Draco was offline.

However, the Dryads were not his concubines and neither where they like the Wood Elves who matched Draco’s taste to the dot. Roma was fine with the Wood Elf girls primarily because they had been there before she came, but these Dryads had come from nowhere and wanted to encroach on her territory!

She was livid!

What did they see her Draco as?! Some s.p.e.r.m dispenser that was born to be a breeding tool?!

Draco was startled when he felt the weight of her negative emotion spill out from her. His Inheritances were tingling sharply, especially since she was so close to him.

Instead of making him uncomfortable or worried, it made him feel extremely famished.

Draco pulled Roma’s head back slightly and kissed her so deeply that she was immediately lost in the sensation. Her hair, which had began to rise and lash about, began to subside.

The green glow that surrounded her slowly dispersed as she returned Draco’s passion hungrily, enjoying being intimate with him like this so much that she m.o.a.ned slightly.

For Draco, it was slightly different. Once could see a certain black miasma travel from Roma’s body and into his through their lips, like a flowing wave of water entering the sea.

When all of the black energy was swallowed by Draco, he broke off the kiss and stepped back with a slightly intoxicated expression.

He licked his lips and savored that taste. He felt all the ‘Bloodline Points’ he had wasted during the siege of The Cardinals being restored in this instant. That black mass tasted lovely to him, like drinking a milkshake.

Naturally, those were the negative emotions that had been roiling within Roma, which had been extracted by Draco’s Horned Demon and Dark Angel Inheritance abilities to strengthen himself.

Roma panted heavily, a light mist escaping her mouth with each breath as one could feel the heat of her l.u.s.t and her arousal. She wanted nothing more than to press Draco down and steal all his seed, but she suppressed this feeling deep down in her.

Mostly because Aisha had returned with a sea of Dryad girls of different heights, weights and proportions, as well as skin tone. However, they all looked largely similar and wore similar attire.

The traits they shared were extremely perfect and illogically s.e.xy proportions that would be rare to find in the real world, as well as that expression on heir lovely faces that said that they would have loved nothing more than to…’inspect’… Draco.

Draco turned to face this small army of Dryads and steeled his resolve. He forcefully regained his imperial manner, because if he wanted to survive these evil beings, he would need to present a strong front.

Otherwise, they might just forgo everything and r.a.p.e him to death.

“I have gathered my Dryads here at your behest, Lord Draco. What would you have us do?” Aisha asked respectfully.

Draco placed his hands behind his back and gazed at each of the Dryads here, who gazed at him back without fear or wariness. This made Draco begin to sweat inside but it didn’t show on his face.

“All of you strip! I have decided to implant my seed into each and everyone of you, to ensure the continuance of your race! Be grateful!”

Draco roared this out with utmost arrogance, as if he was making this decision on a whim and that it as the greatest grace he could give them.

It was a wasted effort though, as the Dryad’s minds directly deleted everything after he said he would plant his seed into all of them.

Almost as one, they ripped off their practically non-existent clothing and stepped forward towards Draco, even Aisha being a part of this advance.

Their eyes gleamed with evil as they tittered and giggled in those sweet voices, but it sounded like the cackles of demons to Draco.

The plan had failed!

He was trapped behind enemy lines and now… he was about to be captured!


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