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Alexander saw the giant glob of flame coming over and its face changed greatly. It sensed the aura of death upon it and knew that there was nothing it could do at this moment to escape its fate.

The War Bear lay down and sighed. At the very least this type death would be quick and painless, being turned to ash faster than he could register that he was on fire.

Just as the flame was about to wash him and his quarry away, the Evil Duo opened their eyes while their auras were still exploding. With a cold glance filled with killing intent, they both raised their hands and fired out attacks of their own.

Space Blade!

Time Loop!

The Space Blade was what Draco had acquired on his own after fighting with his new Space branch over and over again. He had used it once to kill Wunian who had a high perception, and now, it was time for this Wyvern to get a taste of it.

The best part about the Space Blade was not its impossible sharpness or shocking speed, it was is tracking ability. You think you can dodge an attack made of Space when you’re walking within Space itself? Fool, your coordinates are being broadcast every second you exist to those who understood Space.

The Space Blade easily destroyed the flame attack and rendered it into nothing, yet it was also consumed entirely. After all, the power in that gout of flame, while quickly launched, was still powerful for an Eternal monster.

After this was the Time Loop skill that Eva cast. This was her equivalent to the Space Blade that she had unlocked after training with her Time branch. She hadn’t used it yet because they had yet to meet a monster strong enough to warrant her to bother, and this Wyvern was the first to enjoy this privilege.

The Time Loop skill passed through the two destroyed attacks and landed squarely on the Wyvern. It screeched in fear before its suddenly disappeared from in front of everyone.

This shocked Alexander who looked left and right for their powerful foe, but was unable to locate it. All Alexander could see was that Draco and Eva closed their eyes once again and continued with their impartation.

The War Bear was naturally flabbergasted and wondered where the damned Wyvern went. That tyrannical lizard had just come and started attacking without even saying hi before being sent to the shadow realm!

However, how could Alexander comprehend what a Time Loop was and how horrifying it was?

Currently, the Wyvern had forcibly been removed from the same point of Time as them. It was no longer in the ‘present’ but was stuck in a small time circuit adjacent to the main timeline that was tiny and repetitive.

It would live through the same short events over and over again until it was able to forcibly break out of the time loop. (Editor’s Note: *cough* Izanami *cough*) To do this required either a great amount of raw power or an understanding of the Time element.

However, to even get there, one had to first realize that they were within a Time Loop in the first place and analyze the events of it to ascertain when it began and when it ended in order to find a way out.

But hehe, would Eva make it easy for this retarded Wyvern? No!

Rather than cut out the recent events and loop them, she rather chose to cut out the period in which the Wyvern was sleeping and refining the Plane Core into a perfect loop.

This was truly insidious, as the only way for one to break out of a loop was awareness. Every second that awareness was delayed would make the Time Loop stronger and firmer, enough to lock you in for eternity and make breaking out even harder.

Did the Wyvern have that chance? Nope.

From its perspective, it was currently lying in the mountain and all was at peace with the world. It was slowly refining the Plane Core while resting, and its speed of refinement was so slow that even when the loop reset and its progress reset, it didn’t much notice any difference.

It would be days, no months if not years before the Wyvern realized something was wrong with its refinement, and by that time, the Time Loop would as sturdy as walls of concrete were for the average man, almost impossible to break out of.

Back to Draco and Eva, the Evil Duo’s auras spiked for a few more minutes before converging back into their bodies, causing the phenomenon to come to an end and the world to return to peace.

Draco and Eva themselves soon opened their eyes, releasing bright beams from them that lacerated the area in front of them, almost killing the spooked Alexander. Seeing that the bear had stayed without running away, the Evil Duo nodded their heads.

At least this one was smart enough to know how to make the right bet.

How could they know that it was because Alexander had been unable to even run because of the pressure from their transformation? If you had given him the chance, he would have run so fast that he would become the new speedster.

It was shown by the pleasant surprise on the War Bear’s face after surviving that ordeal, and then it turned to face outside. It seemed that the entire grasslands area was restless because of the events that occurred here. However, none were brave enough to come investigate after feeling the Wyvern’s aura and killing intent previously.

The fact that Draco and Eva’s auras disappeared also seemed to reinforce the fact that Boss Wyvern had dispensed Justice and Honor in the name of the plane!

Alexander’s lips couldn’t help but twitch when he guessed the thoughts of those idiots. He sighed and walked over to the Evil Duo and presented his back for them to sit, which they unceremoniously did.

Without even needing to be told, Alexander knew where they wanted to go which was the mountaintop, so he rushed towards that direction at full speed before an accident could happen like the other stronger Eternal monsters figuring out what went on or the Wyvern boss coming back from wherever he went.

As for Draco and Eva, they were silently communicating mentally and sharing their experiences. The first thing was their Eternal Control value which had reached a whopping 11.07!

This meant that according to official Eternal ranking, they were now at the ‘normal’ rank. However, Draco and Eva could tell you right now that they felt far from ‘normal’.

In this one bout alone, they had unlocked around 10 branches eacj, able to use the first few abilities on each branch but would have to develop the branch further to access more.

However, this alone was crazy, as some of the 10 branches had powers that made them shake and shiver deep down.

Due to their connection, some of the branches opened had a connection with each other, usually being mirror branches with similar but opposite themes.

Here were the mirrored branches they had unlocked in order of opening;

Order: Chaos.

Life: Death.

Arcanery: Shamanism.

Blessing: Cursing.

Creation: Destruction.

Synchronic Beastmastery: Deceptive Beastmastery.

Empower: Devour.

And after that were some changes to already existing branches that were messed up by the Inheritance and bloodline system used by Lucifer and co.

On Draco’s side, he had gained a new God of Darkness branch which matched Eva’s Goddess of Light branch.

He also got a Celestial Overlord branch that matched Eva’s now upgraded Mother of the Abyss branch.

On Eva’s side, she also got the Avian Goddess branch which matched Draco’s Serpent God Branch.

So, in thematic consistency and ranking of familiarity, here are all the branches they had access to, how much Eternal Control was within them and how powerful they were.

Serpent God: Avian Goddess – 1.97 Eternal Control – 66% efficiency

God of Darkness: Goddess of Light – 1.86 Eternal Control – 59% efficiency

Destruction: Creation – 1.44 Eternal Control – 47% efficiency

Space: Time – 1.26 Eternal Control – 40% efficiency

Horned Demon: Supreme Goddess – 1.08 Eternal Control – 33% efficiency

Devil (Dark Angel): Angel (Light Angel) – 1.01 Eternal Control – 32% efficiency

Death: Life – 0.66 Eternal Control – 21% efficiency

Devour: Empower – 0.42 Eternal Control – 19% efficiency

Celestial Overlord: Mother of the Abyss – 0.33 Eternal Control – 15% efficiency

Cursing: Blessing – 0.29 Eternal Control – 11% efficiency

Shamanism: Arcanery – 0.27 Eternal Control – 10% efficiency

Synchronic Beastmastery : Deceptive Beastmastery – 0.25 Eternal Control – 9% efficiency

Chaos: Order – 0.23 Eternal Control – 8% efficiency

It would be too tedious to explain what these various branches did, so it was best to wait until Draco and Eva displayed them slowly in the future. One thing they could admit was that there were a lot of powers within their bloodline.

For example, don’t look at Destruction and Creation, then think of Serpent God or Avian Goddess, those were not the same thing. Serpent God covered all Dragons and Draconic species, and among them happened to be the Black Dragon who could use Destruction Energy.

Nevertheless, this Destruction branch was its own thing belonging to the Evil Race of the Gerdo Galaxy who majored in Destruction energy as a species. Their use of Destruction energy was direct, purer and more complex than Black Dragons.

So, Draco could still use Destruction Energy from his Black Dragon side, but he could also use it directly from its own branch.

This fact held true for both of them with any and all branches that shared similarities with each other. In other words, these powers had not separated from what they already had, these were completely new things that came from more organic sources and were more potent than what they used before.

Even though they had tried to focus on opening more branches, they could not control the World Will’s impartation too much. The only good thing was that their top three branches had surpassed 50% efficiency, which meanu the power they could display was already very scary.

In terms of raw numbers, if Draco and Eva previously had been at 1 over 10, they were currently at 6 over 10!

The same power they used to beat all Eternals to this point had sharply increased to the point where apart from the Wyvern, there was no other species that could likely deal with them!

The attempt on their life left them pristine and perfect, and they had never been stronger!

Soon, Alexander reached the caldera area at the top of the mountain where the Wyvern had previously rested. Draco and Eva could sense a certain power calling to them, and not just to their minds, but to something within their souls.

They dismounted Alexander who was stationary with shock, unable to move a single step further. As Draco and Eva walked forward a glowing golden orb rose from the caldera while shining on their bodies, slowly floating over to them.

The Plane Core!

The Plane Core had come itself to welcome them, and it had nothing to do with their Eternal Power, talents or various bloodlines. It was neither about Control nor the bloodline, but solely them, Draco and Eva exclusively.

What exactly about them?

It was what Caelo had stated long before, what the AI had also divulged unintentionally and the reason the World Will of the Eternal World tolerated them to this extent and even gave out hidden benefits.

Draco and Eva represented one half of a universe’s origin respectively!

This was usually dormant and had little effect, but it had shown its true value today.

After all, what was a mere plane compared to a universe? And not just any universe, but one that could infinitely expand and contain its own timeline and multiverse?

It was like a prince and princess of a giant empire in the center of the continent heading to one of the kingdoms on the outskirts and asking to be dukes.

Of course, the kingdom would give it to them. Apart from the fact that they were the future King/Queen, they still had the identity of royalty for something far bigger than them.

At this moment, the Plane Core landed before the Evil Duo and they reached out to touch it.


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