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Guild Wars – Chapter 893: New Bloodline Branch Unlocked! Bahasa Indonesia

Upon understanding the use of Eternal Points, Draco and Eva lost interest in working hard. See, the obviously smart choice would be to keep their various points on hand and training themselves till they reach their limit, then apply the points when there was no more organic progress to be made.

However, they had already wasted over a month here and they had people waiting for them out there, especially their newborn daughter Lucitera. Just because the little tot was busy sucking up origin energy as sustenance didn’t mean that she would do that forever.

If she suddenly stopped and looked for her parents, only to find that they were away, how would the little baby feel?

Besides, Draco and Eva were used to rapidly gaining strength and power, how could they settle for grinding over time? Yeah, all that talk about 24 years was logical and touching, but ain’t nobody got time for dat!

As such, without hesitation, the Evil Duo resolutely allocated their single Eternal Point into Eternal Control. The moment they did so, they felt the weight of the World’s Will once more, this time much more intimately.

They were brought to their mental visualization of their bloodline which was a Yggdrasil like tree with hundreds of branches, with only the three or four near the bottom visible.

The moment they did so, they saw what was a drop of golden liquid touch the base of the tree, which made it ripple. Like a user using the Flash HM from earlier Pokemon games, the area near the bottom lit up further in a circular shape.

Immediately, the three (four for Eva) branches they had access to lit up further and became much smoother to use. But this wasn’t all, as a whole new branch was reveal slightly, and had reached a threshold where they could barely use it like how the previous three branches had been!

This surprised and excited the Evil Duo, and they checked out what this nee branch was about. After perusing it for a while, they connected their minds and shared their mutual understandings and sought ideas.

Once done, they opened their eyes and glanced at each other with pleasant surprise. After all, Draco’s new branch ability dealt fully and solely with space control while Eva’s was fully a solely time control!

Like all their previous inheritances and abilities, their new branches were mirrors of each other despite being of different themes, and the abilities they had were similar if not the same. The first ‘leaf’ on the branch which represented an ability was Space Manipulation/Time manipulation for them respectively.

They had space and time abilities through their three known branches, but those were auxiliary abilities. This branch was a macro of space control from a bloodline of a Void Octopus from the Gerdo Galaxy that got into the fought with humans, while Eva’s was from a Temporal Spirit that happened to be tempted by greed and tried taking down the humans as well.

Well, their genetics were dominant enough that they gained who branches of their own despite other species having variable levels of proficiency with these two elements/concept.

This was unlike, say, the time control ability of Ouroboros and Shadowheart. Shadowheart’s real power was control over the concept of eternity, it was just that the fellow was clever enough to mimic time control by using his ability efficiently.

But these branches were the real deal, and encompassed everything to do with both space and time. For example, Shadow heart could only free time for select people or a small area. If he went all out, he might be able to do so for a city.

Whereas if Draco and Eva perfect it, they could freeze time for the whole universe or create black holes. The scale here was vastly different.

What made the Evil Duo excited was the fact that they had infinite energy, so there was no real limit to how far they could bend space or time. Efficiency was still a problem, but fuck it, they wouldn’t mind wasting every bit of it if they could do what they wanted.

Draco stood there, transforming his features form his usual looks into a orange haired handsome fellow with strange purple eyes ringed with circular lines and piercings all over his body. He clapped his hands together solemnly and stated.

“Henceforth, I am… Pain.”

Eva also transformed into a slender but muscular form of herself with a head of spiky golden hair and clothes that were the same color with a black inner shirt. She bend strangely as she did a suspiciously gay pose and manifested hundreds of throwing knives.

“Henceforth, I am… Dio.”

After having fun, Pain and Dio turned to Ramshel who had been watching them blankly, only knowing that the danger rating of Draco and Eva had risen in his heart.

“Lead the way.” Draco prompted.

Ramshel did just that. While they continued on, Draco and Eva first tested their psychic abilities. They found that it was a lot smoother to sue and the pushback was far weaker. With the same energy, that they could only check 100 meters, they could now check almost 1 kilometer!

Even better, Draco drew a line in front of him using his new ability and tore a wormhole in space. He and Eva walked through and ended up in the folds of space, which was terrible and chaotic.

If it wasn’t for the protection of a space resistant shield Draco manifested, they would have been torn to shreds.

When they came out, they found that they had only traversed about 50 meters from where they started. It wasn’t that this was the limit Draco could manage, but because they had rushed out of the folds of space due to the pressure.

Ideally, they could go as far as they wanted because of their infinite energy, but the longer they stayed in there, the more the pressure would increase and the more they would have to put up to defend it.

Efficiency could help, but only in reducing the amount of power wasted and slightly increase the defense maximum threshold. Otherwise, the best bet would be to physically increase their own tolerance to the tearing damage within the folds of space.

Maybe there was a branch of their bloodline that focused on defense and resistance, and if they unlocked that, pairing it with this ability, they would be invincible.

This time, Eva tried her time control abilities. She tried to influence time on a large scale, and found that the amount she could control was limited to her mental ability and her energy. Theoretically, Eva could turn back time, fast forward time and even stop time for the whole fragmented Eternal World, but the cost.

Not to mention, just like Draco had limitations, so too did she. While moving through space caused physical wear and tear, controlling time had mental stress. If the problem was just energy, then Draco and Eva could be considered Gods of Space and Time at this point.

Eva had to condensed the range of her time control to around 50 meters just like Draco to maintain the ability without much backlash. With this too, she could maintain it indefinitely thanks to infinite energy, so this was the best range.

However, there were more applications that Draco and Eva wanted to explore. However, being in the Eternal World limited them due to the strength of the world. You could be sure that when they returned to Boundless, or even earth, the kinds of shit they could do would be no less than gods.

Draco could likely create a wormhole large enough to relocate the earth for hundreds of light years while Eva could likely turn back time on earth to world war 2 for everyone, literally unbirthing people by reversing time.

Heck… Draco and Eva could become Deus Ex Machinas in stories and create protagonists! Draco could isekai people through space and send them to alternate universes and Eva could regress people and let them change their fate by taking advantage of the future knowledge they had to become bosses or get revenge.

But of course, they wouldn’t do that, not because it would cause chaos or anything, since they could prevent that, but because even with all this power, they still didn’t know who sent them back in time.

Since there was a bigger fish in this regard, it was best not to mess around.

Whatever the case, the Evil Duo practiced with their new abilities until Ramshel brought them to the next territory. Here, they saw a giant beetle that was chewing on sand idly.

ï½¢Name: Percocet

Eternal Talent: Steel Carapace

Level: 4

Power level: Weak

Eternal Power: 33

Eternal Control: 9

Eternal Limit: 62

Eternal Skills: None

Eternal items: None.ï½£

Molly Percocet… *cough*… The giant beetle sensed intruders and screeched before rushing over to gut them with its horn. As usual, it ignored Ramshel and went straight for Draco and Eva, who it felt were weaker foes.

As for Draco and Eva, they shared a look and decided to test their new abilities. Draco tried to condense space around Percocet, but frowned when he realized that it was as tough as trying to open one’s zipper with just their mind.

Eva glanced at Draco and waved her hand to stop Percocet, who froze on the stop as time in the area around him had been condescend.

Draco pondered about his usage and felt that this was too advanced a utilization of Space Manipulation given his current control level. Since they were also here to harvest points, there was no need to be superfluous either.

As such, Draco smiled and came before the frozen Percocet. He then tore a wormhole in place and stepped aside. Eva understood Draco’s intentions and released the time stop.

Percocet, who had been charging forward bravely, saw that in an instant, the clear space in front of it had become a pitch black slit in space. It charged in easily without stopping due to its momentum and the fact that the opening was right in front of it.

Draco then closed the slit and waited patiently.

After about three seconds, they received a notification from the World Will’s system.

ï½¢Congratulations on defeating the Eternal Monster Percocet, the Steel Carapace!


1 exp for all parties.ï½£

Draco and Eva frowned. Even though it was relatively easy to eliminate this foe compared to others, the 1 exp was far too slow. One should know that it took hours to reach here at Ramshel’s moving speed.

Draco and Eva shared a look and then focused on Ramshel. Immediately, the Giant Camel knew his time was up, so he simply lay flat on the sand with defeat and weariness in his eyes. Finally, the nightmare would end.

Seeing that Ramshel understood his fate, Eva’s lips curled up. She descended and pressed a finger to his head, instantly diving into his mind and ripping out all the relevant information out of the Fragments Desert World.

By the time she was done, Ramshel’s brain had turned to mush and his soul was destroyed, something his recovery ability couldn’t fix. His corpse then turned to pixels and then disappeared, his use finished.

ï½¢Congratulations on defeating the Eternal Monster Ramshel, the Vitalic Sustenance!


1 exp for all parties

Skill book: Regenration – Tier 1.ï½£

ï½¢Regenration – Eternal Skill

Tier: 1

Effect: Use a special substance produced with a rating of 3 Eternal Power to heal all injuries and damage sustained from any means except mental or soul related.

Cooldown: 5 minutes.ï½£

Draco and Eva tossed the skill book inside their makeshift inventory once more. They then synced their mind and decide don a target, where Draco sliced open a portal from where they stood towards the direction of their target.

Even as they stepped inside, Draco and Eva didn’t even spare a thought for Ramshel who had served them well, having destroyed his soul and his chances for reincarnation remorselessly.


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