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Guild Wars – Chapter 891: Gathering Experience While Training Bahasa Indonesia

「Congratulations on defeating the Eternal Monster Parrat, the Sound Illusionist!


1 exp for all parties

Skill book: Hypnosis – Tier 1.」

「Hypnosis – Eternal Skill

Tier: 1

Effect: Use a sound based medium to transmit mental waves that will subject any target to a disruptive illusion with a rating of 3 Eternal Power.

Duration: Variable (dependent on the Eternal Power of target)

Cooldown: 5 minutes.」

After taking their reward, Eva collected the beholder into her bloodline, deconstructing it until it was time for it to be sent out. The Evil Duo then spread their senses out ward once more, searching for more minds within their range.

Seeing that there weren’t any, they shared a look and began flying forward. It did kinda make sense that Eternal monsters weren’t around and about like cabbages on the market, so they would have to extensively search for them.

Eventually, Draco and Eva came upon a Giant Camel. It was stately walking across the desert with lidded eyes, as if bored and half asleep. When Draco and Eva inspected it, they were stunned.

「Name: Ramshel

Eternal Talent: Vitalic Sustenance

Level: 3

Power level: Weak

Eternal Power: 19

Eternal Control: 7

Eternal Limit: 22

Eternal Skills: Regeneration – Tier 1

Eternal items: None」

Draco and Eva began combat with it. At first,m they had some ideas about its Eternal Talent, which was Vitalic Sustenance, but it was only after they began fighting that they understood.

In terms of combat power, Ramshel had no combat power really. His defense wasn’t anything to write home about either, just barely within the expected level of an Eternal being.

What did make the camel special was the fact that he could recover from everything and and anything. He was a cockroach on the level of Local :Lord, and was in fact, even worse.

It didn’t matter whether they attacked his body, soul or mind. He would always surreptitiously recover and try to escape from them.

The funny part was that his movement speed was absolute trash, but coupled with his recovery, Draco and Eva could understand how this feel survived in this plane while walking about with no fixed territory.

After all, for whatever reason you might want to kill Ramshel, it would eventually become pointless as he eventually escaped your territory after suffering beatings from you for days on end.

The assailant themselves might even be tired and frustrated by that point, letting the camel go eventually in order to conserve energy and power without wasting any more.

Ramshel had the right idea. While other cultivated special bloodlines or physical powers, he silently cultivated his ability to survive in the desert through his special constitution as a camel.

As such, he had lived longer than many weak Eternals and had seen all kinds of things. The feeling of outliving your enemies was something that gave Ramshel great euphoria.

However, today, Ramshel had kicked a steel plate. To him, the ability to regenerate almost endlessly and win all forms of attrition battles by being a cockroach had always worked and was the ultimate strategy.

But how could he know that this was a blessing in disguise to his foes? What Draco and Eva needed right now was a punching bag that didn’t die easily so they could exert their powers to the maximum and work on their efficiency through practical battle.

Just because they needed to raise efficiency through battle didn’t mean they needed a foe that could fight back. That was only for when one was at a bottleneck and needed pressure to breakthrough.

What they needed was time to accumulate experience and familiarity, so a foe like this was perfect. Draco and Eva whaled on Ramshel using all of their powers at different intervals, only skipping the usage of Destruction and Abyss energy because those were anti-regeneration.

Ramshel thought this was business as usual for the first few days, but when the beatdown lasted an entire week, he realized something was wrong.

Soon, a month passed, and Draco and Eva were getting more and more familiar with their power, even able to ‘double-cast’ some simpler ones with ease.

This was not like using mind abilities while simultaneously turning into a dragon, but more like using mind abilities while in dragon form. Likewise, he could overlay and mix a few powers, and so too could Eva, greatly increased their limited prowess.

At this time, even Ramshel was running on fumes. He was not like Draco and Eva who had infinite energy. His ability to regenerate came from his two humps, where within were stored Eternal level liquid that was produced internally by himself.

These liquids were the source of his regenerative abilities as he would consume a drop of them once the damage reached a threshold and just a drop was enough to bring him from the brink.

Now you can imagine that the quantity would be quite impressive if there were two humps full and only a drop was taken each time. This was Ramshel’s confidence and his deep secret.

However, after a month, one hump was almost drained and his tolerance to pain which he was confident of was beginning to shatter. Ramshel could not speak, or he would beg for mercy.

But even when he made signs of such, Draco and Eva simply ignored it. There was nothing that Ramshel could give them that was surpass the experience gained from killing him as well as this beating experience.

Eventually, Draco and Eva were able to gain more and more mastery of their power. This was terrible for the camel because the better they got, the more damage they did and the more he had to consume to survive and recover.

Ramshel was only saved when the fight between the two parties crossed into the territory of another being called Dalia.

「Name: Dalia

Eternal Talent: Mental Suppression

Level: 3

Power level: Weak

Eternal Power: 13

Eternal Control: 8

Eternal Limit: 65

Eternal Skills: Slow – Tier 1, Confusion – Tier 1

Eternal items: None」

Dalia was a large snake woman with beautiful features and lush, fair skin. Apart from her overgrown viper like fangs and serpentine eyes, she looked in every way like a typical beauty, not to mention her upper torso was human.

As such, she had two huge mounds that were covered by some form of sand baked into clay, forming brassieres. What was most interesting though, was that her mental suppression had a weak effect on Draco and Eva.

It surprised them, but also excited them because they could use the experience to fortify their mental defenses. As such, they began a double battle with Ramshel and Dalia, which Ramshel had obviously planned.

As a wandered, he knew all the territories of the various Eternal monsters, and dragged Draco and Eva to the nearest one where he felt the danger would be enough to slow them down so he could escape.

Since Dalia had fought him once, she would not bother to attack the cockroach that was Ramshel and rather face these new foes with excitement, while the two chasing him would be pressured by Dalia’s superior combat effectiveness and let go.

This assumptions forced Ramshel to watch in horror as Draco and Eva eventuality ripped Dalia apart in seconds. Why should they have a prolonged battle with this one when they had the punching bag called Ramshel?

It should be known that they could have killed Hakrasha and co much faster if they were not trying to hone their control. This was evidently displayed when they killed Dalia using Destruction and Light Energy in tandem.

It was so fast and brutal that Dalia actually glared at Ramshel with hatred before she died, traumatizing the camel for life.

「Congratulations on defeating the Eternal Monster Dalia, the Mental Suppressor!


1 exp for all parties

Skill book: Slow – Tier 1, Confusion – Tier 1.」

「Slow – Eternal Skill

Tier: 1

Effect: Using the mind, forcibly slow the movement and thinking of a target by affecting their mental faculties with a potency of 3 Eternal Power.

Duration: Variable (dependent on the Eternal Power of target)

Cooldown: 5 minutes.」

「Confusion – Eternal Skill

Tier: 1

Effect: Using the mind, warp the movement of a target by deforming their sense of direction and balance with a potency of 3 Eternal Power.

Duration: Variable (dependent on the Eternal Power of target)

Cooldown: 5 minutes.」

Seeing the Evil Duo still coming for him to continue their onslaught, Ramshel was filled with fear and worry.

As such, he navigated them to another Eternal monsters territory, this one called Hukrain.

「Name: Hukrain

Eternal Talent: Swift Speed

Level: 5

Power level: Weak

Eternal Power: 29

Eternal Control: 10

Eternal Limit: 77

Eternal Skills: Flash Forward – Tier 1

Eternal items: None」

This was a relatively powerful foe, an eagle with brown and red feathers as well as piercing black eyes that were filled with rudimentary intelligence. It was flying above when it saw the battle between the two parties and decided to intervene.

Like Dalia, it had fought Ramshel and eventually became so tired that it couldn’t fly for a week. As such, it had no intentions of wasting precious time and energy on the fellow. Rather, Hukrain smartly decided to focus on the two weak Eternals, Draco and Eva, who were not outputting enough power to make him wary.

It screeched and dove down like a bullet, moving towards Draco and Eva with such speed that even their eyes could not follow. By the time Draco and Eva detected Hukrain, he was already inches away from clawing their necks with his talons.

They were even lucky to detect him thanks to their Control. The moment he entered their domain, he was sensed, but because of how limited their domain was, they could only react at the last minute.

Rather than dodge or take the hit, Draco and Eva exploded with Destruction and Abyssal Energy outwards like miniature bombs. Hukrain, who was arrogantly smirking and thinking about how he would enjoy these morsels, was suddenly spooked by the intense threat of death he was facing.

He tried to slow down and turn, but he was too close and was moving too fast for that. As such, Hukrain was forced to use his Eternal talent to flash backwards, almost as if he had blinked.

Rather than moving through folds of space, it was just a temporary and short burst of extreme acceleration in any direction that made it seem like he blinked to a slower party, but was not so.

By doing this, Hukrain avoided getting hit by the energy but had exhausted a lot of his own stamina and energy. As one could imagine, such a powerful lifesaving skill was not cheap to use, and had a high price.

Draco and Eva turned to face their assailant and inspected him. Seeing his details, they unhesitatingly engaged him head on. Eva entered her Light Phoenix form and challenged Hukrain directly in his own field: speed.

Hukrain was at first filled with endless disdain as he clashed with Eva, but was soon shocked then filled with horror. Hukrain had naturally cultivated his speed from when he was weak to this level, which was why his Control was so high.

He had good grasp over movement, maneuvering and taking advantage of seeped to do many things in combat, survival and even defense.

Hukrain could begrudgingly admit that Eva’s speed as a Light Phoenix was no less than his, but he sneered at her control and capability. She was like a brute who only knew that speed was good and used it recklessly, without any finesse or skill.

As such, in the early part of the battle, Hukrain easily beat up Eva all over the place cruelly, torturing her while having fun. However, his face began to change when Eva’s skill in controlling her speed began to become much better rapidly, mimicking many of his own techniques and moves!

Soon, Eva was easily able to keep up and managed to force the battle into a temporary state of neutrality before she began taking the advantage.

Not because she was faster or more skilled, but because Hukrain was slowing down while she was still at peak performance.


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