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Guild Wars – Chapter 889: The Advantages Of Being The Evil Duo Bahasa Indonesia

If you asked Hakrasha how his day was going, he would asked you if you watched Civil War: Captain America. If you saw that scene where Bucky and Captain America tag team and brutally beat Iron man, he would say he could firmly relate to iron man at that time.

Draco and Eva were like pesky mosquitoes that buzzed in your ear when you were trying to sleep, and just when you were about to thrash that mosquito into Brazil, it suddenly disappeared faster than you could move, then suddenly appeared at the other ear and buzzed in that one too.

Only that, imagine this cycle was on repeat with you thrashing left and right in your bed trying to catch the mosquito that buzzed in your right, then your left, then your right, then you left.

Wouldn’t you go mad?

Hakrasha was on the verge. The mosquito example was pertinent because the amount of power Draco and Eva were attacking with was like a mosquito biting a human, almost unfelt. But that was the problem, almost.

Even though he suffered little damage, he still suffered damage that compounded with each hit. What was even worse was that this was exactly what Draco and Eva were going for. They were acclimating to their power with each strike dealt, each dodge made and each second spent in this high intensity battle.

The speed the three parties were moving at would cause rips and tears in space in a lower world, bit here, it was mere normal. Draco and Eva worked with each other’s minds linked, so not only could they anticipate what their partner could do, but even when Hakrasha seemed to surpass their Control and their senses, they were still able to deal with it.

After all, even if Hakrasha could beat one person’s senses and control, could he beat both? Fighting Draco and Eva like this was like trying to fight the Six Pains when they were together without Sage Mode.

Soon, the Giant Scorpion felt that wit was being weakened steadily and even worse, Draco and Eva’s coordination – already at its peak – was somehow becoming even better!

Their efficiency was going up per second and they wasted less energy in their strikes and even began manifesting some special powers of their branches, like Draco’s strikes containing the reddish Demon Energy he could easily produce back at 99% and the golden Goddess Energy Eva could also produce.

Draco energy enhanced physical damage and brought out negative emotions like wrath, pride, lust and whatnot to the fore, clouding the mind of those he was attacking. Eva’s energy also enhanced her physical damage and brought out somewhat positive emotions, but in a negative way like love, respect, adoration and subservience, making those she hit slowly lose their will to fight back and rather just accept their fate.

Hakrasha was still under their partial mental interference so this was just the icing on the cake. Draco and Eva would naturally never let go of their advantage of mental superiority over their foe and made sure to use it to the fullest even as they tried out other abilities.

As such, as the minutes passed, the Giant Scorpion grew weaker and weaker, unable to fight back efficiently despite arguably possessing the means to one shot both Draco and Eva with ease.

You see, that was the problem with raw objectivity. It only factored in the general situation and the facts if things were neutral, but sometimes, the subjective nature of things, like the exact circumstances and mitigating factors, were also important.

Objectively speaking, Draco and Eva should have no chance against Hakrasha. You look at the Evil Duo’s stats and then at Hakrasha’s stats and you probably feel that they would have to die a few times, raise their efficiency, before having a shot at killing him.

However, that required too much effort and thinking for a certain handsome bloke, so its better for the Evil Duo to maximize on their cheats to get ahead!

That was one thing the World Will did not expect. When it calculated Eternal power and the like, it gave an objective scale based on its knowledgebase and the fact of the matter, which was why both Hakrasha and the Evil Duo had evaluations of ‘weak’.

Such poor Eternal power/Control meant that they could barely exert any power. This was a fact and was definitely true, no doubt.

But even if Hakrasha cultivated himself from scratch to get to this level, and his control was higher, the circumstances failed him.

After all, Draco and Eva were reincarnators with years of skills accumulated from the previous timeline and this one, fighting within a realistic digital world against foes of all shapes and sizes with health bars far larger than what should be possible.

Aside that, they had extremely sensory abilities like VoP and extreme body control abilities like BoG, as well as the various powers of their bloodline. They had special abilities like a mental connection that made them perfectly sync and even cover each others weaknesses perfectly.

At that point, it didn’t matter how much eternal Control Hakrasha had, Unless his power and speed were so high that Draco and Eva literally couldn’t even react, there was no way to survive their onslaught.

Any Eternal monster in this realm that couldn’t oneshot the Evil Duo regardless of their power would fall just like this, in a battle of attrition.

The worst part is that a battle of attritions was nominally supposed to be fair if both parties had similar power. It was basically fighting until one part got weaker faster than the other.

So in these fights, if Hakrasha could hold out until Draco and Eva run out of energy or stamina, he would be the winner.

But alas…

Draco and Eva just had to have virtually infinite, renewable and easily usable bloodline energy, so they would never run out in that regard. They had Control at Tier 5, so forget about ever running out of physical stamina, assuming they didn’t even use their bloodline to augment their stamina.

So then… mental stamina! They certainly couldn’t have infinity of that, right?!

Tsk, tsk, brother Hakrasha, you really got cheated by life and luck.

The Evil Duo had perfectly linked their minds and with VoP, they would never run out of mental stamina (only applicable for Tier 5 upwards). That was, assuming once again, that they did not use any bloodline mental abilities to enhance or replenish mental stamina and fatigue.

This was why the World Will had rated the Chaotic Eternal bloodline with the max power and max limit. Draco and Eva had a bit of every power and ability there in the form of branches, and it was only their poor control that limited them.

They were not one trick ponies like Hakrasha who could only be counted as an Eternal if you took his poison into consideration.

Draco and Eva were basically indefatigable and inexhaustible machines of combat and power. With their infinite bloodline energy there to supply any ability they knew of, it was impossible for them to organically get tired when fighting.

You simply had to have overwhelming power that could crush them in one hit.

After an hour of this repetitive battle, Hakrasha finally felt the threat of death as its injuries had built up way too much in this skirmish. It immediately began to consider fleeing and took steps to create an opening.

However, Draco and Eva had psychic abilities, so its mind was like an open book to them. Another reason why Hakrasha never stood a chance.

How could they let him run? Naturally, they intensified their assault, creating no space for Hakrasha to even think, much less make preparations. This also rapidly consumed the rest of the Giant Scorpion’s life, but he was naturally unwilling to die.

Like any living biological species, he struggled greatly on the cusp of his death. his last minute thrashing was dangerous for any one, similar to how a boss would go berserk at 5% HP and become more deadly.

Unfortunately… this only made things easier for Draco and Eva as the giant scorpion became more erratic and predictable.

It was not long before Hakrasha let out its final wail of regret and unwillingness before collapsing into the sand, dying a terrible death that had been slow and torturous.

Draco and Eva converged and inspected the corpse wildly, making sure there weren’t any tricks. Still, they waited from afar and began bombarding it with attacks to make sure, using their raw bloodline energy since the battle was over and it death the most damage.

Eventually, Hakrasha sprang up angrily and tried to claw and stab the Evil Duo, but they sneered and jumped back, continuing to beat down the pretender. Eventually, the scorpion died, but for real this time as it corpse turned into pixels.

Poor Hakrasha. He had no idea that the entire world he knew had been temporarily digitized for Draco and Eva’s benefit, so how could his little trick fool them? Until they saw the experience, it was all fake.

Even the corpse turning into pixels could be faked, but the experience couldn’t.

「Congratulations on defeating the Eternal Monster Hakrasha, the Incurable Poison!


1 exp for all parties

Skill book: Poison Sting – Tier 1.」

Draco and Eva first checked their status to see how valuable 1 point of experience was.

「Name: Draco (And Eva)

Eternal Talent: Chaotic Eternal Bloodline, Unity of Body and Soul.

Eternal Class: Chaotic Eternal Bloodline

Level: 1

Exp: 1/10

Power level: Weak

Eternal Power: 100

Eternal Control: 0.11

Eternal Limit: 100

Eternal Skills: None

Eternal items: None」

Well, it wasn’t much, but they needed to kill 9 more Hakrasha’s to reach level 2. What they didn’t know was what benefit leveling up would have for them as that didn’t come included with the system, just like how they did not know much exp was needed for them to level up.

They put that aside and checked the skill they had just gotten as a drop.

「Poison Sting – Eternal Skill

Tier: 1

Effect: Use any part of the body to pierce the body of a target and inject them with potent poison with a value of 3 Eternal Power.

Duration: Variable (dependent on the Eternal Power of target)

Cooldown: 5 minutes.」

They both shared a look and tossed the book aside into the makeshift inventory given by the World Will. They did not have their Boundless inventory nor did they have access to the Morningstar World.

They could use a makeshift space created through special parts of their bloodline abilities, but that was not just a matter of talking. Besides, the World Will was not an idiot and had made it clear that such skills and items would be removed when they left.

So trying to be clever by hiding it somewhere and smuggle it out was the epitome of naivety!

Draco and Eva moved towards the next target with the lowest mental fluctuations within range. It took them a shorter period of time to get there and they found that it was a large Sandworm the size of a small suburban house.

「Name: Takker

Eternal Talent: Devouring

Level: 1

Power level: Weak

Eternal Power: 4

Eternal Control: 4

Eternal Limit: 35

Eternal Skills: Consume – Tier 1, Sand Travel – Tier 1

Eternal items: None」

Draco and Eva were surprised. A worm was of the devouring class of monsters, and Draco also had a chain of abilities related to devouring within the three branches he had, but he also knew there was an exclusive Devouring branch which he had not yet unlocked.

Devouring was also thought to be the most overpowered talent one could have, but that was only in the early stages when one needed to rapidly accumulate power. In the latter stages, devouring almost always became mediocre and a burden.

If it wasn’t even a perfect form of devouring, it could create backlash, destroyed foundations or create demons.


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