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Guild Wars – Chapter 880: The Revival of The Dragon Race Bahasa Indonesia

Zaine easily dealt with Chel, knocking her back and into the ground. The Trickster fell on her butt and slid backwards for a few meters, her magnificent breasts bouncing around angrily.

She herself coughed out a little blood. Chel hadn’t sustained any noteworthy injuries, yet the absurdity of the situation made her stop. She could not fathom how the usually lazy Zaine could be so powerful, especially with so little time having passed.

Zaine herself simply sneered. “Cow tits bitch, how dare you think I’m the same me from back then!!”

Chel gritted her teeth. Not wanting to accept this cruel reality, she tried to fight back, only for Zaine to immediately appear before her and grab her by the collar. The Succubus then lifted her sister up with ease and made sure that they were eye to eye before growling: “Today I’m going to pay you back for all those years of humiliation!”

She then used her free hand to claw at Chel’s breast, tearing open the fabric that kept them concealed from the world. This made the eyes of all those in the Morningstar family who were around widen.

Hikari and Roma were shocked, while Kuro snorted out some smoke, mildly interested. Rosella paled but didn’t look away, while Loki’s eyes lit up. His gaze turned lascivious like a Devil as horns almost grew from his temples.

Draco and Eva simply raised their eyebrows at the same time, surprised that Zaine would go so far. Just how much suffering did this Chel inflict on her in the past?

Even Bria was shocked, wondering if she should put a stop to this, and if she was even in a position to do so. Ultimately, their big sister sighed internally. When Chel had been bullying Zaine, while Bria herself might not have done anything to her younger sister, doing nothing when she had the power to stop it was equally bad.

Now that Zaine was getting revenge, if she interfered, she would be showing bias and would incur the hatred of her little sister. As such, she wisely decided to remain neutral once more.

Zaine began cruelly clapping Chel’s breasts, making sure to use the soft part of her palm instead of her claws. This had the effect of making Chel’s magnificent torpedo tits bounce about, going in arcs and circles that left onlookers mesmerized.

“You! Stupid! Bitch! You! Dare! To! Covet! My! Beloved! Son!” Zaine intoned every word with a slap to Chel’s breasts.

For Chel herself, this wasn’t really painful at all, yet Zaine didn’t intend it to be so. Rather, it was utterly humiliating and not in the sense that she was naked. Chel didn’t care about that as the daughter of a Succubus. However, having her tits slapped about like she was some cow made her want to die.

Eventually, Zaine got tired to punishing Chel and tossed her aside, retracting her succubus form. She then hmph-ed coldly and stepped back to pick up her son then stared at Bria darkly.

“If you people want my son to come to the Devil Realm, you’ll have to seek out my permission, Draco’s permission and the permission of the rest of my family first!”

With that said, she no longer gave her siblings any further attention and returned to the Aether Palace. Bria had a pale expression while Chel could barely get up at this time.

Bria went over to pick up her sister and left. No matter how calm she was, she too had her own pride and could not stand being stared at like a retard by Zaine’s nuclear family.

As they flew through the core area, Chel weakly asked. “What do we do now, big sis?”

Bria sighed. “I don’t know… we have to wait and try to repair our relationship with Zaine slowly. We can’t return to the Devil Realm without our nephew and we don’t have any relations on the Main Plane except Zaine.”

Chel was silent for a long time. “It’s my fault, isn’t it? I shouldn’t have spoken to her that way.”

Bria didn’t spare her this and nodded. “It was fine when we were at home and on equal levels, but now Zaine has the advantage over us, especially with her increase in combat capability. Given the situation, it’s best to bow our heads.”

Chel’s face fell at the thought of having to suck up to the one she had treated like her plaything all these years, but eventually remained silent.

“First we need to worry about where we can stay. It needs to be a place close enough to Zaine so that we can monitor her and find a way to fix things, but they definitely will not let us into their castle.” Bria shared her thoughts.

“We also don’t have any money of this realm…” Chel pointed out in embarassment, making Bria pale.

She had forgotten that fact. The two sisters had expected this to be and in-and-out job. They come, find Zaine and take her and the child back home per their parent’s orders.

Why would they need money in that case?

However, now that there was a need to in the Main Plane for an uncertain amount of time, there lack of funds became a problem.

“Why don’t we… stay with that human?” Chel suggested slowly.

Bria understood exactly who Chel was referring to as her expression became strange. “You, Chel, are willing to seek help from a human? Besides, with his… ability… we might be turned into his women.”

Chel blushed deeply, but she muttered: “I know… though I don’t mind turning into his woman if we get to enjoy ‘that’ again.”

Bria also blushed slightly, understanding exactly what Chel was referring to. After a few seconds of hesitation, she eventually turned and flew towards Misery’s manor.

The poor fellow who only wanted peace and time to drink his brew did not know that his house was about to be crashed by two Royal Devils who were hooked on his ‘skills’.


As for Draco and Eva, once Zaine left, they turned to Hikari.

“Hikari, could you do me a favor? I need you to resurrect the souls of some of our fellow Dragonkin from another universe.” Draco explained.

Hearing this, Hikari was shocked. However, she became excited the next second at the prospect of reviving her own people to life, regardless of whichever universe they came from.

“Sure, just show me where the souls are and I’ll do my best!” Hikari clenched her fist and punched the air with determination, making Draco and Eva laughed.

“They are with us, right here.” Draco revealed casually as he waved his hand, releasing the hundred plus Dragon Souls into the area in front of the Aether Palace.

Immediately, the entire Vita Kingdom ground to a halt as various beings fell to their knees, some outright plopping down to the floor with fear and horror in their eyes. They felt a suppression on the State of Being level that was absolute like a fish standing in front of the Primordial Kun Peng.

The freed Dragon Souls felt a sense of liberation like never before. Yeah, Draco’s Inner Universe was high quality and had the best energy to strengthen their souls, but it was – at the end – an incomplete and newly born universe.

It lacked many complete rules and theories. However, in the Main Plane, while the energy may be barely sustainable – and even that was only because of Vita’s special nature – it was far better for long term existence.

They all roared and shouted, releasing waves of potent magic and power over the skies of Vita Kingdom. While those suppressed could only watch in shock, those unsuppressed and unaffected were stunned stupid.

Hikari herself was shaking with excitement, tears forming in her eyes after seeing so many genuine Dragon Souls. She immediately breathed in deeply and gathered all the energy she could muster and cast White Light Resurrection on them.

The intangible and simple looking souls paused, feeling flesh form around their souls rapidly. It was so fast it was almost instant, one moment, they were slightly better Dragon Souls and the next, they were back in their full Draconic bodies.

Once again, they all roared to the the heavens and this time, with the added effect of their living bodies, it was as if the world was shaking. After all, each and everyone of these Dragons were at Rank 7, with many of them even at the Divine Rank.

Alduin and Paarthurnax alone were Semi-Origin rank and their might made the entire land shake. Hikari fell to her knees with fatigue, having emptied out her own Divine Source Origin to conjure energy up to revive these guys.

While they could have done it within Draco’s Inner Universe to mitigate the energy cost, it would not be wise. After all, the Dragons were already beings of a different world and if they didn’t ‘come to life’ in the Western Fantasy section, they would likely never be accepted by the world and suppressed.

After roaring and venting their happiness to the sky, the Dragons flapped their wings and came down, lining up before Draco respectfully. Each of them gazed at him with awe, reverence and willingness to submit, also gazing at Hikari with shock and love.

“Saintess White!” They all roared in Dragontongue unique to Skyrim, but Draco and Hikari could easily understand due to their Draconic blood.

Hikari became bashful. “I-I’m not good enough to be called a Saintess…”

However, Draco nodded. “She is Saintess White to you, but Hikari the White Dragon to me and my Dragon mate. Please take care of her for me.”

The Dragons flapped their wings on the spot and bowed. “Yes!”

Draco then inspected them physically. There were 4 Brown Dragons at Rank 7 level 300, 12 Blood Dragons at Rank 7 level 350, 15 Frost Dragons Rank 7 level 400, 21 Elder Dragons at the Divine Rank (Early), 26 Ancient Dragons at the Divine Rank (Mid), 15 Revered Dragons at the Divine Rank (Late) and 7 Legendary Dragons at the Divine Rank (Peak).

Then there were named Dragons with unique abilities. There was Mirmulnir, Relonikiv and Kruziikrel at Rank 7 level 300. There was Vuljotnaak and Nahagliiv at Rank 7 level 350. Then, there were Sahloknir and Vulthuryol At Rank 7 level 400.

Next up were Viinturuth and Odahviing at the Divine Rank (early), Krosulhah and Drunehviir at the Divine Rank (mid), Numinex at the Divine Rank (late) and Voslaarum and Naaslaarum at the Divine Rank (peak).

Of the Dragons, 33 were female and the rest were male. All 33 females were either Frost Dragons or Revered Dragons. Of them, 3 were named, who were Sahlokir the Frost Dragon and the Revered Dragon twins of Voslaarum and Naaslarum.

This assuaged Draco’s worries that these fellows would try and covet his own beauties. When they had been in soul form, it had been hard to tell their genders but with physical bodies, it was as clear as day.

“Henceforth, I name you all as members of the world’s Dragon Clan, adopted by me, Dragon Primogenitor Draco!” Draco spoke majestically, sending a wave of his Draconic aura outward.

“We hear and obey! Draco, the Black Dragon, is henceforth our clan leader and master!” The special Dragons all called out.

After the unique ceremony was completed, they all lifted their heads to the sky as a torrent of Aetheric and Divine Energy was pulled over to them. Their throats condensed with a blue light as their voices recreated across the land.


Waves of Unrelenting Force were shot out into the sky at the same time, combining to form one super wave that broke through space and went into the depths of the universe, crushing everything in its wake.

Just as Draco was about to give his next set of orders, many notifications came up in front of him one after the other.

「Boundless System-wide Announcement

Player Draco has performed a Divine contribution to the entirety of the world by resurrecting powerful unique Dragons to populate the extinct race! As they accepted him as their superior, Player Draco will become the Clan Head of the Dragon Race!」

「System to Player Announcement

You have brought back to life over a hundred Dragons, with enough females for the race to breed without causing genetics deficiencies. This is counted as a major achievement and you will be awarded the Special Title ‘Race Reviver’, which grants you a positive relationship with all forces on the Main Plane.」


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