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Guild Wars – Chapter 872: The True Avalon Bahasa Indonesia

Misery casually pulled his spear back and glared at Ao Jiantian who began coughing up blood as he fell to one knee. However, his throat healed rapidly in real time, and he rubbed it with a look of hatred as he stared at his assailant.

“How dare you attack me, mongrel? Do you know who I am?’

Hearing this, it was as if Damien and Meredith finally got a lifebuoy. Their faces became red with rage as they also roared from behind Ao Jiantian.

“Insolent, how dare you attack the Ambassador of the Pangu Lineage? This is a crime worthy of clan extermination!” Damien bellowed.

“What is the Merlin Lineage trying to do, usurp the Pangu Lineage? Ambassador, please report this to the lineage behind you for reinforcements!” Meredith screeched.

The faces of many in the room changed. Even Damien and Ao Jiantian were stunned at they turned to gaze at Meredith who wore a cruel expressions. Truly, one should not push a woman into a corner, for they were the most vicious beings!

A simple personal revenge had been turned into a rebellion and she even wanted the full brunt of the Pangu Lineage to pour down here. These were her family members, no? Even those others from the Morgana clan were looking at her with utter shock.

Meredith though, steeled her heart.

The moment they took away her Councilorship and wanted to throw her in that hell, they had become her enemy!

Besides, why should she be happy to remain in this shitty lower Lineage when she could ascend as the woman of one in a higher Lineage?

Misery simply scoffed. “Unfortunately for you, this has nothing to do with the Merlin Lineage.”

Meredith sneered. “Rubbish, we are currently on the land of the Merlin Lineage, you are using Merlin Lineage power and you were born and raised in the Merlin Lineage, how does this not relate to the Lineage?!”

Since she had already burned her bridges, she would go all the way and drag them down to hell!

Misery picked and ear and smiled. “If I remember correctly, wasn’t I exiled? Wasn’t that what you yourself said Ms. EXcouncilor?”

Meredith froze when she remembered this. The Council had convened due to return, but the explosive events after had made her forget the original intention. Now that things got here, she realized that they were in a pickle.

“Enough. Stand back and let me deal with this cretin.” Ao Jiantian ordered coldly.

As Meredith stood back, Ao Jiantian cricked his neck to the left and right before smiling menacingly. “I have to say, you were lucky enough to get that shot off, but it won’t happen again. Even if you somehow beat me to a pulp of meat, I will just regenerate before you and laugh.”

Misery smiled eerily. “Great, that’s exactly what I’m counting on!”

Before Ao Jiantian could retort, Misery disappeared from his sight, making his face change. He immediately clapped his hands, creating a shockwave in the councilroom, attempting to interrupt Misery’s charge, but it was futile. The other party appeared right before him, in the center of the shockwave.

“Let’s change our venue, shall we?”

Not waiting for the reply, Misery simply grabbed him by the face and dragged him away. Ao Jiantian was shocked by the ease at which he was being manhandled, yet this was just the beginning. Misery broke through one of the walls and dragged Jiantian at highspeeds through the Buckingham Palace towards a place he knew very well.

Misery was moving so fast and the grab was so sudden that Ao Jiantian could not react. By the time he was about to struggly free, they had already arrived at their destination, which was the entrance to a small world.

“Get ,in loser.” Misery spoke at he kicked Ao Jiantian by the face into the portal, before he followed after. Inside, the scenery shifted from a concrete jungle to a primal grass land full of beauty and allure. The grass was ankle length at best, and there was a permanently cool breeze.

Sunlight shone down, but it was only enough to barely warm the skin, much less cause visual or physical discomfort.

It was as if this entire realm had been created in order to be the most comfortable location in nature, fine tuned to perfection in every aspect. The sounds, the smell, the sights… everything was simply euphoric for the average human mind.

Even Ao Jiantian was stunned for a few moments. In his opinion, how could there be such a place in the Merlin Lineage that he didn’t know about? He had spent years as the ambassador here and should be privy to many secrets!

Misery landed before Jiantian and smiled knowingly. “Welcome to the Isle of Avalon, the fabled paradise belonging to King Arthur.”

Ao Jiantian was shocked. This was the Isle of Avalon?! Well, it was certainly paradiscal in nature, that was for sure. But this was an endless grassland, how did it qualify to be called an isle?

“It was a small isle that King Arthur found on his journeys and brought back here to develop. After he died, Nanna went out to capture his soul and bring it back so that he could enjoy his afterlife.”

Misery flexed his spear. “In fact, all of the original 9 Council members who died had their souls brought and nurtured here by Scathach. She then entered seclusion and used her magic to reinforce, develop and research this realm while later raising me. So you could say I know more about Avalon than even an Arthurian descendant.”

“Now, I don’t know if any of the souls are nearby, because this realm is truly huge and it’s too easy to get lost, but it doesn’t matter.”

Misery then opened his purple tome and flicked a finger. “With them as witnesses, I’m going to brutalize you to the point where you’ll refuse to regenerate and just die in peace.”

Immediately, magic circles formed around Misery that rose into the sky. He was directly using a modified 7th Order magic spell, Laser Beam!

The top magic circle shifted its potion and aimed at Ao Jiantian before releasing a ray of whitish-red light down at him. Ao Jiantian felt danger bells ringing in his mind so he tried to block it using his bloodline power, but it simply lanced through his chest with ease.

Ao Jiantian looked down to see the hole in his stomach with a complicated expression.

“Don’t bother trying to hide or block, you should just focus on resisting. Every spell that Nanna touched was made, at least, 200% more efficient and powerful. The most sensible thing to do when fighting me or her is to assume that everyone of our spells will be one grade above their normal counterpart, because they will show that minimum level of power.” Misery explained kindly as he appeared beside Jiantian and smacked him in the temple with the sharp side of his spear, cracking open his skull and sending him flying.

Ao Jiantian could barely mobilize his body’s muscles due to the damage to his brain, but he could easily call upon his bloodline to begin the healing process. Soon, the hole in his stomach and in his skull closed, and he was back in tip top shape.

He then pushed himself up to his feet, breathed out lightly and turned to face Misery with a resolute expression, entering a fighting stance. Misery was about to attack but paused with surprise.

“Huh? No reaction to all that pain? Have you suppressed your nerves with Control or something?”

Ao Jiantian sneered. “Of course I have Control, everyone in the Undying King Inheritance has it. Heck, Control was discovered and propagated by our country and our Lineage!”

“Unlike the Primal God which grants divine physical strength and the Primogenitor Inheritance which grants elemental summoning, the Undying King Inheritance only increases physical defense and makes one able to regenerate.”

“So tell me, how is someone born with only that Inheritance supposed to fight? Do you expect us to just stand around passively and allow ourselves to get beaten up by our enemies until they die from overexertion?!”

Misery was stunned. He had never actually thought about this, because there had never been a reason to. But now that it was brought up, that was a bit fucked. If one had Dual Inheritances like Ao Jiantian himself, it wasn’t a problem and was actually a great boon.

However, if one had only one Inheritance like that, were they supposed to turtle up?

Ao Jiantian sighed. “As such, those born of this Inheritance train one way and one way only!”

“PAIN!” He roared with such force that his eyes became red.

“Train and train in the ways of experiencing pain! Suffer pain! Enjoy pain! Conquer pain! Love pain!”

“From the moment we turn 5 years old, we are subjected to all forms of torture and grueling forms of physical pain and are made to regenerate from it. Usually by the age of 15, one would at least reach level 1 of the Body of Godliness.” Ao Jiantian roared as spittle flew from his mouth.

Misery titled his head. “Oh? You guys know that Control has ‘Tiers’?”

“Fool, they aren’t tiers, but ‘levels’! And of course we know! How could we not, since we were the ones to discover it! Do you know how much research we put into it before we made it public?” Ao Jiantian replied arrogantly.

“Hoh? Then educate me, please.” Misery requested mockingly.

“Hmph, listen up, cretin. Control has 3 levels! The first level allows one to unlock the Body of Godliness or the Void of Perfection! The second level is when one unlocks both! The third level is when one reaches their maximum potential in both and becomes a perfected Control master.” Ao Jiantian explained with a disdainful tone.

Misery was speechless for so long that Ao Jiantian smirked, thinking he was impressed. Just as he was about to speak, Misery sighed.

“Since you are about to die, I might as well educate you. As far as we know Control has up to 9 Tiers. False Tier 1 is your level 1. True Tier 1 is your level 2. Tier 2 is what I assume you call your level 3. We have Tier 3, 4, and 5 after that which is the ceiling for bloodline holders like us.”

Ao Jiantian froze, then his expression changed greatly. “Impossible! Simply impossible! How do you know this? How can you make such assumptions?!”

“It was discovered by the prodigy of the Amaterasu Lineage and the Lucifer Lineage. Their words are more credible than yours since they showed us the power too.” Misery answered with a shrug.

Ao Jiantian looked like he was about to suffer mental collapse.

“No, how? If that’s the case, we are wrong? Wait, what level of Control do you have to know this?”

“Again, NOT levels, retard, but tiers! Personally, I’m at Tier 4 Control and I can feel the bottleneck to Tier 5 loosening after fully unlocking my bloodline.” Misery retorted with amusement.

“Don’t believe me? I see that you have your Tier 1 Void of Perfection out. Whew, a measly 100 meters for that is really sad but nostalgic. Let me show you something cool.” Misery continued as he blasted out his Tier 4 Void of Perfection and encompassed Ao Jiantian’s measly VoP.

Immediately, Ao Jiantian screamed and clutched his eyes which were bleeding. Blood also leaked from his nose, mouth and ears in a horrifying fashion.

From his point of view, the world had disappeared and he had been thrust into an endless void of blackness. Within this void was his tiny body that was illuminated by nothingness, truly making him feel worthless.

Then, two gigantic eyes balls opened up above him, gazing down at him with coldness and impunity. Those callous grey eyes were filled with mockery and superiority on the level of a God. Ao Jiantian was about 1/1,000,000th the size of one of the eyeball’s corner, so the pressure it brought to bear on him was inestimable.

Misery was shocked when he saw Jiantian’s reaction and pulled back his VoP quickly, but the damage was already done. Jiantian’s mind had shattered due to the sheer bloodline suppression Misery had effected upon him.

That’s right, bloodline suppression!

Not suppression of the fantasy and magical bloodline, but of the common universal human bloodline!


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