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Guild Wars – Chapter 831: Core Members Tournament 9 Bahasa Indonesia

Field Card: Plains!

Summon Card: Army of Goblins!

Spell Card: Spectral Wolves!

Formation Card: Trained Army!

The four cards activated one by one, overlaying over each other to create the effect that joker wanted. First, the arena was overlaid with the aura of a plains, as if two backgrounds were clashing in one image.

Secondly, the summon card released over 50 Goblins who wore ragtag armor, and had rusty weapons in hand. They were ugly, brutish and stinky, looking more like a low class band of vagabonds than any army.

However, when the third card activated, the goblins changed from footmen to wolf riders, their grey-skinned semi-ethereal mounts baying menacingly towards the enemy. The goblins who were now on their backs looked far more competent and were slightly more well equipped for some reason.

It was like they had undergone an instant class change.

Then the final card activated which formed the icing on the cake. A yellowish aura enveloped the entire group, and the ragtag goblins suddenly became disciplined and intelligent, their rough armor becoming medium plate mail, and their rusty swords and daggers becoming clean shortswords or small spears.

The wolves below them became less restless and evil, and more steady and courageous. The entire group had throughly transformed from the initial wretched bunch to a seasoned army that looked like they could take down ten times their number with a concentrated charge.

Boyd simply looked on with a look of disdain. Joker did not care about this and he made his army charge forward, and then randomly drew a card using his class ‘auto’-attack’. Obviously, he couldn’t rely on only skills to fight, otherwise forget being a Legendary class, it wouldn’t even suffice to be a common class.

While the army charged at him, Boyd humped and activated hos Ultra Colossus skill!

Like a spinning top, he extended both arms out and spun on the spot, his axes forming a meat grinder that could churn through anything thrown at it. The fearless goblin army experienced this first hand, going from valiant and brave to mincemeat in seconds.

By the time Boyd’s skill had cleared them all, he then began rushing towards Joker. Ultra Colossus had a duration of more than 40 minutes and it only took him around 4 to clear that so-called Goblin Army. In Boyd’s eyes, the rest of the skill should be able to deal with Joker and any of his nonsense.

Seeing that things weren’t good, Joker threw out the card he randomly drew and then hurriedly activated his Double Draw skill.

Spell card: Fireball!

The randomly drawn card turned out to be a spell card which discharged its power onto Boyd. However, the maverick simply cut the attack in half and continued forward without receiving any damage.

Joker had a high chance of getting what he wanted at Double Draw, so he threw the cards out and then immediately activated his Single Draw skill.

Trap Card: Freeze!

Trap Card: Dispel!

The first trap card froze Boyd in place, not with ice, but with time. He was paused mid-animation as if someone had stopped time in the world, but it clearly was not going to last for long given that his movements were returning.

It was the second card that truly cause trouble as it dispelled the active skills and sent it into cooldown. Boyd broke out of the freeze, but was now back to his normal state without the crazily powerful skill to assist his advance.

At this time, Joker had used his Draw One skill to nab a card that he thought could end it all. Meanwhile, Boyd was truly getting annoying at the versatility of this fellow, but was also deeply impressed. As such, he finally stopped looking down on Joker and decided to to up his game.


Immediately, Boyd expanded by almost twice his body size and his skin became red like a lobster. His aura manifested and billowed like burning flames, looking somewhat like how Kiran did when he entered Super Warrior mode.

After all, while Kiran merged the Eight Gates energy of the body with his Internal Force and Noble Energy, the requisite was that he could utilize the hidden energy of the body released by opening the gates in the first place.

By entering Berserk, one was basically unleashing all the bodies hidden potential in exchange for a loss of intelligence. However, at Rank 3, Boyd had gained the Steady Mind passive skill which allowed him to retain full cognizance during berserk and lose all negative effects of the transformation.

To compare, one was like using/making butter and the other was like using margarine. They were generally in the same category, but yielded different outcomes.

No longer caring about his Hp bar given his 150% boosted Damage, Defense and HP, Boyd charged forward while waving his axes menacingly, looking to cut Joker in two from the waist.

Sensing this raw killing intent, joker remained clam and threw out the card he drew. He then gritted his teeth and tried his luck with his final and newest active skill, Quintuple Draw.

He had one more combo that would work if Lady Luck favored him even a little bit!

The first card thrown out was a Support Card: Battle Reduction!

It was specifically targeted at Boyd, in that it cut the stats of any enemy in battle by half of their usual for a duration that was dependent on the power of the enemy themselves.

Ethereal chains manifested from the card and rushed to bind Boyd, lowering his power imperceptibly. He roared with anger, and the burning aura around him essentially melted the chains so fast that Joker was shocked.

He had used that card to basically bully any monster he fought and had long gained the ability to solo even the toughest bosses.

Then Joker was no longer shocked because this was Umbra, and these fuckers were worse than some World Bosses.

Unfortunately, Joker quintuple draw failed and he was given five random cards. Desperate and aggrieved, he threw them out and hoped they could at least, slow down Boyd while he made a Random Draw.

Summon card: Axe Knight!

Summon card: Battle Mage!

Field card: Swamps!

Support card: Pixie Dust!

Trap Card: Spikes!

An Axe Knight and a battle mage rushed out from two portals, one on horse back and the other running with unparalleled and magic-boosted speed. They both fearlessly engaged Boyd head-on despite being harmed by the Trap Card with each step they took.

Not to mention that all suffered a severe penalty to movement speed thanks to the Field card. However, it made little difference to Boyd who cut the horse in twin and stomped the rider’s head into mush, then used the blunt side of his axe to slap the Battle Mage into the underworld.

He then jumped and arced through the air towards Joker’s location, who was hastily throwing out one last card.

Summon Card: Sword Knight!

Boyd cut through both the summon who just emerged form the portal, and Joker who was trying to seek cover behind him, his axe gleaming with his red berserk energy as well as the blood of his slain foe.

8th Battle: Boyd wins!

9th Battle: begin!

Loving Aunt scratched the back of her head with a sheepish smile. After all, against her was Ghostpro, one of Draco’s God Serpent Generals and a youngster from her own lineage.

For that matter, Ghostpro had a headache. Loving Aunt should know very well that no one dared to beat her in this guild, knowing that she was Draco’s surrogate mother. Not to mention she was a member of his lineage and the one who had helped all of them train their Serpent God Inheritance along with Draco’s avatar before the actual Draco came back.

「Enchantress – Legendary Class (Rank 4)

Skills: Kiss of Death (Active), Toxic Explosion (Active).

Exp gain rate: 60%

Rank up difficulty: 50%

Class weapons: Any magical

Class skills: Any poison or beguilement」

「Kiss of Death – Active skill

Effect: Place a kiss or a any form of touch upon a target filled with the most caustic toxins in spell form. They will experience fake death for 30 seconds after a delay of 3 minutes.

Cooldown: 10 minutes.」

「Toxic Explosion – Active skill

Effect: Release a shockwave made of the worst toxic energies you have stored up, blasting everything within 10 kilometers with this caustic aura. This deals 400% poison damage instantly and 30% poison damage over time.

Duration: 1 minute

Cooldown: 2 hours.」

「Classmaster – Divine Class (Rank 4)

Skills: Provisional Class (Active), Class Banishment (Active), Classless Skills (Passive), Class Skills (Passive), Class Up (Active), Stats Absoprtion (Active).

Exp gain rate: 0.5%

Rank up difficulty: 80%

Class weapons: All.

Class skills: All.」

「Provisional Class – Active skill

Effect: The Classmaster is the archetype and combination of all classes. Upon activating this skill, the Classmaster can temporarily adopt the nature of any known class below the Divine Rank as well as its basic skills and stats.

Duration: 30 minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour.」

「Class Banishment – Active skill

Effect: Temporarily banish a class from any target with a class below the Divine Rank, leaving them unable to use their skills and abilities related to their class for the duration.

Duration: 5 minutes.

Cooldown: 50 minutes.」

「Classless Skills – Passive skill

Effect: All classless skills in the system repository are available for the Classmaster to learn, and their power is boosted by 60% when used by the Classmaster.」

「Class Skills – Passive skill

Effect: All class based skills are weakened by 40% when cast against the Classmaster by any class below the Divine Rank.」

「Class Up – Active skill

Effect: The Classmaster can freely allow any class below the Divine Rank to experience one free Class Up chance outside of the Training Hall. At Rank 4, the success rate of the Class Up chance is boosted by 20%.

Cooldown: 1 day.」

「Stats Absorption – Active skill

Effect: Absorb the stats of a defeat foe and merge them with your own. This can only be done on players and NPCs with classes below the Divine Rank and its temporary.

Note: You can target up to 10 enemies before activating the merge.

Duration: 7 days.

Cooldown: 1 month.」

Looking at his class details, Loving Aunt was speechless. This fellow was straight up anti-legendary and below classes, being more than just bane to them, but their worst nightmare.

Unless one had a divine class, facing Ghostpro was the epitome of stupidity. He could literally ruin your class and your life if he so chose. Seeing this, Loving Aunt became a bit hesitant to fight.

While she didn’t want to just give up, it was clear that fighting was not going to benefit either of them. As such, Loving Aunt could only sigh and roll her eyes, before walking off the stage the same way she came on.

Luckily for her, no one dared to look down on her, rather breathing a collective sigh of relief. Now that they didn’t have to face this walking timebomb, they were much more confident in the competition going forward.

9th Battle: Ghostpro wins!

10th Battle: begin!

Hera flew up onto the stage stately while Tunder Power walked out of a portal. Both of them had changed significantly since the First Inter-Player International Competition, with Tunder adopting a new look and Hera adopting a new disposition.

However, one thing was for sure. As one of the most skilled magic users in the guild, everyone was looking forward to Hera’s performance. The same went for Tunder, who was the strongest from Supernatural’s trainees and the best marksman in the guild.

Not to mention he now had the power of Houyi from the Pangu bloodline, as well as a swanky new Divine Class tailored for him.

A battle between two titans was about to begin! The semi-loli mage vs the wood elf archer!

Next time, on Guild Wars Z!


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