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“Well, that’s about it. I understand I was given this power to work for you, so I will fulfill that obligation since I want to keep it.” Lily admitted honestly.

Draco did not seem bothered by this. It was a bit of a stretch to expect unwavering loyalty on the first meeting. The God Serpents may feel that way, but the humans attached to them definitely wouldn’t.

He then gazed at the slouching Ghostpro.

“Name’s Cyrus Trueblood. No, I am not a vampire. Yes, that is my actual name. I hate things that are going to cause me stress or unhappiness and like things that cause me peace and happiness.”

“My parents’ names are not necessary for now. They got slaughtered by this bastard cuz he thought it would be funny.” Ghost snitched as he pointed at Orochi, who began to sweat.

Draco glared at Orochi, who aimed his eight heads in different directions while whistling innocently. Ghostpro then folded his hands behind his head.

“As for me, I want her to revive my family but she says she ain’t strong enough for that yet. After that, I don’t really care, but following you seems fun as hell.”

Draco smiled as he nodded at Ghostpro. “Not bad.”

“Well hello there, fine sir Draco! I am John Smith, also known as The Showman. I am of the genealogy of Martin Fuller and Felis DeNucci. I recently awoke Eden after my parents explained my Lineage to me, which set me on a quest to find where I stand!” The Showman began grandly.

“Then, I had an encounter where my powers first manifested and I also awoke the dormant Eden, who led me here to you! As for my reason for being here, it is simply to understand more about myself and this fascinating world of wonders before us.”

The Showman then gripped his chin and leaned towards Draco. “Also, it would be great to crack the biggest conundrum in the room, which is you, don’t you think?”

Draco snickered. “Do as you wish.”

Krona, who had been silently watching and observing all this while, spoke. “My father was Karon Lord and my mother was Lami. My name is Conner Lord and I usually go by Kronalord due to a mispronunciation by a friend. My goal was to return to the Lucifer Lineage when I finally connected with Leviathan and regained my memories.”

Krona shook his head. “However, I am no longer interested after hearing the events that had transpired in the past from Brother Henry. Rather, I feel like this group of God Serpents is more of a place where I’d like to be a part of.”

Draco’s eyes flashed with a strange light. “You are more than welcome, Connor.”

“Name’s Garrett Marshall, and I’m paired with this freak.” Hades joked as he pointed to the ugly Nidhogg who looked like a poorly rendered black dragon done in the Asian style.

“My dad’s Jonathan Marshall and my mother is Katerina Spetzia. As for why I am here, it’s because Nidhogg stated that this is where we need to be. In other words, just like Lily, I’m here to fulfill my obligations for being granted this power.”

“Simple enough.” Draco acknowledged.

“My name is Conner Baines. I am the son of Derrick Baines and Maria Donna. I have been graciously paired with Ouroboros, and I enjoy our partnership. Like Garrett and Lily, I’m here to fulfill my obligations, but just like Henry, I shall only give it my all should find you capable.” Shadowheart said in one go, not even changing expression as he spoke.

Draco was silent for a while as he assessed all eight once more.

“Interesting.” He laughed.

“What an truly interesting group. Okay then, those who are willing to follow me without proof of competence, please move to the right.” Draco prompted.

Xela, Ghostpro, The Showman, Kronalord and Elle walked to the right and gazed at the others strangely. With how much power they had, was there a need to kick up such a fuss? They had already interacted with the Avatar and knew that his power was more than enough to deal with them.

Just what made those three think they could suppress the main body?

However, each one had their own reasons for testing Draco.

was not the case for Nightwalker, Shadowheart and Hades.

Nightwalker wanted to see whether the Guildmaster was worth the power he had, Shadowheart wanted to display his prowess to cement his own value, while Hades was just curious how much of a difference where was between the two Dracos.

“Alright, so you three can feel free to strike me with your hardest attack. I’d like to see how powerful you all are.” Draco requested casually.

The trio shared strange looks. Hades rubbed the back of his head and asked the questions on their minds. “Are you sure? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have an issue attacking you, but shouldn’t we move somewhere else first? Last time, I used 5% of my Bloodline Energy and almost destroyed a few city blocks. This is Big Sis Sublime’s office, and if we ruin it…”

Draco laughed. “Sublime would undoubtedly hang us by our entrails. However, don’t worry, I will make sure nothing happens to the office.”

Hearing this, the others no longer hesitated. They believed in the power of Draco that he could mitigate their attacks enough to prevent the place from being destroyed. As for being stronger or overpowering him, they were neither stupid nor arrogant.

They were just trying to gauge each other and get a feel for the other. As such, the three put all 100% of their Bloodline Energy into one attack rather than waste time launching endless probing ones.

In order to gauge the gap between them and the boss, they had to release their upper limit so they could see his lower limit.

Hades decided to make use of the elementals he had plundered to attack the Guildmaster, powering them up as much as he could. He concentrated them into his feet as he blasted forward and performed an overhead spin kick.

The God Serpent Inheritor wanted to add his absurd physical power into the elemental attack powered by Bloodline Energy. This was his true all out attack!

Shadowheart growled as he concentrated all his power into his staff and activated his most powerful Nihil. Satisfied, he slammed the staff down, then raised its butt to point towards Draco as if it was a gun. A gray bullet fired out and hurtled towards the target’s chest with unparalleled speed.

Nightwalker smiled and plunged his hand into a Calamity Portal that appeared beside him. He then pull out a Glob of Darkness which made his face pale greatly, and he wobbled where he stood, yet the God Serpent Inheritor’s eyes gleamed as he tossed it towards Draco.

That was the forbidden apocalypse, Heat Death/Eternal Darkness of the Universe. His entire life, he hadn’t dared use it for fear that he would lose control and end all life on earth, yet with Draco’s assurance, he could finally take it for a spin!

Draco simply watched these three attacks come closer, yet rather than do anything about them, he allowed each one to strike true. He only manifested a shield of raw Bloodline Energy around him which looked like a mixture of red, black and purple aura.

Hades’ kick, Shadowheart’s bullet and Nightwalker’s Glob of Darkness struck this shield and fizzled out of existence silently, as if they had been defused. Umbra’s Guildmaster simply waved his hand and pushed Hades back to where he launched from gently.

The three were shocked speechless, and the other five were no different. The God Serpents by the side were more than shocked, they displayed looks of horror and utter ecstasy. The humans might not be able to tell, but they could, not just from the aura, but from the technique Draco used.

He had achieved 100% bloodline perfection!

He was basically a new progenitor of his own!

“How…?” Nightwalker asked with confusion.

They could feel it. Draco had simply used raw Bloodline Energy in that defense, and it was enough to block their full power attacks. The problem was that they could sense the volume of Bloodline Energy and it was a s vast as the starry sky above the clouds.

However, even for Draco, it should be impossible with his human body to generate that much energy and project it without turning to ash. It wasn’t that they underestimated him, but this was exactly what his own bloody Avatar had taught them!

It wasn’t their fault, though. The Avatar had been at 99%, just like Draco, before the main body had come out of the Unique Quest. The moment he did and got upgraded, he had run off because he wanted to leave these fellows to the main body to handle.

“I have achieved perfection in my bloodline, meaning that I am no different from Lucifer himself in terms of raw power.” Draco explained casually.

However, these casual words were enough to make these eight fellows’ heads explode.

As powerful as Lucifer?

Are you for fucking real??

Wasn’t that the power that their God Serpents had hyped up to them could destroy their very planet???

“Don’t be confused, just like you, I have much more to learn about this. So you can rest easy for now.” Draco added with a calm smile.

The God Serpents could only take it at face value and hope they didn’t get blown to pieces by a misfire. Seeing their wariness, Draco had an idea to dispel their fears and win their favor.

“Since my status has changed from an inheritor to a progenitor, I have… refreshed… my abilities and gained a new set of them separate from when I was an inheritor.” Draco stated as he flicked a finger.

Immediately, images of the 8 God Serpents formed around him and condensed into various colored orbs that rushed into the mouths of the eight God Serpent Inheritors. They swallowed those with shock and then suddenly trembled, along with their released God Serpents who thrashed about.

Suddenly, they all grew double in size and became fully existent beings no different from any lifeform in the universe, no longer mere manifestations. As for the eight humans, they fell to their knees as power coursed through them and their various bloodline purities hit the ceiling of 99% in one go.

However, this was a barrier they would never be able to break through. This was due to two reasons, they were now tied to Draco’s lineage, not Lucifer’s, so unless he as the primogenitor died or ceased to exist, they would always be limited by his power.

This wasn’t something done intentionally, it was just the major downside of having a bloodline when the progenitor was alive. Maybe Draco could provide alternatives in the future, but he would have to ascend beyond 100% to achieve that.

The second reason was their own humanity. They would not be able to bear anything beyond 100% without specially rebuilt bodies, though Draco could likely help them with that in the real world.

“These changes won’t reflect in reality even with the pods, because it’s too great. I will be logging out soon after I reach Rank 4, so we can meet up them and handle the real empowering process.” Draco stated, then paused.

“If you want to understand what I just did, I basically gave you the other half of the God Serpents that Lucifer had split between us.”

The eight were dumbfounded. Xela asked worriedly. “But wouldn’t that mean you’ve lost the origin of their power?”

“No, I am the Origin of their power now. To simplify, when I reached 100%, you could say I created a new set of avatars at 100% power. So the avatars at 99% power which were split in half are just extras in my body I don’t need, so I gave them to you.”

Draco then shook his head. “Okay, that’s enough of that. I summoned all the core members, so let’s go meet them. There are some things you all deserve to know, pertaining to the future of this world and where we stand in it.”

Draco snapped a finger and the eight then disappeared from the room immediately, as if they had never been there in the first place.


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