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Guild Wars – Chapter 808: The Tower’s Punishment 2 [R-18] Bahasa Indonesia

The Tower Spirit was terrified and confused by what Draco meant. All it knew was that things were currently not looking good, and it had to quickly escape!

However, could escape still be possible at a time like this?

Draco simply spread a wave of psychic energy and the Tower Spirit was bound with its limbs stretched out. It thrashed and struggled furiously in midair, but it was impossible for it to overpower Draco at his current level of power.

“Let me go, you vile mortal! Do you know who I am?!” The Tower Spirit roared as he struggled futilely.

Draco rubbed his chin. “Actually, I don’t. Let’s find out, shall we?”

“Wha-?” The Tower Spirit murmured with shock as the white light covering its form was dispelled, revealing its true appearance. Draco was surprised by what he saw.

Previously, one could only vaguely tell that the Tower Spirit was humanoid and possibly feminine given its outline and structure, but its actual features were covered by a fae-like light that made it seem like a handheld AI.

Now, though, Draco could shockingly tell that this Tower Spirit was actually a true fairy. Their species could be described as ‘miniature elves’, yet they were slightly more powerfu due to being born from both nature and magic, while elves were born from nature but had strong affinity with magic.

Fairies were 8th on the State of Being rankings, so they were a top race. After the Divine War, it was assumed that they had largely gone extinct. Draco had already been shocked to find Chisa, the Goddess Descendant he had taken as a concubine when she had revealed herself to be half fairy, half human.

However, the Goddess Descendants were remnants of the era before the Divine War, so it was natural that faeries had been more present at that time. This Tower also existed before then, for that was the only reason why Draco would find a pure blooded fairy here.

Immediately, Draco’s entire expression and demeanor changed from casual disdain to extreme desire and greed.

A live fucking fairy! Pure blooded too!

Even in the old era, those had been rare and often hunted down because every part of their existence was a treasure. Whether it was breeding, mating, raising, eating, selling, using as an ingredient for potionmaking or even asking for all forms of crafting, they were at the top in terms of value.

Such a wide range of applications made it such that fairies were seen less as living beings, and more as a precious treasure to be exploited!

Draco didn’t even need to ask. He guessed that the owner of this Tower must have either been a fairy who had attained Divinity or someone strongly sympathetic to fairies, thus using this fairy as its Tower Spirit to hide her existence so that she could exist in peace.

Unfortunately, no one could have predicted that this fairy would enter a buff with Draco, and that it would now fall into his vile clutches.

Truly, this was like a toad getting to eat swan meat, ah!

Seeing Draco’s expression, the fairy became scared. “W-what are you trying to do?!”

However, such an expression only further triggered Draco’s usually suppressed Horned Demon instincts. After his bloodline had reached 100%, he had yet to fully digest the power and benefits, so he was like a prodigy in cultivation who had broken through a new realm, with an unstable foundation and poor control over his power.

Previously, he had often suffered from random bouts of vices, susceptible to the seven deadly sins due to his unfamiliarity with his bloodline, but it had greatly stopped in recent months. Now, though, it has come back in full force, only leaving when Draco spent time tempering himself.

The fairy has glowing purple hair that flowed behind her like leaves on a willow tree. She had bright green eyes, extremely soft and beautiful features resembling a young girl of about 16 years, and an attire made of plant leaves woven to form a dress.

(Author’s Note: Age of consent where I am is 16 btw.)

With her body stretched out like that, her sumptuousness could be displayed in full. Draco decided that he was going to have a thorough taste of this meal as he replied to the tied up fairy.

Suddenly, darkness spawned and leaked from Draco’s body, thickening and thickening until they condensed into tentacle-like shapes. These tentacles moved over towards the fairy and climbed up each of her limbs.

“Ughh, what’s this?!” She cried out as she felt the cold yet firm touch of the tentacles.

“These? They are going to be your best friends soon enough.” Draco stated with a strange smile.

“Best friends?” The fairy asked in confusion.

Soon the tentacles reached the top of her limbs, the two on her arms moving to cup her breasts through her clothes, while the ones on her limbs sneaked under her skirt and began rubbing themselves over two very sensitive spots.

“Ah! W-What are you doing?!” The fairy cried out with a high pitch at the sudden stimulation, shocked by the signals her body was sending her.

“Me? I’m making you my bitch. Nothing significant.” Draco replied as he stood there with the tentacles crawling from his back, his arms folded before him as he watched with interest.

Tentacle play was not for everybody despite its popularization, and Draco did not like it much either. He preferred classic sex, with a hard cock ramming a wet vagina. Simple, raunchy and natural.

However, it was completely different when you were the one engaging in tentacle play and controlling the tentacles. Draco was completely enthralled with the feeling, and his male instincts were fully brought out at this moment.

What was the biggest regret of every man in the world who had tasted a woman? It was that he was only born with one penis, two hands and one mouth!

It didn’t matter your fetish or your type, once you either had a woman beneath you or on top of you, all that goes through one’s mind is the wish to stimulate her into madness. Hearing her moan from your work makes you want to intensify those sensations.

Look at those two lovely bouncing tits. Look at her soft lips. Her tight vagina and similar cute butthole. All of these places for you to violate, but only one penis and limited sexual stamina unless you were on drugs.

What a waste!

However, tentacles solved this problem, which was likely why they became so popular. They allowed a man to see what it was like when a woman was fully stimulated and violated in all forms and ways possible, bringing her to the peak climax a female can enjoy.

Draco created three more tentacles, two of which grabbed the fairy’s legs and balanced her weight with ease, spreading her legs apart. One hovered around her face and waited for her to open her mouth before rushing in, filling her jaws to the brim with its thickness.

The fairy at this time was completely stimulated by the sensations she was feeling and wore a helpless expression as she was continually violated like this. What surprised her was that the tentacles that were touching her body and invading her mouth had gone from a strange coldness to body-like warmth.

Even the texture of the one in her mouth felt like normal skin. What baffled her was that this change made her body even hotter, as if it was responding to something. She had no idea what was going on though, having no education about sex or sexual actions.

Draco allowed one tentacle to slowly lift her skirt to her waist and exposed her naked vagina and butthole. After all, it was good enough that a being close with nature even wore this leafy dress. Expecting them to wear panties and the like was nothing but a fool’s fantasy.

The fairy felt strangely humiliated and embarrassed by her current pose, but she felt even more aroused by the tentacle that was slowly pushing against her hole, not forcing its way in but rather stimulating and teasing her.

On her chest, the two tentacles there pulled down her coverings, leaving her two D-sized breasts exposed as they bounced due to the lack of constraints. They then twirled around them and squeezed then pulled, kneading her breasts in ways a hand never could.

The top of the tentacles formed a strange hole that suctioned her nipples. Within those holes, feelers emerged that caressed and enveloped her nipples, causing waves of electricity to course through the body of the fairy as the sensation overwhelmed her conscious mind.

“Mmmmmmhhhh!!!” She moaned loudly and shuddered greatly as the tentacle rubbing her vagina pulled back, displayed a small amount of thick white cream on its ‘face’.

“Oh? You’re super sensitive on your nipples, huh? That’s fine too, I don’t neglect tits during sex.” Draco commented with a laugh.

The fairy had no capacity to answer, her heads tilted backwards and her eyes slightly glazed over as her mind was processing the experience she felt just now.

“That is called an orgasm. It occurs when a male or female reaches peak sexual pleasure through sensation, and the pleasure overflows for a few seconds. It usually means your partner is very good and should be held onto with an iron claw.” Draco explained with a chuckle.

“Owgazum…” The fairy repeated dazedly with her mouth still full of tentacle.

Suddenly, the tentacles started moving again, jolting her into wakefulness as the sensations retarded. She gazed at Draco with dismay and horror, wondering why this was still continuing.

“You think that’s all? I haven’t even begun to enjoy myself yet. I hope you have high mental fortitude, or you’re going to become a retard by the time I’m done.” Draco said menacingly, smiling darkly as he walked over.

For some reason, the fairy felt that today might just be her best and worst day ever.


“And? What’s your name?” Draco asked the faintly discernible body buried under the white liquid that was breathing deeply.

“M-Moira…” The fairy answered weakly, coughing out a thick wad of white juice from her overloaded belly. Her movements also caused copious amounts to be squeezed out of her two lower holes, which made her moan in a mixture of relief and shame.

“Moira, huh? Not bad. Transfer ownership of the Tower to me.” Draco commanded after retracting his now shriveled tentacles.

Moira weakly raised her right arm and shot out a strangely golden colored seal which entered Draco’s hands. He inspected the seal as well as the new skill he had acquired through intercourse.

「Congratulations on acquiring: Virgin Blood of a Fairy


Fae’s Blessing passive skill」

「Fae’s Blessing – Passive skill

Rank: Rare

Effects: You are considered a friend of the Fae by nature and by magic. 30% increase to all nature related skills and abilities, and 15% increase to all magical related abilities.」

The skill was not bad. It was just a Rare skill, so its numbers were not mind-boggling, but for an average player, this could change them from a scrub to a boss, especially if one chose to use nature-related magic.

The more interesting thing was naturally the seal.

「Seal of Babylon – Medallion

Rank: Divine

Durability: MAX


Passive 1 – The Controller: The wielder of this seal has full control and administrative rights over the Tower of Babylon.

Passive 2 – Divine Might: When in the Tower, the wielder is treated as a True God and can manifest divine powers related to their characteristics.

Active 1 – War Tower: Turn the Tower of Babylon into a Battle Tower that can defend and attack from any external force. Duration: Unlimited. Cooldown: None.

Active 2 – Travel: No matter one’s location, the wielder can always return to the 100th floor of the Tower of Babylon. Cooldown: None.

Note: The wielder can bring up to 1000 others with them at a time with this skill.

Description: The Tower of Babylon was first built by the hands of a mortal king called Nimrod in an attempt to show defiance to the True Gods of heaven, declaring that mortals did not need their guidance to survive. He was soon butchered and toyed with to death by the servants of the Gods, and this Tower was given to the Fairy Ancestor to play with.」


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