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Immediately, Draco and Eva began to feel a sharp change. Their aura burst out and trashed the containment room, aiming to destroy the entire inner world o the AI. If this had occurred on earth, it was likely that a whole continent would have been destroyed in an instant, with worse disasters occurring each second.

The entire room creaked and shook, the pod Eva lay in showing red signs and symbols. The baby though, only giggled and threw her limbs about playfully, watching her parents power up with a rosy expression.

Draco and Eva suddenly clasped each other’s hand and tried to regulate their power deeply, making sure not to crush everything around them,

It can be said right now that no one truly understood what 100% bloodline purity actually meant for the evil duo. Even they themselves realized their previous expectations and ideas were laughable.

99% would always mean that they were at the peak of humankind, but that was it. Their power was great and they could unleash forces that could destroy a city or even a state.

However, 100% was a threshold. It was like a major realm in cultivation. It brought about a whole new level of base power and a whole new level of skills. Just the casual release of their aura could destroy an entire continent, much less of they attacked.

A lot of words could be used to describe how great and awesome their power was, but it could be condensed into a simple comparison. If 99% was like being Goku at the end of the original Dragon ball, then 100% was like Goku at the end of the Super saga.

The gap was so vast that Draco and Eva were literally focusing all of their power and ability into comprehending their rise in strength and taming it. They had no time for anything else, leaving the baby in Eva’s arms free to do what it wanted.

As such, a blue outline glowed around the baby as it took to the sky, hovering around with ease. It flew around the containment room with ease, checking out the various corners and crooks with a child’s curiosity. Seeing that there was not much to see, it got bored and went to the door.

The sealed door that could even lock down the titanic aura from Draco and Eva’s outburst was easily opened by the baby after a blue outline touched it. It then flew into the main area where Amber and the AI were, only that Amber had fainted from the intensity of the pressure.

Only the giant brain that made up the AI still hovered casually in its tank, unable to be fazed even by such potency. The baby zipped around the lab, checking everything out with shining eyes, even lowering itself to check on Amber’s unconscious body.

When the baby saw the large mounds on Amber’s chest that were rhythmically moving up and down, it couldn’t help but compare them to its own mama. Immediately, the child became dissatisfied that this tramp dared to surpass her mama, and began slapping Amber’s breasts so that they would become smaller.

Feel the righteous fury of a newborn!

Unfortunately, the martial power of a newborn was -10,000, so instead of damaging Amber, it was rather giving her a nice massage that amide the unconscious woman smile in gratification. Seeing this, the baby could only stop and float away awkwardly.

You… just wait! I’ll be back when I’m older!

The child then reached the pod where Shangtian’s body was housed, and it instinctively felt disgust and anger. The child could not understand these emotions, but just felt that the freak in the strange pod was evil and should not be approached with ease.

Finally, the baby came to where the brain hovered in the tank, floating before it. It gazed at the weird entity before it, mimicking the bobbing of the AI’s brain in the tank as if that would help it understand what it was looking at.

The two remained like that for a considerable amount of time until the child got bored and returned to the room where its mama and papa were still controlling themselves. The baby hovered on its papa’s broad shoulders and sat there, throwing its legs while it admired the duo.

Such a beautiful mama and a handsome papa… how nice!

Meanwhile, Draco and Eva had been pulled into an illusion that they were familiar with. It was the same outer space area above the planet earth where they usually met the recorded voice of Lucifer and Amaterasu.

Lucifer and Amaterasu stood before Draco and Eva, looking like future versions of their current selves, just slightly older and more mature. Both sides observed the other causally to see if there were any changes, and the Original Human Duo were surprised to see that their little clones had changed a lot.

Eva especially was radiating a mixture of Godly Benevolence and Divine Apathy, a mixture of Riveting Night and Amaterasu’s essences, whereas Amaterasu was only Godly Benevolence. Draco though, was even wearing the same expression as Lucifer, and anyone who saw them would mistake them for brothers immediately.

“Well, hello to you two again. I’m not sure how long it’s been since we last met, but it should be at least 9 months assuming there was no issue with the pregnancy.” Lucifer greeted with a cheery tone.

“We left these imprints behind to guide you two on the current state of your world once you two spawn a child safely.” Amaterasu continued with a kind expression, her benevolent aura making the world feel at peace.

“Basically, the first thing I’m gonna say is that we made a deal with Pangu that we need to unite in the face of a common enemy. As such, you should probably stop alienating his inheritor and allow her to come onto you.” Lucifer said as he winked at Draco.

Draco and Eva shared a confused look and then glanced at Lucifer strangely. “Her?”

Seeing their confusion, Lucifer’s smile disappeared. “What? Haven’t you met Pangu’s inheritor? She’s just like you, possessing all of that lunkhead’s essence.”

Draco and Eva shared a look once more and Eva spoke this time. “We’ve met him. He’s… not very nice.”

Lucifer and Amaterasu looked like they had been struck by thunder. After a while, Lucifer kept muttering to himself.

“Impossible, impossible! We all agreed that… it shouldn’t be possible to… how…?”

Draco frowned. “Are you saying your original plan was for Pangu’s Inheritor to be a female, and I was supposed to pair up with her along with Eva?”

Lucifer sighed. “Yes! The plan was to merge out three bloodlines and give birth to two children through you three, and your two spawns would then inter-breed and create a 3rd generation child with all 3 bloodlines in perfect balance.”

Draco and Eva were stunned. What a good plan! Give birth to one child with perfect Lucifer and Amaterasu genes and another with perfect Lucifer and Pangu genes, then have those two kids grow up and give birth to a child with all 3 genes evenly split to perfection.

If one ignored the morality of it, it was a perfect eugenical plan. However, they were missing one key ingredient, Shangtian had a pair of horse-sized balls, not a canal!

“Did Pangu play a fast one then?” Eva asked with confusion.

Lucifer and Amaterasu shook their heads simultaneously. “You may have seen some bloodline images of Pangu and have formed an opinion of him, but was only because he was an enemy at the time. As an ally, Pangu is one of the most loyal and brave fellows who never goes back on his word.”

Lucifer then coughed. “Not to mention its impossible to deceive the primogenitor of deception.”

Draco nodded sagely while Eva and Amaterasu adopted the same nonplussed expression as they folded their arms. Amaterasu then scoffed. “You mean he’s too dumb to trick even a dodo bird.”

“…right.” Lucifer could only agree with a cough.

However, don’t loom at his fair, fuckboy skin that looked softer than a woman’s own, it was thicker than the bunker used to protect the president. Without even blushing, he continued.

“Pangu was not adept at creating. His Inheritor was designed by myself, him, and Nuwa, so there’s no way we made a mistake. I even designed her to be to our tastes, hehe.”

Draco had a strange expression. “What do you mean our taste?”

Lucifer gave him a ‘you know’ look. Draco’s heart itched as he did know and he couldn’t help but wonder. A mental bubble appeared above his head where the burly Shangtian was feminized into a big booty beauty who was fierce and arrogant.

‘Hehe, breaking her down and making her a gentle housewife would be great!’ Draco thought as he drooled.

“But it’s strange. How could she turn into a man? There’s no mistake about it, she was definitely born. So who was the one you saw and was he really the inheritor?” Lucifer couldn’t help but ask.

Draco’s fantasy bubble popped and he became serious as he nodded. “His power and the aura he gave cannot be mistaken. He was definitely the inheritor. I don’t even know of anyone in his clan who could possibly beee….!!!”

Draco trailed off towards the end as his expression changed drastically and, it felt like thunderstruck him. Eva, who was perpetually connected to him, also received his thoughts and her mouth dropped as her mind was blown.

A female inheritor? Didn’t Shangtian have a younger sister who was the only direct descendant? It was rumored that her bloodline was either crippled or nonexistent, and she had been bedridden since she was young.

Draco knew this through Eva, as he and Eva had interfaced many times. That was how he could tease Shangtian the other time.

Now that he heard Lucifer’s words, he couldn’t help but think of this. The only question was, if the sister was the true inheritor, then what was Shangtian? Because his bloodline potency had been too high and too natural to be a fake.

It was impossible for one Lineage to give birth to two people with more than 80% bloodline purity in this era, so there could only be one. How did Shangtian get such high purity if his sister was the inheritor?

Draco pondered for a bit, then his expression changed again.

Hold on, the girl was a cripple? Hadn’t he been labeled a cripple once? But had he actually been crippled? No!

His bloodline had simply been sealed using a technique that he easily broke later on in life once he detected it. So the term ‘cripple’ when it came to bloodlines might not have the literal meaning.

But then what did it mean? Was her bloodline sealed? Why would they do that anyway? To make Shangtian stand out? But Shangtian wouldn’t even have the bloodline purity to stand out. At best, he could be born with around 20-30% to be considered a prodigy, like his cousin Ao Potian.

Wait, bloodline sealing… bloodline techniques… bloodline extraction…

… bloodline transfer?


Both Eva and Draco stood rooted to the spot, feeling as if they had uncovered everything. Why was Shangtian so strong despite not being the one Lucifer crafted? Why was the one he likely crafted ‘crippled’ and without any bloodline?

When transferring blood or donating organs, who was the best supplier but one’s own blood siblings?

With that in mind, transferring bloodline source from one child to another who are direct siblings separated by only a few years should yield a very high success rate and low rate of rejection compared to others.

And taking into account the nature of the Pangu clan, they would definitely want their prodigy to be a male direct descendant and not hesitate to sacrifice a female descendant for that. It made so much sense that nothing else could compare.

Realizing this, Draco felt even more that the Pangu clan had to eradicated from this world. His own clan was bad enough for sealing him, but at least they gave him a path of survival. To directly extract the bloodline source of a child…

Even just now, when the baby took 50% of their source, they felt like they were being scraped internally, how much more if 100 of it was removed at such a young age?


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