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Guild Wars – Chapter 768: Acquiring Scorpion Bahasa Indonesia

Eventually, Draco knocked back Scorpion and took a slight breath. He gazed at the superior ninja and swordsman with an appreciative gaze, finally understanding why this character was so popular worldwide and why he had been used as the mascot for his own IP.

Scorpion also gazed at Draco, yet had no words to communicate. Rather, the two had said all they needed to through their battle just now. As such, the time for playing was over, and the real fight had to begin. Even though Scorpion was growing fond of Draco, his revenge was more important.

He had been told that as long as he won a certain amount of battles here, he would be given a chance to fight Quan Chi by Shang Tsung. He couldn’t pass this chance up, as Quan Chi was hard to track on the norm.

As such, Scorpion retracted his blades and entered a fist fighting stance. Draco smiled and also withdrew his two swords and entered a basic fighting stance without transforming yet. He was just basic Draco, and he seemed as harmless as a puppy.

Scorpion didn’t underestimate him and struck with a right foot jab, which was blocked low by Draco. The martial arist made some low probing attacks, which his opponent blocked easily until Scorpion suddenly made an overhead kick. This broke Draco’s defense and Scorpion unleashed a barrage of attacks, a mixture of overheads and low attacks at the other’s feet.

Draco retaliated with a powerful uppercut when Scorpion made a jumping overhead kick. The martial artist flew through the air and crashed badly, but jumped back to his feet. Draco rushed over and made a sweeping kick which the other blocked, until he suddenly grabbed Scorpion and threw him over his shoulder while stomping on his torso.

Scorpion coughed blood and got back to his feet, but Draco was relentless now that he had frame advantage, performing a special move Wind Kick, where he used his Subjective Magic to merge the Wind element with a spinning kick.

Scorpion saw this and retaliated with his own special move, Fire Kick, using Hellfire to empower his double roundhouse kick. Both attacks collided and sent each other flying.

Scorpion noticed deep cuts all over his costume and body, which made his eyes narrow. As for Draco, his whole body was lit with Hellfire, and he was… burning? The fellow just stood there while the blood-colored fire surged over him, as if he was being bathed by the warmest breeze.

Scorpion was left speechless by this, not even knowing how to continue. However, his shock escalated when Draco transformed into his Horned Demon True Body and collected the Hellfire burning him into a ball on his palm.

“A true Demon…” Scorpion muttered with disbelief.

It should be known that in order to revive, he had to make a deal with a Lesser Demon for his soul. Which was why he was able to use part of that Demon’s power which was hellfire and even exist as he did. The moment he achieved his revenge, the contract would be fulfilled and his soul would belong to the Demon.

Yet before him stood a True Demon, a high class one straight from Hell!

Draco smiled and waved a hand, tossing the Hellfire to the area between himself and Scorpion.

“Such low class Hellfire means that you are bound to a Lesser Demon? How atrocious. Come out for me!” Draco roared, clenching his fist towards the Hellfire.

A low scream of agony occurred and a female demon that was around half the size of a human was forced out of a hellish portal. The Demon clawed at the ground and screamed in pain until Draco released his fist, allowing it to go up slowly.

It wasn’t ugly by human standards, being the kind of Demon that many would make art of for porn purposes. Draco’s eyes narrowed as his aura burst out, suppressing this Demoness and forcing her to her knees.

“You, a mere low class Demon, dare to contract a human behind the backs of your lords?” Draco asked imperially.

The face of the female Demoness changed greatly, and she didn’t even try to explain, rather begging in the Demon tongue profusely. Since Draco and Scorpion had demonic traits, they could understand her speech.

“Have mercy O’ Demon God, have mercy! I was just trying to secure a better future for myself, for this lowly ant!”

The rules in Hell clearly stated that only Demons with titles were allowed to contract with humans. That start from high class demons up to Demon Lords. In between were Demon Kings, Demon Princes, Demon Generals and Demon Emperors.

The turn for a low class demon to contract a human or any sentient species was nil. They were the slaves of Hell, bottom class fodder who formed Hell’s lower level echelon. They could upgrade themselves in time and with nurturing, but who would allow such a thing?

“You dared to swallow the soul of not just any human, but of Hanzo Hisashi, the last of the Shirai Ryu clan? Your daring is truly endless.” Draco mocked coldly.

The female Demoness froze, then raised her head up with confusion.

“Hanzo Hishasi? Shirai Ryu clan?”

The faces of both Scorpion and Draco changed slightly. “You mean you don’t know who he is? Nor his value?”

The female Demoness began to sweat. She felt she had done something wrong, but her ignorance did not allow her to understand. As such, she decided to be bluntly honest.

“Actually, I was just passing by when I saw his soul radiating such pure hatred that I became curious. When I saw his form, I found him to be attractive. Since I am a mixed race Sex-Demon and Sin-Demon, I offered him the chance to live on and take care of whatever business he had, before I would turn him into my sexual partner for eternity, eventually increasing my own prowess till I became high-class.”

Draco and Scorpion eyes bulged so wide that it was comical. Draco’s breath caught as his face became red, so deeply awash with second hand embarrassment that he wanted to bury himself on behalf of this… this retard!

This Demoness basically had found a bundle of 10 billion dollars, but instead of going to invest it and buy property, she had buried it in a corner greedily and waited for years before going for it, where it would either retain the same value at best or devalue due to inflation.

Scorpion also lowered his head. He had been filled with hate and would have taken any deal to revive and get his revenge, but hearing this now when he was calm made him feel like it was better if he simply dug a hole and rested for eternity.

Draco sighed before holding out a hand. “Give it to me.”

The female Demoness understood and passed over a glowing black orb which morphed into a piece of parchment. This was the agreement between the female Demoness and Hanzo Hisashi, which was verified by the Will of Hell.

Draco sneered. As a Demon God, he directly burned the contract with his Demonic Energy, devouring the Will of Hell incorporated within. All species present could hear a scream of pain from a distant entity, but its awareness couldn’t enter here because of the various Supreme Beings watching the show.

Draco was not scared of what the Hell of this world could achieve against him. Hadn’t he been outrageous in the Martial Spirit World’s Hell?

Without the deal binding him, Scorpion began to decompose back into a soul bound for Hell. However, Draco summoned a portal to his Inner Universe and sent Scorpion to a planet filled with Life Energy to nourish his soul.

As for the Demoness, Draco also tossed her towards the Dao Source that was chilling in the void. When she appeared near it, she was first shocked at the abundant quality of energy in this world, then she was mesmerized by the Demonic Dao Source.

She was slowly dragged over to the Demonic Dao Source, fearful at firstm but looking awed as she entered the reddish, planet sized mass. Once within, Draco allowed the Demonic Dao Source to execute one of its active skills, Purify!

「Active 3 – Purify: The Dao Source can purify the bloodline of any demon, allowing them to climb a rank higher depending on the amount of energy the Dao Source has. No cooldown.」

The low class Demon had many bloodlines within her, but the two most prominent were the Sex Demon and the Sin Demon.

Sex Demon was not the same as a succubus. A Sex Demon invaded the dreams of all species and tormented them, mostly being the cause for leading men into performing rape. Unlike Succubi who had sex directly for sustenance, they fed of their target’s lust and desire, so they would do everything to spike it up.

A Sin Demon was a Demon that inherited some of the blood of one of the Seven Deadly Sins Demons. This Demoness specifically had naturally inherited the Lust Sin. Sin Demons were not like sexy Demons who used temptation. They were battle type demons who weaponed the particular sin they inherited and performed special skills in battle.

Since the Sex Demon and the Sin Demon were compatibil, the Demonic Dao Source lazily merged them and formed a rare Demonic archetype, the Medusa.

When the Demoness emerged from the Dao Source, her entire look had changed. She had lost her red coloration, gaining fair, lush skin instead. Her features were more human and were absolutely astounding. With dark black hair that often shifted into red eyed snakes, she had an absolutely perfectly shaped body with just the perfect size in assets to fit every man’s category of sexual interest.

She only had a greenish gauze wrapping around her body, and she floated in the air like a goddess. There was an aloof look in her eyes now that she had upgraded, as if the former her was not even really her.

Draco showed a look of contempt from where he stood. “My friend, stop posturing over there. Quickly receive a Cultivation Method and start cultivating!”

The Medusa quickly showed an expression of fear and bowed to Draco, obediently crossing her legs into a lotus position as a red light beamed from the Dao Source into her head. Along with the special Demonic Energy the Dao Source released, she could cultivate up to the Celestial Realm.

Draco closed the portal and chose to end the floor. As for Scorpion’s soul, he was sure Hikari would be able to revive him with ease. With Hanzo Hisashi under his belt, Draco now had someone to train up his little brats in the way of the sword.

As for the Shirai Ryu Clan, it would be difficult, but Hikari should be able revive them in due time. She would need to use both the Medusa and Hanzo’s souls as a link to the Hell they came from, as it would be in a different universe.

Hikari couldn’t revive from whole other universes.

Soon, the floor decomposed and came to an end.

「Congratulations on completing: Tower of Babylon Fifty-ninth Floor

Time elapsed: 2:02:29

Objectives complete: All

Assessment: EX+


63,000 Score Points

1 Treasure Selection Reward – Peak Gold Grade」

When Draco came back to the castle, he made sure to check on Hanzo’s soul and handed it over to Hikari to revive. As expected, it proved to be a piece of cake for the White Dragoness who was not only Rank 5, but now had a genuine Divine Source Origin.

When Hanzo saw that he was human again, he cried for an hour, clawing at the ground. After that, he swore fealty to Draco for eternity, especially since his new master vowed to revive his clan in time. Seeing that his clan could be revived and brought to this amazing universe full of energy, Hanzo was terribly excited.

Draco entered the last and final floor with Qiong Qi and Clarent, the Shameless Trio laughing about some matter. They no longer took these floors seriously, as they had dominated and tricked their way through them. Yeah, this was the last floor, but what else could this useless Tower pull that would make a difference?

That was why when they saw who was floating in the air before them, seated on nothingness lazily with a casual smirk, their faces became stiff.

「Name: Gogeta (SS4) – ??? Rank monster

Level: ???

HP: Unlimited/Unlimited.」


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