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Guild Wars – Chapter 750: Universe Growth Bahasa Indonesia

  Draco was currently lying on a soft love seat, his head on Eva’s lap as she gently caressed and massaged his forehead. He was currently reaping the rewards for persevering on those horrible Magical Girl floors, and he had to say, it was quite worth it.

Tsk, tsk, to have the most beautiful female in existence massage your head for you while you lie on her lap… wouldn’t it be nice to clobber such a fellow with a single bottle of gatorade?

If anything, that was how Qiong Qi and Clarent were feeling right about now. They dared not mess with Draco while Eva was around, but they knew he couldn’t hide in her place forever.

When he came out justice would be served!

Draco himself knew that two evil blokes were gunning for his life, so he didn’t dare run around lest they ambush him. It wasn’t until he was summoned by Roma that he left his abode.

Draco visited Roma in her bog, where she and a now 2 year old Rosella were working on various concoctions as usual. The tiny firstborn daughter seemed to have become somewhat adept in her mother’s craft, easily able to keep up with Roma.

It wasn’t until Rosella failed in one of her concoctions, causing it to go up in smoke, that the duo paused. Rosella gazed at the failed concoction with a calm face, recreating the steps in her head to analyze where she had gone wrong.

However, the feeling of failure struck the young one hard, and despite being intelligent for her age, she was still a child. She couldn’t help but bite her lip as she teared up and wiped her eyes.

Roma saw this and lifted her beloved daughter into her embrace.

”My dear, it’s okay to be sad when something goes wrong. Don’t hold your emotions back or force yourself to remain stoic. Mother is here for you.” Roma comforted as she rubbed Rosella’s back.

This seemed to break the dam as the junior witch bawled, trembling and shivering in her mother’s embrace. Roma simply smiled gently and continue to comfort her baby patiently.

”Well, your mother is right. Failure is painful, and you should let yourself feel more emotions, Rosella.” Draco suddenly chimed in from the doorway where he had almost miraculously appeared from.

Roma smiled happily when she saw Draco, and Rosella was so shocked she stopped crying for a bit when she heard her father’s voice. Draco walked over and embraced the two of them.

”Well, how are you two? Doing good?” Draco asked cheekily.

”We’re doing fine. Rosella is making great progress in the Mystic Arts, far faster than myself at her age.” Roma praised Rosella while rubbing her daughter’s nose.

Rosella blushed and seemed to feel shy, especially with her father here.

”T-Thank you, Papa…” Rosella responded in a sweet, high-pitched voice.

Draco rubbed her head gently. “Well, well, my little genius has already learned how to speak so proficiently. I’m here to spend time with you and your mama.”

Rosella seemed excited at the prospect of spending more time with her dad, something which made Draco laugh. He made himself comfortable and began discussing what little he knew of the Mystic Arts from the skills Roma had exchanged with him through their Soul Bond.

What surprised him was how much little Rosella could contribute to the topic. Roma seemed content to just listen and correct them both here and there, while most of the discussion happened between daughter and father.

Rosella was ruddy in complexion as she excitedly shared what she knew. Hearing her father praise her and even give her light kisses on her cheeks thrilled her so much that the usually stoic little girl turned into an unrecognizable blabbermouth.

However, to Draco, the high-pitched voice of his firstborn daughter was like music to his ears, and he was more than happy to listen to her talk forever. He eventually took Rosella into his arms and let her regale him with most of the secrets of the Mystic Arts.

Rosella talked and talked, not even noticing how tired her body became, eventually falling asleep in Draco’s arms. She had snuggled herself deep into his chest, feeling extremely comfortable to the point she even began lightly drooling.

Roma smiled warmly at this scene. “She loves you so much.”

”That’s only because she is just like her mother, my number 1 witch. How has everything been Roma?” Draco asked with a chuckle.

”Stale. We’re excitedly waiting for you to reach Rank 4, so we can rejoin you on your adventures. I believe that I speak for all of us when I tell you that we regret being unable to join you during this Magical Girl floors, hehe.” Roma laughed as she remembered the pictures Eva shared with the other Four Beauties.

Draco wrung his lips. “Haiz, now even my sweet Roma dares to tease me.”

Roma smirked and folded her arms. “Well, it was nice spending some time with you Draco, but you’re a busy man. Let me get to why I actually called you here.”

Roma snapped her fingers and a bright green portal manifested in the center of the cabin. Draco curiously observed the stable portal, wondering what it was for.

Roma soon explained. “I managed to create this portal using Mystic Arts which would allow me and anyone I deem fit to access the planet you set apart for the Sentinels.”

”Ever since you got me to breakdown that Luck Sentinel using my Cauldron of Evil skill, I have been handling and monitoring the whole race in general. They have been great ingredients for many concoctions and great materials for my soul research.” Roma added with excitement.

To Draco, the lovely Roma at this moment seemed to have a dark, hellish aura around her, and he could almost see hundreds of Sentinel souls clawing at the surrounding air, their wails worse than those condemned to Draco’s Nine Hells.

Draco trembled with a hint of fear, but Roma waved her hand and that vision disappeared.

”Haha, sorry about that. I have refined hundreds of their tormented souls into an aura that I can use to debuff my enemies, so when I spoke about them just now, they must have assumed I was calling them out.” Roma explained bashfully.

Draco: “…”

”Anyway, I wanted to tell you that thanks to the increased flow of time you left on their continent, there have been around 200 new births of fully capable Luck Sentinels, ready for harvest.” Roma explained as she laughed.

”However, that would be in the past. Due to the limitations of my skill, I’ve long been harvesting them as they come, so here are the items I gained in this time.” Roma clarified as she sent Draco a list.

Luck Boost Potion x200

Sentinel Race Change Potion x200

Gigantification Potion x200

Lucky Hour (NPC skill) x38

Lucky Day (Player skill) x56

Luckmancer Class Change Scroll x3

Lucky Crafting (Tradeskill only) x14

Sentinel Summon (Summoner only) x23

Pure Sentinel Blood x187

Sentinel Blood x255

Sentinel Blood Essence x12

Sentinel True Fiber x44

Sentinel Fiber x188

Sentinel Heart x98

Sentinel Essence x5,000

Epic weapons and armor x50

Legendary weapons and armor x20

Epic consumables x100

Legendary consumables x50

Draco went through the list and was impressed. “This was much more than you got the first time.”

Roma nodded. “My skill works using the luck of my enemy versus my own power… and I have yet to meet someone who has a higher Luck value than my Intelligence… though it’s kinda difficult for the Luck Sentinels especially.”

Draco softened and gently caressed Roma. “You’ve worked hard, my beautiful witch.”

Roma blushed gently. “Anything for my Sot.”

Draco grinned and finally stood up, placing Rosella, who had been sleeping in her father’s arms all this while, gently into her crib while he lifted Roma up. “Well then, my beloved gypsy, it’s time I acted like a proper Sot.”

Roma giggled as she was carried into her bedroom by Draco, which soon turned into sounds of pleasure, then repeated climax. Draco neatly exited the room with a pleased smile, leaving a sexy, naked body covered with white juice on the bed, twitching.

”Hm, the Sentinels are progressing well. Let me check on the Primordials then.” Draco said to himself once he exited Roma’s cabin.

Draco apported into space, gazing at the hundreds of planets of various elements that now populated his Inner Universe. Each one had a different theme, with there being very few Earth-like planets that achieved a perfect balance.

There, he checked on the Primordials he had created and saw that they were growing quite fast. Soon, they would hatch on their respective worlds and become the ancients who walked them, paving the way for future species.

Satisfied, he returned to the continent floating in the void, which was one of its kind. He checked the progress of his Inner Universe as well as the materials required to Rank Up.

「Universe Name: Morningstar World

Owner: Draco

Tier: 1

Worldly Energy: Unlimited

Aetheric Energy: Unlimited

Divine Energy: Unlimited

Origin Energy: Unlimited

Aurora Energy: Unlimited On Demand

Indigenes: 124,558

Plants: 59,672,964

Worlds: 5,600




「System to Player Announcement

Please choose one of the two methods of Upgrade:

1. Area Expansion (Level 4) – Cost: 2g Purified Anti-matter, 1g Universal Source Fluid, 10g Aurora Essence, 5g Origin Essence, 5 Supernova Star Cores, 1 cubic centimeter of Soul Source, 1 Source of Law, 1 Book of Rules, etc

2. Universe Growth (Level 2) – Cost: 100,000kg Pure Light Essence, 30,000 Darkness Orbs, 50,000 Thunder Sources, 10,000 Life Seeds, 5,000,000 cubic meters of Soul Energy, 2,000,000 cubic meters of pure Life Energy, 200,000 cubic meters of Creation Energy etc」

Area Expansion level 4 was currently unattainable as it required Semi-Origin and Origin grade materials. However, Universe Growth was perfectly achievable, and Draco felt the universe had settled enough for another push.

First things first, he sat down and began creating the necessary materials using Refinement straight-up.

Speaking of Refinement, Draco had made some great progress in the skill.

Refinement had 4 major stages that Draco had to achieve. They were the Mortal Stage, the Divine Stage, the Semi-Origin Stage, and the Origin Stage.

At the Mortal Stage, he needed to perform four acts in order to constitute the Refinement process which was the source material itself, the full knowledge of the source material’s molecular structure, sufficient energy to make the refinement occur, and finally, full knowledge of the end material’s molecular structure.

Here he could only use Worldly, Aetheric, or Spirit/Soul Energy as fuel.

At the Divine Stage, he needed to perform only two things to constitute the Refinement process, which was just the source material and sufficient energy. At this stage, one no longer needed knowledge of the source and end material, the laws of the universe would twist to provide that information itself.

Here, he could use any type of energy as fuel, be it Destruction, Creation, etc

At the Semi-Origin Stage, he needed to perform only two things, the same as in the Divine Stage. However, one could now refine living things and the energy usage was drastically reduced to almost nothing. Refining living things meant that as long as Draco had sufficient energy, he could literally turn anyone into a bloodline holder, a cultivator, a supergene user, a superhuman, and more.

He could turn humans into elves and elves into humans. Heck, he could even create new life with ease, like how Norma had created her Descendants.

If you thought that was amazing, you would shiver in fear at the next stage!

The Origin Stage required only one thing, sufficient energy. This was the endpoint of Refinement and the level Norma had not been able to reach, Refining something from nothing, using just energy.

Even though it sounded easy to the clueless, it was terribly difficult. Refinement itself was based around the theory of changing A to B, and it followed that rule up till the Origin Stage, because it needed to distinguish itself as a Tradeskill.

To go from changing A to B using energy to making B out of nothing, you can imagine the leap. Making something from nothing should be impossible according to science, and had long been a feat that was attributed to Gods and Deities.

With Refinement as it was, Norma had limited Draco per stage. He was to achieve a certain standard of work before he could unlock the next stage. This standard of work came in the form of the quantity of energy he used per Refinement, and how he could lower it.

When Draco had first started, he had been 50 folds off target. In other words, he had used 50 times more energy to Refine something than would be necessary. In comparison, Norma’s own record before she had advanced to the next stage had been 5 folds from the target. In other words, she had set a higher target for Draco to achieve than herself.

Draco had no right to complain though, because he had far more advantages in this regard than Norma. As a mortal, the woman hadn’t had any Draconic Source Origin or fancy Control. Her only means had been to pull and control Worldly Energy like everyone else, with maximum effort.

Meanwhile, Draco had like 3 or 4 powers that allowed him to attract and control energy at will, all of them being able to stack with each other. The gap was overbearing.

Draco had often been Refining in his downtime, and he had naturally progressed greatly. However, the key to his progress was the infinite energy of the Morningstar World. It allowed him to recklessly create anything and everything without fear of deficit, so he got to experience creating a bigger variety of things than Norma when she was a mortal.

Norma could only Refine some of this stuff once she reached the Divine Stage and acquired a Divine Source Origin which allowed her to easily manipulate energy. It had to be said that Norma really was a great genius.

Draco currently reached 3 folds off his target. He had surpassed Norma’s previous record and was dangerously close to fulfilling his requirements. Honestly, if Draco just stopped farting about in this Tower and sat down to Refine nonstop, he could probably get there in a few months or a couple of years.

The more Draco perfected Refinement, the more difficult it was to progress further. One should know, the reason why Normal had stopped at 5 folds off the current target had been because that point had been perfection. It was the least logical and realistic amount of energy that could be used in any Refinement process.

So Draco had already reached that point and agreed with Norma, but she expected more, 5 folds more. To just achieve 4 folds, Draco had to stack all four of his various methods to carefully filter energy manually when converting to make sure not a lick was wasted.

To reach 3 folds off, Draco had to apply his Tier 5 Control’s limited Quantum Manipulation to filter energy at the Quantum level, which made a huge difference. He and Norma could easily handle atomic manipulation at this stage, though Draco didn’t know how Norma had achieved hers.

However, Quantum was the next level and it was hard to achieve. If Norma achieved it, she would have entered the Origin Rank with ease, because she would then be able to use raw energy to manipulate quarks to create matter.

Unless Draco reached Control Tier 7, the point he estimated would allow him to peer into the Quantum realm, he would forever be limited just as Norma was. As it was right now, he wasn’t even sure how he was going to push past 3 folds and reach 2 folds, the 1-fold before achieving his goal.

Likely to get to 2 folds, he would have to reach Rank 4 at least. He wondered how much progress the AI had made in deducing their next Rank, and made a note to check it. It would be funny if they could Rank Up but had no idea and continued climbing.

After all, the major reason why he was still climbing was to pass the time until Rank 4 was possible. The moment he passed the next Ascension Ceremony, Draco was going to do what he wanted and start a bloody war with this Tower. It should sincerely pray that the AI developed Rank 4 after he reached the top floor, or its fate would not be pleasant.

Well, its personal fate would not be pleasant still, but the Tower would largely remain in one piece, that is the building itself. As for the spirit, hehe.

It took Draco very little time to create all the materials needed, since he could continually drain energy and even multitask now. He could Refine multiple things at once at the same time, for his mind was adept enough to handle the load.

Really, as long as you had infinite energy, Refinement was just a matter of having adept mental faculties to become an assembly line. Draco alone could produce enough resources to fund Vita for centuries, and that’s only at the Mortal Stage.

Soon, he was done making the materials, which he placed down before him and re-opened the upgrade menu. There, he naturally selected Universe Growth level 2 and stood back to let the magic happen.

The resources Draco made formed a huge mountain, but they were not absorbed by the void as one would think, rather being absorbed by the Eternal Tree again, just like the last time.

The majestic tree trembled slightly, then sent out a bright wave of multicolored light into the universe above the area of the island in the void. This light contained a sickly green, a sparkling yellow, a bright white, a pitch-black, and an emerald hue among many others.

This light washed over everything, losing its shine the farther it went, until it collided with what should be the edges of the Morningstar World. After spreading the light throughout the void, the Eternal Tree began to release huge amounts of energy as well, purely at the Origin Grade. This energy surged into the void and was greedily absorbed by each particle that formed the multicolored light.


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