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Guild Wars – Chapter 746: The Clash of Destiny 2 Bahasa Indonesia

  Shangtian was suffering insane amounts of damage from the Destruction Energy rampaging through his body. His Undying King Inheritance could barely keep up with his healing, because Destruction destroyed, not damaged.

The bloke was forced to literally recreate parts that had been destroyed only for them to be obliterated once again. He roared as he fell to his knees, feeling the power in his body leave him slowly.

Still, he knew he couldn’t let it end like this, so he jumped forward with what little strength he could muster, wresting Draco’s claw from his torso.

He then gripped the claw with both hands and used his strength to raised Draco into the air. Then, he smashed the Black Dragon into a ditch one side, then a ditch on the other, over and over again like some rampaging hulk.

When he tossed Draco aside, the guy rose from the ground clutching his head, his eyes spinning.

”Wha-what day is it?”

Shangtian was shocked that his barrage had only made Draco dizzy, realizing the fellow was far sturdier than he had anticipated in that form. This was of course the case when Draco and Eva had a 630% buff for the main Inheritances, which was doubled temporarily due to their Integration Realm cultivation.

Their practicing on floor 21-30 by battling their shadows had finally paid off. The kind of duration and strength at which their transformations had reached was appalling. First things first, Draco and Eva could remain like this over an hour, no problem!

Their power was six times greater, and they could even supplement with Qi if the need arose. They couldn’t yet use Worldly Energy while transformed, but a little more practice would get them there.

As such, it was no surprise when Shangtian felt a pain in his back and saw that a small hole had been lasered into it by a high-intensity light beam from Eva. She flapped her wings and with a speed far surpassing Luxia’s, struck Shangtian across his torso with one of her wings that was practically bursting with Light Energy.

Shangtian groaned, as he was already suffering from the after-effects of Draco’s earlier attack. He was burning through his Qi too fast, and even his great stores could not hold up against this.

Shangtian could feel the call of death upon him, and it chilled his soul. He realized now why his clan was fearful of Draco and Eva teaming up, for it was impossible for him to survive against the two at the same time.

Eva didn’t let up as she shrieked and appeared before Shangtian.

”You fool will die today, and I will make sure there is nothing left of you to bury!” Eva swore as she struck him in the face with a cannon of Light Energy, causing Shangtian to take many steps back.

Draco roared and charged in, striking Shangtian with his shoulder and bowling him over. Draco then began punching him in the face with his claws which were coated with Destruction Energy again.

”No…Not again… not this again!”

Thoroughly traumatized by the pain and power of Destruction Energy, Shangtian smashed his hand into the ground, which turned the area into a molten lake. Draco had to jump off the fellow before he was pulled under.

Sure, he might be immune to Destruction Energy, but that didn’t make him invincible. Fire would still burn him just as well as anyone else, not to mention lava.

Shangtian lay in the molten mass and breathed in rapidly, panting with fatigue. He was immune to the four basic elements, no matter their shape or form, and had full control over them, while Draco had perfect control over Darkness and Destruction, while Eva had perfect control over Light and Creation.

“Oi, stop lying there like a dead dog. This is a fight to the death, you know? Why should we let you rest?” Draco asked with a curious smile.

”You shouldn’t, but I don’t care. Every second allows me to regain a wisp of Qi, which will increase my abysmal chances of survival.” Shangtian answered bluntly.

”And that is why I will no longer allow you such luxury.” Eva declared as she flew upwards, firing a beam of light at Shangtian’s head.

The fellow responded by smacking the ground again, creating a thick wall of earth to cover him like a dome, which Eva’s light hit but didn’t penetrate.

”Oh?” Draco murmured with surprise.

He was surprised that Shangtian could make a defense sturdy enough to block an attack from Eva. Whether she was using a common attack or not, it was 630% stronger than when she was on the previous set of floors.

Of course, Draco did not interrupt with Destruction Energy as it would obviously break down the barrier, as that was what destruction energy was for. Rather, he let Eva practice with the shield to discover her potency.

She progressively fired out beams of stronger intensity, of which her fourth attempt shook the entire barrier and her seventh penetrated through it with ease.

Shangtian tried to reform the barrier and close the hole, but Eva’s eighth attempt created an even bigger hole in the dome. She then dove down and used her wings to slash at with at speeds that the eye could not follow, turning it into blocks of earth that fell to the side.

A shocked and horrified Shangtian quickly tried to increase the volume of molten lava around him, but Eva was too fast, she used her talons to grip the skull and pulled him up into the air with ease.

Shangtian thrashed and tried to strike her, but Eva was too firm and fast, already taking him to the upper atmosphere, Draco grinned and followed her, reading Eva’s mind and knowing what he planned to do.

Eva flapped her wings five times, blitzing through the atmosphere of the Martial Spirit World like a comet as she headed towards the Xiantian continent. Draco could barely keep up with the speed of light that Eva was traveling at, so he opted to teleport rapidly over.

Eva soon appeared above the Xiantian continent, which shocked Shangtian who had been frozen while Eva moved so fast. After all, speed was relative, and Eva’s speed versus his made him practically a slow-moving doll while in her talons.

Eva brazenly spread her Void of Perfection over the continent, which was startling similar to a spirit sense if you thought of it, but far stronger. As such, the various cultivators of the continent could feel that brazen scanning, but didn’t dare move for Eva’s at Tier 5 VoP felt like the spirit sense of an Immortal rather than a mortal.

She found the empire which ruled the continent and appeared above their castle with one flap.

”Here, you’re free to go home now.” Eva said mockingly as she let go of Shangtian dropping him onto the continent like a meteor.

The people below screamed and ran, but with Shangtian’s size and weight, it was futile. He crashed into the earth with such aplomb that it rent the earth for hundreds of miles, the shockwave tearing skin from flesh for the majority of citizens within range.

Draco eventually arrived a bit later, while Eva was coldly gazing down at the carnage she had wrought. Shangtian was in a crater of his own making, posed like a loser who got exploded by a green plant man.

Draco found this funny and so snapped a picture using the camera function first before breathing out lightly.

”You ready, babe?” Draco asked with a glint in his eye.

”Born ready.” Eva replied calmly, looking murderous.

The two of them began to do something that would shake the tower and even the AI. They began to gather all the Qi within their bodies, a feat which was hard since they had such deep reserves that it seemed almost endless.

Not only that, but while they charged this up, they even dug out their Bloodline Energy and concentrated, overclocking 2 bloodline generators!

Previously, they could only overclock 1 generator to obtain 1% of the power that Lucifer or Amaterasu had with their casual attacks, but now they got 2% of that power!

They merged all this energy, the bloodline one and the Qi one, and channeled it into their most basic techniques. Draco glowed with a black light, a dark wave erupting from him that spread through the skies and coated the entire planet in darkness.

Eva glowed with a resplendent white light, her majesty shining through the world. A bright wave erupted from her that spread through the world, mixing with Draco’s light to form a grayish hue that covered the world.

Shangtian, began to push himself up from the ground as his rocky body crumbled in various places, and he burned a lot of Qi to keep himself in one piece. When he sensed the astronomical energies building up in the sky, Shangtian felt his heart tremble.

Draco and Eva opened their mouths, a black and white light forming in them respectively that seemed to condense itself endlessly until, its color became too potent for the naked eye.

Shangtian screamed and burned all his Qi rapidly, as well as whatever power he could muster to fire a four-colored beam toward Draco and Eva. However, it was futile, as when Draco and Eva fired their beam, it was as if the whole world went silent.

The black and white light spun around each other, forming a spiral, until they merged at the center and became a bright gray beam that collided with the four colored light.

The four-colored light was immediately consumed and broken down by the gray beam, heading towards a shocked Shangtian without any obstacles. Once it struck their target, and the land, the world quaked from its foundation as the gray light exploded, expanding over the complete continent.

Everything touched did not get a chance to even feel fear, pain, or anything, simply being turned into primordial soup. Everything had returned to its original state: purgatory.

When the light finished expanding, all that was left of the Xiantian Continent was a gaping black hole which the seawater around fell into, a chasm so deep that it would take millennia to fill.

Draco and Eva felt the Heavenly Dao of the Martial Spirit World tremble in fear at their power, not even daring to be angry at the harm they caused. Realizing this, Eva used her psychic abilities to grab the ethereal spirit that represented the Heavenly Dao.

It squirmed in her grasp with fear in its eyes, looking like a small chimera of various species. Draco understood what Eva wanted to do, and so gave her a lot of top-grade Aether Crystals.

Eva then broke them down and stuffed them into the Heavenly Dao, which went from resisting to gorging itself. It became larger and larger through this infusion until it was the same size as the Evil Duo in their current transformation.

The entire world shook once again, but not from pain or fear, but from excitement and joy. It had broken through the shackles on its own and re-opened the path to the Immortal World!

Not only that, with how greatly Draco and Eva had powered it up, it could create a secure channel to a secret location on the Immortal Plane to send Ascenders of its world, so that they wouldn’t be bullied once they got there.

Once they were able to carve out their own territory, the Heavenly Dao would then shift its default channel to that area. There were a slew of other benefits, but Draco and Eva didn’t much care as Eva tossed the spirit to one side.

Draco and Eva then transformed back into their humanoid forms, breathing a bit heavily as they remained in mid-air. Luckily, both their Bloodline Energy and Qi recovered superfast, otherwise, they would have fainted or collapsed after that attack.

Eva called out Luxia from her Inventory, who picked her and Draco up as the Light Phoenix mount blitzed towards the Houtian Continent. It took Luxia around eighth flaps, which told Eva that her transformed version of the Light Phoenix was significantly faster than Luxia.

When they returned to the Houtian Continent, they saw that it was still at war with the invaders. Finding this to be amusing, Draco and Eva didn’t even bother to inform the invaders that their home had been destroyed.

”If you please, my lady?” Draco offered as he made a real bow.

”Why yes, I shall.” Eva took the offer as she smiled beautifully.

She then cast her famed multi-kill technique, the Genocide Pillar of Light. She pointed a finger into the air and fire a thick beam of light which concentrated into a ball that fountained out individual light beams that tracked individual targets, zipping through the air while defying physics.

The warriors on the side of the Xiantian Continent only had a few seconds to shout in shock as they were blasted to smithereens. It was a lot like before, where Eva’s genocide blaster would simply pierce their hearts or brains and move on.

Now, due to the power increase, it turned the entire target to ash, even though Eva used the same level of power as always.

Then again, this was the beauty of passive power increases and why gamers would do anything for them.

Soon enough, the continent was cleared of all invading forces, and it was time to celebrate. The Dragon and Phoenix Ancestor came up to see Draco and Eva along with the other powerhouses of the continent.

”Hahaha, brats, not bad. You managed to use that tool which this ancestor refined with 0.1% of my power to accurately quell all the forces. I was getting bored waiting for you two!” The Dragon Ancestor laughed loudly, as if he was scared that the entire continent wouldn’t hear.

Draco, who was smiling, suddenly displayed an expression of chagrin as he refused to give this old dog face.

”Shit, old man, let’s fight! If you beat me, I will break both my legs and kowtow for 1,000 years. If I beat you, you must shout that I am the most handsome bloke under the sun for the next 1,000 years!”

The Elders beside the Dragon Ancestor showed shocked expressions, not expecting such a reaction from a junior to one of their own. They checked with the Dragon Ancestor to see if he was embarrassed or enraged, but the fellow was smiling cruelly.

”Hehe brat, I accept! BUT! You never specified how we would fight. As the challenged party, it is only natural that I get to be the one to decide our method of competition, hehehahahaha!” The Dragon Ancestor couldn’t help but laugh at his own genius.

Draco’s face changed greatly as he realized he had stepped into his own trap. Even the Elders beside the Dragon Ancestor were spooked by the cruelty of this fellow, remarking in their hearts that yes, the old ginger is definitely spicier.

”Hahaha, Old dog- *cough* blessed master, you’re looking healthy and powerful as usual. You are an inspiration for my young heart, the man I wish to grow up to become! Fighting with your fan is not the right thing to do, rather you should hand over all your property and power so that you can honor my innocent wishes.” Draco replied in a childish tone, like a young lad speaking to his idol.

The confident and victorious look of the Dragon Ancestor – who was stroking his goatee with an arrogant smile – froze and he pulled some of his hair out. The Elders by the side gasped and felt overwhelmed by the insidiousness of this brat.

They were glad they didn’t bring their disciples along with them, otherwise they might start having some funny ideas in their heads.

The Phoenix Ancestor and Eva simply wore tired expressions as they watched the big evil and the little evil continue to disgrace themselves in public.

Sigh, luckily they were so beautiful that any stain on their Soulmates’ reputations could be washed away by a single smile from them.

Draco and Eva saw the floor begin to break down, and gazed at the two elders.

”Hey old man, would you believe me if I told you that your reality is fake and is about to collapse?”

The Dragon Ancestor went silent and nodded. “When I first saw you take out Immortal Stones and watched how you concocted pills, I knew that you came from not just a different world, but a whole new universe. None of the laws you used matched any of ours, especially your Martial Spirits.”

The Phoenix Ancestor smiled. “When I helped Eva form her soul image, I knew immediately that whatever system you existed under was far more complex and diverse than ours, meaning that you were either from a higher world, or a higher universe.”

”Great, then I’m taking you guys out of here to our so-called higher universe because I don’t want y’all to disappear.” Draco said as he unscrupulously collected the two Old Ancestors into his Inner Universe, something he could only do because they didn’t resist and absolutely trusted him.

The other Elders stood there in stupefaction, not understanding what was going on. However, when they saw the two disappear, they began clamoring to Draco and Eva, even trying to use Qi to suppress them.

”Take me along!”

”I want to see the higher universe!”

”Brat, don’t let me disappear, or your clan will perish!”

Draco and Eva just coldly watched them turn into nothingness. Threatening them with a digital replica of their clan was foolish because, in this entire world, it was Draco and Eva who could best draw the line between real and digital.

They re-appeared in their castle, casting their VoP out to see the current state of the Tower’s other residents.

「Congratulations on completing: Tower of Babylon Fortieth Floor

Time elapsed: 0:34:22

Objectives complete: All

Assessment: EX+


44,000 Score Points

1 Treasure Selection Reward – Peak Silver Grade」


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